Monday, 8 August 2011

In postmodernist tradition the system is in practice now

Of course there are many benefits in learning a tradition inside out . But to my mind true mainline gnosis is suited to the individual practitioner artist who creates there own spirit contact WORLD. I do not wish to or pretend to place my practices in a strict spiritual Historical lineage like A O Spare my practices are developed from a number of post modernist philosophies traditions , from De sade to Bataille , Burroughs to Acker , from Bacon to Joseph Bueys , from Voodoo to Quimbanda and from coil to Diamanda Galas all these influences stretch far and wide in spiritual transmission and development of a system suited not to a ‘group’ but to the individual.Whether such interpretations are Historically rigid correct remains another story or viable with others but to myself spiritual transmissions are instinctual , carried through like shamanic trances naturally to one . The past is of little importance the present is now , traditions evolve practices evolve to fit develop with our postmodernist world. I would never pretend to be initiated or that my practices had anything more than a personal relation to myself and as A O Spare said it is a cult of one . Though what I have always believed is in the future of gnosis is the ability to experience through real life practices aswell as ritual spiritually aware transgressive states , that some experiences cement our relationships to certain spirits naturally in empathy and being able to channel such through a deep seated relation to such . In magick and gnosis I have often found a overbearing need for the practitioner to intellectually philosophically understand a spirit or debate a explanation of whichever current but natural spiritualist contact or life experiences seen as more amateurish or placed less importance upon as valid . In my mind although I am not adverse to being educated or intellectual essays on such , this proves very little understanding or experience of true spirit contact or cannot be set up as proof of spiritual enlightenment . Over complication without simplistic spirit man woman communication has little place in true spirit enlightened to  ALL.A million titles will detract from the true nature of all we as practioners needing is a body and soul to have TRUE spirit communication.Most spirit contact can not be intellectualised spirit contact comes freely if chosen through life experiences dreams then related back in the creation of divinity through ART.I also feel experiences sexually or in real life with prositution , female psychosexuality should not be seen as any less valid if not more valid with say developing certain relations with say pombia gira than just without any real connection EXPERIENCE to these spirits,in  empty perfected ritual intellectualisation.In my mind although ritual is of importance in cementing a devotional practice pact with the spirits experience develops a higher more conscious developed understanding in REAL PRACTICE with SUCH.Just as dreams or psychic transmissions from the spirits , visions harvested from such can in their purist initiatory form provide TRUE contact unasked for channeling of the spirits without affliction Historically to their cults .For myself too much importance is placed upon spiritual lineage which in its paperwork may be impressive  to some and not enough importance on the ability to be naturally instinctively in contact with such . Andrew Chumbley believed all spirits were transmitted energies , he took several aspects from sufism to witchcraft to develop a system with as little Historical lineage as possible to develop something that fitted the postmodernist world and was as much stripped down to basic spirit communication as he felt possible . In this way as a artist and practioner I also feel the way forward is to develop create our own magickal linage systems with as little ties to past HISTORICAL lineage as possible in being transmitted in practice spiritualist contact of the NOW.For some I feel the past intellectualised tradition perspective is a we wall  lean upon for support when that allows us to not push ourselves or boundaries to not PHYSICALLY SPIRITUALLY practice fully without fear , to sit comfortably in experience of knowledge without true lhp path interaction with the spirits in their most purist form.This why I feel the future of postmodernist practice is now and a world we the practitioner and spirits create their own systems fitting to individualistic contact with as little intellectualised Historical placed context as possible ,in other words the path of the true initiate is of a personal relationship a path of the individuals current path ALONE.In that true practice we have no Historical lineage in the lineage being the future of development of the individuals personal path alone.

Spiritual Mapping In Initiation Of The Qliphoth Universe Through Dreams


It is a widespread fact that spirit contact comes in form of dreams in most magical religious traditions the fragmented image that envelops the semiconscious state minors in purity of the usual profane attributes of our working human evolved mindset of ego.For myself most of my paintings have come forth from not just real life experiences but through dreams . Fragmented images mapping a Qliphoth universe through were destruction death meets with sexuality life .A place of  our interpretation of the most abstracted bestial ugly elements of the human condition transgressed  in violent creation to also a thing of beauty.A dark part of my inner subconscious were the spirits reside and convey beauty as embracing being everything , as all extremes transgressing to a enlightened gnostic state. In being the tree of life married with the tree of death , in being combined to EVERYTHING , to knowing accepting our  lightened concious ALL.Images with feelings energy come through emotively causing feeling movement to evolvement of the soul in the purist none judgemental form .And when these images fall into my mind as spirit mappings I know humbled that I am truly initiated not just into a higher perspective understanding of the world , but in this action  that  humbly it is about spiritual closeness of creation also  through something bigger than myself .Solely something minus human selfobsessions or ego.I am transported to a deeper understanding of the world elementally before mankind or human preoccupations which taint mundane LIFE. And all my art is form of divine communication absent from profane ego . Aswell as dreams mapping the Qliphoth universe , the spiritual world or world of the full uncompromising soul universe .Dreams come lucidly of experiences I have transgressed through extreme memories given by the spirits of incidents I have been through in real life fragmented memories which allow time travel and the ablity to transgress in sleep through again a situation we have experienced in real life in sleep once again. As I have referenced before a lot of my practice has been built up on REAL LIFE experiences with extreme violent , sexual elements and death which has been used as a gnostic tool to through pushing boundaries destruction of the ego , transgress to understanding all aspects of energies of humanity through to imperfect DIVINITY .To embracing all elements of spiritual , human existence as valid , as beautiful or beneficial in embracing all elements of the brutality of the human condition in its fullest undiluted form.The journeys of abstracted forms evoked after ritual in the dreamlandscapes offer also a form of spirit to man or woman true initiation through image channeling of the Qliphoth universe in being a gift from the initiator the spirits to humbled man or woman allowing us the knowledge to enlightened full being .In this we are shown a place of nightmares that we are initiated not to fear , in that fearlessness is a main key to all true practice , we are taught to embrace darkness aswell as light and all have validity in our journey through spiritual communication , full enlightenment transgression to our full higher self embracing all our POTENTIAL.So in this one of the main aspects of initiation becomes none human and becomes the relation of the mappings of Qliphoth spiritual universe through the subconscious uncontrolled aspects of images evocated through dreams.

The Path Of All Or Nothing

One of the first aspects of embracing the LHP fully or path of afro magical traditions is the ideology ,that our path requires all body and soul there is no murky half giving , it is in actuality a path that requires all.Destruction of the ego , to push the boundaries of comfort to transgressed enlightened full states ,all.These paths have many causalities but the thing we have to remember as TRUE practitioners working with these energies without fear there can never be any half hearted inbetween , in that as a true practioner we seal a pact for life.None of this is more validly important when working with such spirits as voodoo lwa , it requires if a shrine is set up no matter how roughly a life long pact of devotion to serve such spirits . Unlike Goetic spirits , such spirits can not be silenced and banished on once entering a home .I feel this is a point of this path to be discussed that these spirits can not be employed once for ‘a working’ and once called upon you are even if the pact is not formally sealed in blood making a contract to serve work with such until death and if you are not willing to give all to such or honour such contracts upon your life the consequences can be dire . This is why it is particularly important when choosing which lwa , pombia gira , Exu we work with we choose wisely not dabbling , spirits we know suit our own energies or that we could have a long fruitful relationship with for life.My devotional practice is based around Pombia Gira of the rags who choses to experience prositution ,poverty inorder to hold a deeper understanding of life , humanity in full .She is also like the hindu tantric who scarifaces all wealth for poverty dismentaling the human ego choosing to experience life in full darkness , light and Pombia Gira Caveria the spiritualist meduim of the dispossessed street people , the Gede of Quimbanda.In voodoo practice I have perement alters work with Maman Brigitte , Baron Kriminel , the Gede spiritualist street elements honoring the elemental aspects of sex creation , destruction death the dual poles of existance and petro Erzullie Danto who like Pombia Gira represents the female form in true married transexualised gender united form .These spirits besides the gateway opener of legba have been specifically chosen to fit my energies practice ,in knowlege that the connection is strong to such and I could sustain a connection to such. In practice we do such with pure heart and respect , not just as a fashion fad or whim , the spirits will work with the practitioners and although the path is rougher harsher than others born in FIRE through destruction of everything ,we can find rebirth and rewards that are unsurpassed . We can find through total surrender to such paths , that intensely require all , true enlightenment that is not to rewarded by tamer religious magical frameworks that require less or not full commitment.I have realised this from the start that such paths require life forming relationships with the spirits , unlike most although it was a conscious descion to dedicate my practice to certain spirits , I did not have a choice as a sensitive channeling such harsher more what others deem as dangerous spirits anarchic forces since birth. I did not search for anything and without choice naturally such things would communicate through dreams , my life and of course ART.Some people are made for rougher more uncompromising practices and to beable to feel connection to communicate such naturally , therefore the path of ALL was not to my own personal experience a conscious descion , the choice  was made for me . This is why I do not have a problem submitting all to certain spirits or my practice because I know commitment to such is already there naturally , though I realise we must never enter such pacts flippantly because any gesture of calling big or small is a contract of the practitioner acknowledging that they will serve of work with that spirit not for a brief moment but for life.That all contracts with these enities require submission fully to them in being giving ALL.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Urgent need For The Spirits Manifestation In Life.

When exploring the spiritualist traditions  shamanic mediumistic systems  that deal with the once living now physically dead spirits .Of palo , Quimbanda Voodoo and Santeria is the running theme feeling need of all spirits associated with these religions need manifest themselves in life still.This comes across in spirits need to still live life with ourselves walk among us none rested in communication to still teach the methods ideologies of a full life in and after DEATH. A lot of the time this explains fully the practioners need when invoking to transgress all things in physical life exploration of all things to pursue a life like the spirits without LIMITS to whole fullness of being .Possession therefore being a full exploration for the spirits of life in death manifestation also , of a way to still for them have a full life through us .These spirits on a low spirit level of being elemental not enochian or of higher celestial form that has never walked upon the earth , as the spirits of the physically dead wish to cling onto communication living upon the earth to be here as a gateway between this and our world. They have either the need to through a full life love of ALL, things good and bad transgressed to the highest level of fragile humanist imperfect qualities , the need hunger to feed upon life through us as living practioners through death ,the need to communicate of forfil a pact or full life they did not possess when living hunger to communicate , or a need to cling onto communication with loved ones after dead , either way the elemental fact is such spirits have not given up on life . So transgressed even through death they motive the need to still form links manifestations with life or experiences through for example sexual , violent extremes that prove a gateway of full untainted experiences of life of being LIVING.In their hunger of feeding upon all extreme human emotive aspects , life whether in the profane sense of the world good or bad as any form means of reflecting life the living into themselves.
To animate the blood and bones of the physically living as shells husks for their own forms of living inwardly outwardly even when dead a full life in the world.
Caution is needed for the none brave because in invocation all spirits have the same motivation to communicate live a fullness of life through others here on earth through all savage elements as well as softer to feed upon without constriction all forms of the human condition in its radiating ugly beauty to FEED to FEEL everything in divine understanding of their love of life.In living within the living , life landscapes of ourselves pushing smashing all human contradictions limitations the spirit is the libertine in his or her full form without limitations living a life without fear. Smashing all in narrowminded judgments morals to a FULL life of everything in a insatiable hunger of being through death able to push violently through to a manifestation of LIFE also.That in all spirits of a lower nature ie being once humans of this earth previously lays bear the need to in their world still even when dead continually manifest  live  in also in true human nature unrepressed fearlessness.
A hunger need for as spirits manifestation in LIFE.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Heal My Scars And Reconstruct Me Reborn In The Image Of The Gods

As practitioners in possession of self mutilation we often find eventhough we physically cut the flesh we hold no afterwards physical scars . This can be in ritualistic acts of physical cutting by knife or by life’s harsh experiences that after we have transgressed to a more divine knowledgeable enlightened state hold no mental scars or hang ups also. That it is as if we have experienced all these impacts and become reborn with the spirits , without scars in the image of divinity Lwa , Gede Or Pombia Gira Exu itself. That throughout all these transactions protected as children of such in giving ourselves wholly over in surrender to the lhp or spirits we can experience all these things without fear or repercussions as a divine act of death that leads to in purity rebirth.In my past of prositution violence inflicted upon my body , mind soul , I have no scars because my scars are healed in my commitment true purist communication with these spirits and I have experienced the violence destruction of DEATH annihilation of everything my ego , to be reborn without physical or mental scars reconstructed in rebirth of my purist form of enlightenment of knowing everything in the image of the GODS.Being reconstructed in the images of Gods is not to be associated with the profane conclusion of superiority or superior power instead it is the highest and lowest form of spiritual embodiment. In knowing everything in being reborn in humbleness naked without ego of knowing in life everything , of through such impacts upon our lives spiritual beings being able to use this as knowledge to be all things as in creation sex and destruction death beginning end with knowledge blessed like the spirits GODS.For these gifts experiences of the spirits gods given to the choosen initiated by them, our debts pact is honored physically in a thanking ritual of  being honored with rebirth on the 1st November  with offerings prayers of devotion at the start of the begining of the voudon new year . The day of the dead  dedicated to the Gede that is also the day of rebirth also.This is true enlightened reconstruction in their image of knowing all in the world in truth and accepting good bad , creative , destructive , on a equal line as valid beneficial in all forms of going past our own moralistic or inbreed dictions of acceptance of everything in radiating energy TRUTH as valid to our development spiritually and within our world. Through true soul devotion of experiencing the need to work on a lower aswell as higher spiritual level of the need accept life and death in full initiation of Gede for example. We can experience through cutting or the hardships of violence destruction inflicted upon our lives a blessed initiation by the Gede spirits. A none human initiated blessing ending with healed none existence scars of being reconstructed chosen by them of them penetrating with a knife then sealing themselves under the skin the soul , living within ourselves of a baptism ritual of initiation by the spirits also. In healing and sealing without scars themselves under the skin that is the body the temple which houses the soul and a higher conscious interaction understanding of such , the spirits physically and spiritually reconstruct ourselves in rebirth blessed in their image of higher consciousness.You have given everything and been chosen by them to walk a path of knowledge of all of knowing blessings and to never fear with them by your side. For most of the time destruction and rebirth is the most humbling experience and gives us as a gift the enlightened vision of knowing the vision of divinity the soul awakened fully in the world .To come naked in soul with pure intentions and ask the spirits to heal my scars and reborn reconstruct myself in the image of the GODS pure without ego in truth with them.

As practioners in possession of self mutilation we often find eventhough we physically cut the flesh we hold no afterwards physical scars . This can be in ritualistic acts of physical cutting by knife or by life’s harsh experiences that after we have transgressed to a more divine knowledgeable enlightened state hold no mental scars or hang ups also. That it is as if we have experienced all these impacts and become reborn with the spirits , without scars in the image of divinity Lwa , Gede Or Pombia Gira Exu itself. That throughout all these transactions protected as children of such in giving ourselves wholly over in surrender to the lhp or spirits we can experience all these things without fear or repercussions as a divine act of death that leads to in purity rebirth.In my past of prositution violence inflicted upon my body , mind soul , I have no scars because my scars are healed in my commitment true purist communication with these spirits and I have experienced the violence destruction of DEATH annihilation of everything my ego , to be reborn without physical or mental scars reconstructed in rebirth of my purist form of enlightenment of knowing everything in the image of the GODS.Being reconstructed in the images of Gods is not to be associated with the profane conclusion of superiority or superior power instead it is the highest and lowest form of spiritual embodiment. In knowing everything in being reborn in humbleness naked without ego of knowing in life everything , of through such impacts upon our lives spiritual beings being able to use this as knowledge to be all things as in creation sex and destruction death beginning end with knowledge blessed like the spirits GODS.This is true enlightened reconstruction in their image of knowing all in the world in truth and accepting good bad , creative , destructive , on a equal line as valid beneficial in all forms of going past our own moralistic or inbreed dictations of acceptance of everything in radiating energy TRUTH as valid to our development spiritually and within our world. Through true soul devotion of experiencing the need to work on a lower aswell as higher spiritual level of the need  as practioners to explore and accept life with death  ajoined in marriage in full initiation of Gede for example. We can experience through cutting or the hardships of violence destruction inflicted upon our lives a blessed initiation by the Gede spirits. A none human initiated blessing ending with healed none existence scars of being reconstructed chosen by them of them penetrating with a knife then sealing themselves under the skin the soul , living within ourselves of a baptism ritual of initiation by the spirits also. In healing and sealing without scars themselves under the skin that is the body the temple which houses the soul and a higher conscious interaction understanding of such , the spirits physically and spiritually reconstruct ourselves in rebirth blessed in their image of higher consciousness.That you have given everything and been chosen by them to walk a path of knowledge of all of knowing blessings and to never fear with them by your side. For most of the time destruction and rebirth is the most humbling experience and gives us as a gift the enlightened vision of knowing the vision of divinity the soul awakened fully in the world .To come naked in soul with pure intentions and ask the spirits to heal my scars and reborn reconstruct myself in the image of the GODS pure without ego in truth with them.

The uses of ritualistic impacts outward and inward violence in regards to working with the Gede.

When working with the Gede we find not only the roots of sexuality eroticism creation and destruction force death but also elemental earthy primeval violence aggression of mans spirit without constriction.The body is the temple in possession we cut our selves or other penetration to transgression to a higher experience of receiving mediumistic transmissions of allowing in our flesh ripped open the spirits to sexually penetrate us and live within our bodies to be walking spirit forms in a type transgression attributed to Gede Nibo intigated onto our own flesh bodies and  in intigated acts of violence upon other outward violence attributed  to Baron Kriminel.Knifes and penetrations cuts to the flesh are attributed to possession by both but also the idea of psychologically taking onto oneself actual force of the violence rape or rough sex in Nibo being the spirit of the murder victim , or those on the streets who have died through acts of violence is  submission  to violent acts infliction upon oneself, and the polar opposite attribute of Kriminel inflicting  he is the typical coldhearted Kray Brother gangsta sterotype , the crack dealer in the gettos , the inhumanistic  hitman with no affliction with humanistic nature , he unlike nibo is the protaganist whose violence domination upon others acts of outward projected violence .Note this is refelected in Kriminals uses in ritual to project death or violence upon enimies lives in return for devotion ,his collection of debts of others actions against his faithful.That in acknowledging both forms of transgression of our darker elemental character hidden occult ourselves to our more base true natures that can open up the gateways of experimentation with the attributes visions of such Lwas a divine higher mind state of ALL.In Baron Kriminel we devour bite the flesh for forced full consummation of the soul ,his spirit forced violently in climatic intercourse into our own in this savage union . When possessed in biting the flesh lays the metaphor for being fully consumed adjoined with the spirits and our animalistic lower though higher in being fully awake and aware lwa natures selves.In breaking the flesh with knifes or teeth allows us to let the spirits in to engage in full erotic intercourse with them , in a marriage of spirit and human body flesh , as a ceremony forging our commitment to such in penetration . Such acts seal a pact and if possessed , we can also act as  in a possessed  divine state , the initiator to lover on earth in for example biting the flesh or inflicted physical sexual extremes upon another , not in a s & m contrived sense of being to forfil mundane fetishes . But in a possessed state that transcends such and allows in these interactions full contact which transcends mundane perverse ideologies to through martyrdom submission our loved ones to be given the experience of the elemental roots of Lwa. Lwas espically Gede are in sexuality are fully formed in creation and destruction or annihilation whether it be of the ego our preconditioned selves spiritually or through physical acts of violence or DEATH . Though most importantly these elements energies spirits work on a level as givers but also takers of life .In that they work with polar opposites, that you must experience know ALL in a full existence of divinity and be aware of acknowledge know life but death also.This is a contradiction in many aspects of being ALL things , all extremes life the start , the end though such things represent all knowledge everything , and can not be just cornered off  or boxed off tidily ever to one particular experience , one aspect of life or our complex existences on a spiritual or earthly plane. In these two different Gede forms we find a way of being the executor murder protagonist in Kriminels attributes of being a enforcer bringer of violence a active force upon others to Gede Nibo that in this aspect is submissive or inflicting cutting upon our own bodies a way to experience being the aggressor and  in some aspects victim also by using such Gedes duality in experience of both oposing aspects of ritual.We in possession experience all things that are attributed to our true natures full human spiritual form.I talk about experience of such things in sexual ritual exchange because these are the most valid ways to tap into experience such forms of the eyes visions from the lwa because in such exchanges sex being creation and even in cutting the flesh that is penetration not erotically charged but works on the level of like sex being a form of unity through penetration to reveal our true souls , it is in its action a ideal tool to such trangressive states . In the fore mentioned interactions the most valid way when utilised properly ie not just for " titilation " to fully physically spiritually embody such states to a full enlightened understanding of our souls of being acknowledging all.That in this experiences like the Lwa that were at one time human beings before death , we transcend to the spiritual heights of being like they remain are in full knowlege   ,we develop into elemental divinty with full open inspired vision also.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

In the BASIC we find distanced from our own ego true spiritualist communication ,the basis of true spirit work

In any spiritual tradition before sex magick before metaphysical goetic thought the root of everything is establishing simple rooted spirit communication without sophisticated forms of contact , to forget the simple things like mediumistic contact that are the foundations to everything , without this our spirituality holds nothing and honouring such practices is a life long process that should never be lost or neglected in our quest for higher more intellectualised systems of practice and thought.In my mind the most important aspect of my work as a practitioner and in relation to my work as a artist is establishing spirit contact on a more grounded grass roots level.
In the ancestor shrine , we find ways to continually communicate with the dead to remember , it is a simple practice of a bowl of water , photos laid , candles lit but all we need to naked establish day to day communication with honouring communicating with the dead. With respect and remembrance and a simple practice that allows us a gateway to our spiritual world.Even when we are accomplished in whatever field of practice it is important that we never forget the most simplistic gestures of communication , ritual that truly in pure essence matter , that less is more in our work with the spirits and these things allow ourselves a solid base to build upon.In the ansestors shrine we not only find a important relationship with our heritage , our ancestor spirits but this also acts as a gateway to communication with other spirits based on the aspects of spiritualism , death , such as Gede , the lwa , nkisi, exu and pombia gira.All spirits as spirits of the dead are also ritualistically and spiritually connected with those in being one of the same of the ancestor shrine and I can’t place enough importance on practical relationships of simple rituals in the shrine mediation upon such as a form of true mediumistic contact over the western traditions of metaphysical goetic grimoire . Everyday prayer contact establishes on a regular basis true contact and a ongoing understanding of death which is one of the major aspects attributed to life and link to the understanding of the spirit. Things such as ritualistic spirit baths also are important to practice ,florida water , basil rose petals work as designated herbs to channel Ezili Danto and other herbs attributed to spirits and their likes dislikes apporiated through uses allow us in ritual to focus on spiritual contact . All these things sound amateurish in comparison with magical intellectualisation though to myself its always better to have a strong simple daily practice to the roots of spiritual work , than a million half baked complex theories practiced sporadically that with their intellectualisation hold no keys to proper rooted daily spirit communication. This is why like the ancestor shrine , I feel solid devotion shrines practices are also simple but important backbones to true practice and without these so called simple gestures you cannot have a mediumistic relationship or strong spiritual practice. Sticking to a tradition or practice of everyday week having a ritual of laying the ancestor shrine or spirit baths or  a devotional practice like simply lighting a candle solidly is important in establishing faithfulness to such spirits in having a solid relationship .You can not expect such relations flitting back and forth from different spirits or practices as you choose .So dedication to ritual builds up in its simplistic form, a true gradual communication with certain spiritual contact.In this form this why although often overlooked in the need for complex intellectualisation , we need to respect build up on the more simplistic forms of tradition learn such first to in a small way step by to establish spiritual contact today .Such things are often forgot about in a need to have the most complex forms of thought attached to higher spiritualist attainment , and viewed as less valid or more basic , but it  is in the basic we find distanced from our own ego true spiritualist communication ,the basis of true spirit work.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Breaking Of Pre Conditioned Gender Dynamics regarding Spiritwork.

What I have found mostly is the need to in most practitioners life associate themselves with a spirit of their profane gender. I started mainly working with Babalon , Pombia Gira , Maman Brigitte and Ezili Danto in my mediumistic spiritual practice. All these had in common not only the sexualised aspect whether it be in sacred prositution , sexual liberation of Babalon /Inanna , and pombia Gira or the animalistic raw association of primordial sexuality aspects of Maman Brigitte or Ezili Danto that embody these elements of sexual force , primal none idealised sexual strength.They also had the aspects of violence masculinated strength attached to Babalon /Inanna , pombia gira Ezili Dantos attachment to the ritualistic symbolisms of the knife , to cutting of the flesh devotional offerings of blood and maman Brigittes association with DEATH .All these spirits carried out masculinated acts of violence force , in that they were all transexualised in embodying all aspects of female softness beauty and masculine violence hardness strength .That they embodied all and crossed profane societial conventions of male and female gender stereotyping. All worked as female spirits on a level of creation in sexuality or as a female aspect of Ezili Danto dealing with fertility birth or Maman Brigitte as a Gedes association with her patronage of children and on the level of male destruction through death elements as seen in maman Brigitte or Pombia Giras association with the lost souls spirits of the graveyards.To myself these chosen spirits are not female , they are not just archetypes of strong women , they transcend all gender labeling of being only in physical appearance FEMALE to another level of like the conjoined dualist twins of Ifa being erogenous of not one gender , of being human nature at its full none gender specific enlightened divinity of embracing all.What I do find interesting is that most practioners do stick to working with believing a practioner can only be possessed by a spirit of their physical gender . Obviously when working with Choas magick, or luciferian currents in symbolism of for example of Sol niger , when working with not spirits universal energies , we find a certain form of asexual , none gender specific form of energy work through symbolism though this is exploration of devotional spirit practice in which the spirits are usually designated a specific gender to their attributions .This made me wonder start to question if a woman such as myself who as a artist and practioner works with what is more deemed traditionally or in societal terms as MALE , masculinated forceful energies , wouldn’t she be just as in most cases able to channel male spirits or spirits associated with this gender.That in this it would be if in her ideology , soul more masculine besides physical appearance of feminity , that is just a superficial shell of the body easier for her to be or just as easy for her to be ridden possessed by full maculated spirits also.It is said that as practioners we take on the characteristics of the spirits we work outwardly with , not in a superficial sense of if we are Gede wearing shades or Babalon wearing a short skirt or dying our hair red outwardly but the deep characteristics to our soul , to act out in such ways defined by these spirits , or to a live life’s of true experiences to a understanding inline with the myths of such dieties , for only then do we gain true indepth understanding , in as a practitioner being.This is how true divine inspiration works in the aline to work with possession all levels from the succinct living of it that goes unnoticed but is just as important to full on extreme possession states that are more sporadic.In that if psychologically we are as in my case born more male possession by spirits such as EXU and Gede Nibo would make sense also , that in alot of ways gender specific spiritualism has little to do with spiritually and more to do with enforced societal convention .There is no reason that a woman cannot be if born of a certain mental disposition be  fully possessed by a masculine energy or spirit in devotional and life practices inwardly . Even if like the transsexual inwardly possessing more affinity characteristics of the other gender.Spirit work in a lot of ways holds no gender , it is none gender specific in some aspects as all enlightenment is dualist in embodying all human traits.In spiritualism we have no conventions rules .Being as a woman possessed by spirits associated with lower male traits or masculinated acts of violence force , death such as the Gede , the Barons of voodoo or Exus of Quimbanda traditions ,can  also in practice allow a type of gnositic transgression ability to in knowing possession of these things first hand empowerment of working with knowing all , of utilising strong maculated aspects in absorption to ones advantage of with force knowing everything.In  the ability to inflict full purpose control on ones path and in this more radical less trodden path , we learn that are not any mediumistic rules dynamics regarding gender or the spirits ,that we embody and work with.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The ritual of the sexualised Dynamics Of The Gede

In the past I have covered sacred prositution , the dualist nature of female psychosexuality as expressed through the elements of Babalon and pombia Gira spiritual possession contact. Though now I am going to discuss the sexual dynamics of the Gede as I perceive them to be from my own experiences .Gede are in essence a more elemental raw brute type of sexual interaction nature .Gede are savage and earthy in all aspects and possession of such in sexual congress is of pure undiluted animalistic savage nature .I have had several experiences within my life that I see as forms of Gede possession .These have often differed in frequency form from say other spirits who hold similar aspects but are not the same such as Exu and Pombia Gira.I first want to describe these possessions as the more base lower sexual self . in the several possessions that have from own personnal experiences taken place. These include many in stripping working in clip joints , to the first time a woman went down on me in a nightclub toilet at sixteen , to many other sexual encounters in toilets pubic convinces alleyways with men and women.Though the last possession by Gede sexually last year I can relate as a divine intense experience full on Gede contact with more underlying clarity. Of course spiritual possession happens all the time in dreams , communication , interactions sexually and otherwise But there are always a few times of elemental communication that stay , strongly rooted stick out remembered in your mind.In August a particularly valid time for Gede to surface or come out is the Gede day of Notting Hill carnival. The music drums sweat crowded bodies scantily clad ,afro traditional outfits , reggae , dub ,the crossroads street party and rum all make perfect for Gede to in their mischievous elements to seek possession and communication.To myself this holds more relevance than dates set aside for such in that to make contact with these spirits Notting Hill carnival is the ideal time , place date to accomplish full on natural communication with such .Crowded the air smells of sweat , sex , of rum spat on the floor with the haze of herb spliff smoldering in the air , the bodies of strangers pulsate next to eachother to the primal underlying drum beats all is a haze of true Gede sexualised possession from that moment on .Another element to the  carnival is that it goes on  for  two days , with one day for children which Gede are known protectors patros of and another seond day for adults . In this writing I am discussing the more adult sexualised forms of Gede possession but in having a day for children , this also links carnival to being a Gede celebration. We are in this celebration stripped down to our pure animalistic state of primal energies of Gede freedom of sexuality.Everything strips down and intoxifies in its raw elemental freedom at the sametime.I remember the moment of possession well not in the rum soaked possession of dance by in fucking that day.This was the true grimoire gede rum soaked in the smoggy air being fucked on all fours without any words by a stranger in my flat then leaving and getting more rum soaked taken over by the primitive possession of the Gede drums dance. This did not feel like a one night stand or prositution it felt like Gede possession in the need to forfil sexual animalistic hunger . To have a stranger without intimacy spunk down your throat , fuck you on all fours until you came then leave into the crowds without the intimacy of words feel like true sexualised Gede communication.It felt wild and unconfined to profane ideologies of human manners , nor did I feel cheap or used because with the rum and drums this was just another form of full Gede possession and the need to without shame forfil ones animalistic urges at such a time in such a environment.In my mind as voodoo is mainly street practice in its ritual be it in its elemental shamanic nature or in the crossroads or graveyards , this enviroment of a street carnival makes perfect sense as a place to fully ritualistically communicate with the Gede or lwa divinity on their terms. Anybody who sees voodoo ritual as purely encompassed in the alter or ritualistic alter veneration’s of the dead is missing the point , in that voodoo is a active practice pursued in ritual on the move in the world in its shamanic nature .It is also known that ritualistic prayers etc are in essense a small part of voodoo traditions as the  practice relates to mainly to being a vessal for  lwa possession and spiritualist contact in there most purist form . So as in the Gede we can through possession expression find a more bestial none conformist form of the sexualised ritual of our true base natures at one with the elemental aspects of the earth.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

The ritualistic elements of sex and death in exploring spiritualist connection.

In the more spiritualist afro traditions of voodoo and Quimbanda we see a strong association between as in western philosophy the ideology of sex creation and death being dualist polar aspects of one form.In voodoo sex and death are marriages in the street aspects of the graveyard spirits the Gede , in Quimbanda united in Exu and pombia Gira. The ideas of the close relationships between sexuality and death between the transgressive aspects elemental foundations of both.Sex or sexuality in the physical sense as-well as a creative tool psychologically used in art and death as the final transgressive act in life have as subjects for myself as a artist and person for longtime held fascination. For myself ,death has become a huge part of my personnel life through losses I have endured of close ones and through my fathers links with spiritualism. In that death has been all around, my world , myself in full context , from an early age. Making this fascination death and exploration of death a natural progression always.This probly will explain my life long fascination with spiritualism and interest in spiritualist traditions such as voodoo , Quimbanda , Palo and Ifa also .Traditions which all in full context focus on death , as a major part of their cults the practices of shamanic veneration and honoring the dead.

Most people are rarely confronted with death but due to the  nature of streetlife and my background , death has become a constant theme within my existence.Sexuality and sex has also been a constant theme not only to my work as a artist , but in my life in the belief from a early age that sexuality and sexual extremes can be used as a spiritualist transgressive tool to the soul.Our Full nature  in the soul being ,as men and women our full enlightened essense.Sex has as well as my personnel life of exploration been  played out in my professional past life of sex-work on the street. Which in aspects of these things , violent natures automatically closely link death with sex.For in prostitution sex being linked to drugaddiction , hiv , stabbing’s , shootings etc all part of this lifestyle which links sex in being a act of creation , to the act of death as a act of destruction also.That in knowing , experiencing such things , gives when practicing a stronger understanding fully of Gede spirits in voodoo and the pombia Gira, Exu of Quimbanda. The experiences of these elements in our lives allow us a clear connection with such spirits , that without experiencing such hardships loss or sex and death fully we could never comprehend .Or have normally in my mind this natural affinity,with no full life exposure to such.When I was homeless , I used to hit up heroin in the graveyards of Brompton Chelsea , also tricks are taken there , aswell as gay men cottaging like Hampstead Heath for encounters .In its huge capacity such acts of sex and death take place in the daytime as common place .So that in sex and death of all these connected physical acts these and , surrounded by death.In these things elements we find true ritual of the undiluted aspects that act as full Gede , communication of the graveyard spirits .Therefore reaching full on Gede spiritualism, enlightenment in these often viewed as profane street acts . This to myself when acting out ritualistically in this way , acted as a full pure natural channeling possession of the darker elements of Gede . In being a true veneration of the dead and of necromantic spiritualism.To myself this was the true of in engaging for prostitution in sex acts there aswell as drugaddiction piecing the flesh with a syringe a true ritualistic act mainline to possession understanding in a unprentious , uncontrived way the full characteristics elements of maman Brigitte and other such spirits.In these circumstances to myself , do we only as practioners understand fully forge a bound relationship to such spirits.To my mind in these experiences explorations do we find the the true cult of Gede of sex as a creative as well as destructive tool of destruction to the roots of everything , linked to death.We can also find in graveyards honouring the dead in rituals a way to communicate devotional practices .Ritualistic prayers to the keepers of the gateways from the living to the dead , of the spirits of sexuality and death who dwell in such.But of course in the actual act of sexual ritual in such places as well as connection to death . Do we only find in the aforementioned acts true spiritualist full sex and death connection.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Walking in love with Pomba Gira.

When walking , working with pomba Gira we find that she not only represents , female aggression , prositution , but also LOVE.It is important to understand  love fully due to this fact  in its true form as such in practice  forge a closer relationship to understanding all true essense of such.To my mind  for most of the time it is common assumption that prositutes can not numbed down with the ideology of equating sex intimacy with money cannot fully emotionally experience intimacy or romantic sexual love.It is also presumed that the sexually free unmonagmous have the failings of not being being able to connect intimately to one person therefore cannot experience full love for another individual.I ‘d like to smash these assumptions regarding my own practices experiences life of love as I perceive such to be.For most of the time love is selflessness in total pure form and self scariface of oneself naked to another.As a prositute I first experienced Love or love as I see it in a bound so strong to another and love has nothing to do with the common assumption love is possession in the literal sense of only belonging sexually to one. Love can be soft kind but like pombia gira love is a violent force that takes over ones life .It burns your life to ashes until there is nothing left in naked vulnerability accept without ego exposed to another in truth everything our humble soul.Obviously people would debate whether in the fact that my first and only TRUE love was abusive that I was but a victim or it wasn’t love. Though as well as the violence of street life and circumstance there was in its pure form love and I know I would never be satisfied without passion intensity on that level held for another or by inferior bland care half acceptance for another.When I met this person everything was scarified with my ego everything my body my soul was taken by them , we shared a deep connection of understanding as both on the street eachother completely , we shared no jealously through our acts of prositution , in that neither sought full sexual possession of the other we asked nothing of eachother except pure acceptance of all love.Our love was a love of physical fire passion of wanting to fuck everywhere down the alleyways , of having to have him fill my mouth my ass , my cunt everywhere , we shared a lust of fire , of intensity , a passion beyond mere words , not just in the erotic sense but in everyway and even if we were umonagmous we belonged to eachother and I was his , he was mine.With the drugs his love was sometimes like a destructive addiction but that does not alter the fact that even if sometimes the force of our love was destructive it was still love in the truest sense of the word.Love is destruction to through annihilations of everything reach creation rebirth . Love is violent , not always kind it is dualist in its most purist beautiful form like Pomba Gira it holds all aspects it is not just one thing it is everything.Kisses and bruises upon on the body are the true beautiful face of the intensity of love in life and in Pombia Gira.Total love consists also of forgiveness and the ablity to accept all a individuals shortcomings totally as full radiating beauty of the imperfect fragilities of the brutalised human condition.In true love in its most undiluted form we find all our defects mirrored in another all our aspects we ask for nothing we give all and we become joined to another through a deep connection of whether for a few moments or years or for forever being the same person soul.Though when I am talking about being totally connected as a whole to a person I am again not talking about finding one person who we dedicate our lives monogamously sexually to , to my mind sex in its basic sense or monogamous that have little relevance to true love or love in its purist form .When we talk about pomba Gira or Babalon being godesses of sexuality love as well as violence we are in the fact that the true intensity of passionate real love incorporates violence also referring to true unidealistic real love without ego , without human societal inbreed dictations of faithfulness , softness , kindness only , to as through my experiences I see real romantic or erotic love , as encompassing all these elements .In becoming connected to another , we like in the lhp abolish the ego of the individual , though this has again nothing to do with codependency in the profane sense of the word .Of course walking in the true path of love means the ability to embrace life fully , everything a love for all things without dismissal as valid beautiful in their own right . This though is how I see the path of true love in essence of the path of Pomba Gira and in true love like our roses upon alter it cuts in its beauty has its thorns also.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

In Devotional Rituals Only We Will Not Find Full Spirit Connection

A lot of magickal practices are made up of ritual and devotional practice to forge a communication with the spirits. The ideology of practising devotional aspects such as having a alter or offering acts as a pact between us and the spirits to serve them or for spiritualist interaction with such. For most of the time devotional alters are seen as the basic roots to developing a relationship with the spirits a main starting point for the practitioner in acknowledging such in their life but although such things are healthy steps to spiritual connection and development , they do not as is always presumed in these actions necessarly lead to connection with the spirit ,if we do not have the basic roots elements of connection already. This is something we often as practitioners forget that the ability
to ultalise be connected too and to be honoured with communication with certain energies , goes in their essence, far beyond ritualistic acts of devotion. In my mind our lives or certain cultural aspects come into the equation strongly when forging a relationship or having a connection to certain spirits. For example when working with Ghedhe or Pombia Gira or Exu it becomes obvious that a black Haitian or south American from the ghettos would have even without practice, a true link to these spirits authentically ,true spiritual connection to such rather than say a white middle-class European who was not culturally from these backgrounds or ever been to Africa or Brazil,just as a woman who had never experiened prostitution first hand in her life would have less of a true connection to Babalon or Pombia Gira. Thats not to say that we can't build a relationship up in ritualistic devotional practice to these spirits but if we do not have certain basic foundations already we will not have a full relationship or be connected to such things .To my mind in having a relationship with Ghedhe you need to have had experienced in life death , you need to have a strong spiritualist elements ,in as the fact many of my friends have died on the street , I can form a natural relationship with such because DEATH has effected myself in a lot of aspects , in losing the people I have loved in my life profoundly to connect with these aspects of honouring the dead and Ghedhe .My connection is also to the street , to the dispossessed from my own life experiences and sexuality through my previous exploration of prostitution in my life all these factors come into my relationship with Ghedhe because you need to understand , death , sexuality , violence and the elements of street life to connect or be linked to such on a level. Inn Pombia Gira and Exu I also find a natural connection relationship due to my life background that I would not have otherwise. I am white British but due to my background lifestyle I can have a link to such things that most people who are not African or Brazilian could not . In that I feel and know , that you can only have a true relationship with such spirits if you have these basic understandings on a deeper level of communication , the experiences in life which are linked to the essence of such dieties. Without such ritual devotion is empty because you cannot have a deeper understanding of the spirit or natural link to it or fully connect or utilise such energies. In that devotional elements are not the starting point as such ,because if you practice devotional aspects of ritual, it does not guarantee building up a relationship with these or other spirits if you do not have a full understanding of the root of the essence of them . For how can we expect to forge a full relationship with them if we do not understand first hand from our own lives experiences , to beable to in our actions empathise communicate with such. In this aspect I feel it is often overlooked the fact that devotional practice will not equal a true relationship with the spirits , that there has to be a deeper root to being chosen by them or true communication , or else all is play-acting at spiritual communication in shallow acts of superfluous devotion. That devotional ritual without the for mentioned link to these spirits is worthless and nothing more but a mind game of us fooling ourselves that we have a link to the spirit or divine communication without basic understanding of what this entails. In this I feel if is important though not to bypass the importance of devotional practice , we realise that true spirit contact can not be attained by just this that several other factors that effect how deep our relationship with certain spirits goes , depending on our backgrounds and understanding fully of the essences of such .Devotional practice to myself serves as a link a basic reaffirmation of a relationship with certain energies spirits I already have , but not as the only roots of communication connection with such .So it is important when practising we realise devotion all elements do not even if they cement a relationship with certain spirits equal direct enlightenment or communication to the source or spirits themselves in full possession contact .

Monday, 6 June 2011

The Art Of True practice Means Humbly Walking In All Aspects Of Self Without Shame To A Real Passage To The Spirits , Our Higher Self.

I have always held the strong belief that full action practice regarding the spirits lhp is everything and that I was willing to push myself carnally and fearlessly without constraints bounds to my truth, my  higher soul.Nothing in modern society maybe be shameful regarding sex or anything anymore but what shocks is the ability to express and live in imperfect truth . To let others see all our fragilities human shortcomings , for it is in the discomfort of a reflection allows others also to see their own .Its a harsh truth for most people to admit their darker aspects or to be fully naked in their own truth know themselves vulnerability expose who they are but in exposure of everything in even our human profane weaknesses in knowledge of all aspects of our human failings lay the true keys of strength.The spirits universe know all our secrets our failings we can not lie to them they strip away everything to the root exposed reborn as children , everything our beautiful our sometimes ugly radiating truth of who we are , what we’ve done , they know everything , we come to them pure naked without shame , without fear of them seeing our real trueselves.I personally feel that embracing all celebrating all our good and bad , weak and strong , ugly and beautiful aspects as equally valid radiating the truth of who we truly are .In the comfort with all things within ourselves including the cruel , the violent , the soft the kind we move onto a higher soul level of fearlessness and comfort in our own individual being of that if you walk around naked for all to see what can people do to hurt you , what can people do against somebody who is comfortable with themselves in all aspects , what can hurt you , what can disempower you , when you live without bounds in your own truth.There is some type of integrity attached to those who are able to embrace all aspects of the soul live on a level with the spirits in no matter how harsh exposed truth.People may judge my practises that although I wouldn’t advocate to everybody are my own uncompromising path , but what they don’t understand is what I always do in truth , truth on a level with the spirits that embraces fearlessness who I truly am bloody ugly naked in the gutter on my knees , my daemonic and angelic self all aspects as like the spirits equally valid . This is what is meant by the magician or practitioner has come to equally work with the spirits the gods that he or she works fully exposed with no profane fears naked exhibiting their full soul natures imperfection in his or hers pure individualistic state to transgress to equality with the spirits .As human ugliness , violence , degradation etc is only connected to the profane human ideologies and all is equal if at the heart of truth of the evolvement of the soul in the spiritworld , in the spiritworld nothing is shameful or disgusting nothing is feared in that the only thing that is valid to higher development of the self and asked of by the spirits is that we live a full exposed life in truth.It is a insult to lie to the spirits like ourselves they know everything our true reflections to the bones every shortcoming ,so if we are to work with such we should start our practice by on our knees not hiding anything of being truly naked in our soul stripped down to the truth of our imperfect self’s of every radiating fragility .This is how we work with the spirits on their terms of truth equally , this is how we enrich and transgress our practices to as practioners be equal to the spirits , working exposed honestly in full soul.There is no shame in this and after humble fragility of exposure of all our profane defects of character comes strength empowerment through being able to take on all aspects of ourselves humbly without ego in truth.For most of the time truth is truly the last taboo of the human race , and nothing is more discerning or shocking to man or woman than the idea of living a life totally in the truth of everything of being naked , imperfect of showing all of ourselves naked in truth to the universe , the spirits and physical world around us.Though for left hand practitioners being exposed in truth naked is the first important step on our paths to connection to divinity .The realisation that all aspects of ourselves must be exposed comfronted that we cannot hide , ourselves , that we are to live a life in the sun exposed in truth without pretence is in embracing all even our weaknesses the first true step of spirit to man or woman initation.In that for most of the time occult practise has become intellectual masturbation of the human ego but true practise means humbly walking comfortably in all true aspects of who we are without shame embracing all which leads to a real passage to the spirits and the true higherself soul.

In Interaction With Gheudhe Spirits We find The Elemental Roots Of Sexual Aggression

In interaction with the gheudhe spirits , we find the elemental roots of sexual aggression.Of course in discussing such I do not wish to deamonise such spirits they have their other softer aspects like their care guidence to children but like Pombia Gira is a spirit of love who has also a more vicious violent nature in being  dualist they do also  and we should not judge them but accept all aspects if we wish to work with such fully.All should be given equal value of who or what these spirits are .In that gheudhe sexual possession means surrender to the rougher elements of sexuality inflicted upon the body .For example Gheudhes suchas Baron Kriminel Baron Samedi,Bakalou Baka , Nibo,Baron Lundi serve as the most harsh extreme link to the shadow sexual anmalistic violent self.As in sexual interaction with a man possessed by ghedhe ,you will be taken and fucked until bleeding in every weeping orifice then left violated in acts of the most violence projection of sex without control. Acts of sexual interaction with these spirits can include the physcology of rape of enforcing sexual projected violence upon every bleeding orifice , in that gheude possession is neither soft or kind , and it embraces all perversions aspects of masculine destruction fire violation .Sex becomes in such exchanges a energy exchange of destruction violence which makes way for creation a type of spiritualist rebirth.For a woman enduring extreme acts of rough sex rape upon the body through the male partners possession of the gheudhe spirits allows not just victimisation , or the ability to take the role of the victim but if endured the transgressive aspect through violence pain or being taken against will through struggle to transgress through these aspects to a purist form of communication with such spirits and take the force upon within herself to become through extreme energy exchange stronger.In that rape or sexual aggression rough sex being taken without our human will allows surrender of the human ego and the ability to be in contact the lowest aspects of the soul of the most undiluted forms of our primordial natures spirits .That for most of the time a full life and practise is constituted by the ability to consciously be open to all forms of the lower aswell as higher aspects of the spirit the soul to know everything including our shadowself’s in
rooted awareness of our spiritual world and  the world surrounding us.I talk about rape sexual violation not in the westernised sense I do not advocate abuse , but sometimes if you are a practioner even abuse degradation can have its uses or be empowering in also gaining full communication with our soul or elemental spiritual universe in experiencing everything all aspects of our true human natures good or bad without profane preconcieved judgements.Of course there is a difference between exercising a individuals sexual perversions preferance for pain rough sex or rape upon the body consciously as a descion of our inclinations a personnal erotic turn on , to the act of spiritual surrender or occasional act of gnostic practises of martyrdom. Martyrdom is a saintly purist selfless spiritual act of transgression of through tranced forms of pain relating to a higher plane of the spirits of the dead or universe and it is not practised as a form of turn on attached to the human ego or for just humanistic aspects of arousal , it is about sacrifice of the self to find through extremes through enduring pain or violation a higher of state of the conscious self. To be at one with the elemental spiritual universe.This is where rape or rougher elements of sometimes unconsensual sexual interaction come into play when dealing espically with gheudhe possession and the world of the gheudhe.Gheudhes also act as intermediates between life and death and in these experiences we find a way to find passage through questing our mortal physical status to through extremes find a gateway to the spirits of the dead to be reborn in the image of the spirits again truly feed alive.Gheudhes feed upon life then replace the lifeforce with through such interactions something higher a alternative state of spiritual world , a place were a man or woman meets death and life at our subconscious crossroads.If as a female practitioner we decide to work with male gheudhe we can transgress to a more aggressive empowered state of taking the man ,or in the elements found in maman Brigitte to being assertive in masculine aggression of conquest to reach a state of through maculated harsh energies projected through possession a way to find connection with all elements of the shadow self included to transgress through extremes to being ALL .In that in the elements of Gheudhe sexual aggression lays the wisdom of destruction to move way for creation a bridge to our full elemental spiritual world and the knowlege of having no fear which allows his empowerment in the spirit and our grounded lives worlds.

Friday, 3 June 2011

The Practise Of Artistic Vision Which Links Occult Vision As a Form Of True Art

For a lot of the time in western goetic ,kabbalah metaphysical approaches that deal with intellectualisation , the connection between the practice of the occultist as a artist and creativity art with our esoteric vision is ignored . To myself as a painter and a writer I found without such creative grounding ,it would be hard to have a deep understanding of the workings of occult magical practice . Creation is at the root of everything and understanding the importance of the tools of creation is another vital aspect to as in ritual practise understanding creation from nothing as a magical act or creation artistically as valid in regards to connection of the aspects of creation in our universe.I personally feel that there is no difference between the practitioner and artist , natural talent is a gift from the spirits , as transmissions from the spirits without force is also.The idea that all artists are magicians using manipulation on their audience to if truly great artists provoke a reaction response , in other words to as in the ritual of magickal  art use manipulation for their own motivations which  is also a close link between glamour magic and art . In the fact that in a moment of somebody seeing something like a beautiful emotive painting by say Goya or Bacon they are forced under the arts spell to feel something deep in radiating truth pulling at their guts to make them Feel in a magical act moved by the ART.Art often acts as a talismanic object in that it is placed as a energy gateway into the world separate from its creator it goes out in the world to live its own life separately effecting its own environment and like the spirits is immortal .In the fact that all true  artists are obsessed with their own mortality and being immortal as this is a way not in ego but in wanting to be  like the spirits ,to be immortal, the quest to be unforgetable to live forever in peoples minds History surpassing death  allows us to want to and  to keep creating art.In dreams we find if artists we can use as a spirit  gateway to our interaction to coming through as well as our more elemental grounded esoteric through our own earthly plane life experiences . In my mind another aspect which links the artist to the occultist or mystic is the need for the artist to sacrifice themselves fully to art, to be in touch with the fragility of the human condition  which acts as a kind of type of gnosistic martyrdom of truth .All great artists and occultists also have this common link of pushing past the constraints of civilisation seeing darkness as light , light as darkness , all things as valid beauty in the ugly , pushing through extremes of embracing all to the soul , to the raw bloody truth of being on a quest for continual truth seeking no matter how harsh of questioning seeking truth of knowing no bounds . Of wanting to bask in the glory of the unflinching brutality of the human condition of all the true essence of the SOUL.The works of Bertiaux , Chumbley and Spare all link artistic creation with being a true practioner of the Arts , in that for most of the time you can not have one without  the other , creation in whatever form it takes is linked to true progression as a occultist.The energies used when creating Art are in essence the same spiritual energies of transformation used when creating a magical ritual with intention , or working with the spirits on a level of purist transmission.In essence all spirits are forms of energy therefore in a act such as painting the energy when possessed is harnessed projected into the Art . Again  we can see physical proof of such  for example when looking at a painting by say Bacon  that there is a certain intensity energy attached to it , not in its physicality but something else spiritually there that allows this and all great art to provoke a feeling or emotive response.In my practice I use many aspects of religions , but not in their original form , not unlike Spares Neither Neither system that took many influences adapted to his own creative postmodernist way of as a artist and occultist working combining both equally .Though at the root of all my work with the spirits and at my art is the need for creation , creation is the root of all before destruction before everything creation is the start and everythingelse follows.Which links artistic vision with occult vision in being the true form of ART.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Merging Of The Shamanic Luna Celestial Aspects With The Shamanic Elemental Earth Traditions

A Couple of years back when I felt restricted by westernised OTO male dominated philosophy and the metaphysical westernised goetic approach to working , I started to look into using Babalon pre crowlean post christian indoctrination.I studied vastly starmaps and the herbs attributed to Innanna and Ishtar of original Jinn arabic traditions to get a sense of the roots of Babalon worship. At the time I attached my devotional practice to Babalon though was searching for a more rooted purist shamanic way to work.In this time I realised the importance of the luna cycle night workings timings in regard to this type of spirit work , though I found the star maps that originally were used  ,the first  celestial astrology  are too incomplete over years of elemental change and that as Babylonian religion had often been neglected not passed down the knowledge too sporadic to piece together to a strong religion practise evolved before the westernised magical traditions . In looking into the identity of Babalon I therefore found in the fact most magic regarding such was newly developed fully a archetype rather than a spirit at the root of it all. A archetype of the strong sexually empowered woman a post feminist ideal that although she fitted in well with my philosophy as a strong woman living in the postmodernist world left little chance to move onto spiritualist contact fully.I then looked into Ishtar  who was solely a godesse of war without the sexualised element  and Inanna realising she had little connection relation to the westernised version of Babalon  their was a faint link though totally different ,although Innanna was closer to BABALON in westernised form ie  connected with female glamour sacred prositution which was a small aspect of sex or the female at  her  sexually charged transexualised peak embodying ALL.These spirits had malecounterparts though in the OTO sexual magickal traditions of the beasts role held little hold accept in revelations of course there was also Tiamet the fearful godess of Choas destruction but like the others she did not possess the duality fully of female sexuality merged with elements of destruction of being all.And none of these dieties possessed the name BABALON like skehmet they shared similiraties of sorts but weren't the westernised version of such.Gradually my interests veered more towards Afro traditions of voudon ,the pombia Gira and  Exu of Quimbanda traditions practises .In pombia Gira I felt I found the Babalon in her true unbridled shamanic form of all. A actual spirit that had the duality of female sexuality softness , male aggression a spirit that dealt on the planes of creation , life , sex and destruction , death  life ,equally.I found a practice more geared towards shamanic spiritualist contact with the dead something I had worked with from a early age naturally , of being a vessel of transmissions from spirits naturally. What though fascinated myself the most was the use of the luna cycles to perform pombia gira rites which fitted in perfectly with ancient Babylonian traditions I had been studying whose main focus was on working in the luna cycle nighttime work. The ideology of working in the night fits well with the fact in prositution we are but ladies of the night but on a more complex less basic level the fact that I had studied the systems of Babylonian tradition made practicing elements of Quimbanda for me much more understandable .The similarities in both regarding actual rites are obvious and the use of herbs heliographics in grimoires such as the prayer of the lifting hand cuneiform traditions to summon arabic Babylonian deities , hold more relation to pontos and veves than westernised metaphysical numeric traditions .In that Quimbanda is a celestial aswell as elemental approach to practicing our art. Celestial not as in rooted in astrology but rooted in the cycle of the moon and earth.This I feel is a more elemental aspect of working with astrology as we know it in its over complicated form today. That although I work with petro /ghedhe and the spirits of Quimbanda in some spiritualist earthly aspects they share a close relation ,what  sets them apart is in voudoun  that we only work on the elemental plane.In the aspect of Quimbanda working on the celestial aswell as elemental plane in union we find more in the rites a the way rituals are conducted a similarity to Assyrian or Babylonian arabic practises traditions.Obviously in their essence such spirits of Quimbanda hold more relation in their characteristics or spiritualist sense with the spirits of voudoun than the jinns of Babylonian tradition but in practices Babylonian and Quimbanda tradition is more closely linked .Babylonian traditions are shamanic luna , and so are Quimbanda in these aspects .In that in Quimbanda we find true balance in the merging of shamanic luna celestial traditions with the shamanic elemental earth aspects which is ancient yet modernist in that in its abstraction it can be adapted perfectly to fitting into our practise in the modern world .It is not over complicated by westernised intellectualisation and allows us the ability to practise in the natural elements with only a basic knowledge of such , in being the form of astrology the moon cycle is astrology in its purist form and merging the elemental aspects of working connected to the earth also.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Act Of Fearless Crossing Over Between Mortality And Death


Throughout my life as a practitioner of the left hand path I have felt the need to cross over from life to death and test my mortal body be it sexually or through pain inflicted violence upon myself my soul to extremes. I have inflicted the violence of flesh penetration with sharp objects in variations of possession I have strangled myself until I have grasped for breath or had lovers strangle me until I am blue and lifeless to cross over and not fear penetration of the shell of flesh or death anymore . The closeness of spirit communication possession at point of death or extreme inflicted violent endurance’s to the physical body can allow ourselves to open the gateway of crossing over between life and death to the spirit world . Such aspects in voodoo and afro traditions are depicted as zombification were man or woman nolonger becomes in these extreme acts human but transfers themselves to a higher state of conscious to being the spirit to breaking through to the higher self SOUL.It is said in many forms of spiritual evolvement ritualistic acts using flesh hooks , piercing’s surface cutting of the skin allow through the cuts spiritual possession the spirits in though to myself such contrived s and m based forms of ritual are controlled and spiritual possession connection comes from uncontrolled instinctual acts inflicted upon ourselves without control. S & Ms connection with ritual magick through extremes is nothing new though what we find in the ability as stated violent acts upon our bodies is the ability to transgress to the spirit realm through the merged lines between sex creation and death to crossover .This is especially true of workings regarding Ghedhe Nibbho who represents full masculinity traits of destruction and a gateway to the land of the dead .  Nibbho possession acts frequently as a way to crossover through extremes to the gateway that separates humanity humanistic beliefs and mortality to the spiritual realm of the dead . In Quimbanda the closest to the ghede or Nibbho is Rosa  Caveria Exu and Pombia Gira of the graveyard bones lost souls , who act as spiritualist mediums between this world and the land of the dead communication between both worlds though in Nibbho possession we find a type of spirituality that breaks down the boundaries of being pure brutalised  spiritualist communication . In that when possessed by Ghedhe Nibbho you self mutilate cut yourself and numb feel nothing but as close to crossing over to the world of the death as is mortally possible without any fear. It isn’t contrived s & m in that only the spirits know when to stop and whether through this zombification the man or woman possessed by such forces will crossover to the land of the dead permently or not . Crossing over is mainly for the most time a unbalanced act of masculine destruction .In that there is no male and female duality as in the twins of Ifa who represent balance of male and female energies or as in when working with Ezili Danto who is dualist  in her nurture sexual creative qualities as well as her maculated need for violence and destruction , which is something attributed to working with pombia gira ,who also serves as a more balanced type of duality in being male and female in being all .These are all deities of the female at her full transexualised empowered aspect of being masculine and ,feminine creation and destruction , as the Ghedhe Nibbho  are as male set aside by their attributes only expressing  the masculated soul aspect of violence and destruction our whole male self .So  if working with such as a devotional deity spirit can  therefore in its elemental roots cause imbalance  but also has his spirit  uses in being able to break down our insecurities fears boundaries to crossover between the realms of life to death . In giving us as practitioners a extentialist out of body experience to experience through cutting the flesh or possession the world of the dead to be in touch with the fact as I said before the flesh is not precious and only a shell for our immortal soul , to break down our preconceptions of the importance placed upon human life ,to be possessed by the masculated full forces of death destruction soully to crossover from our own mortality.Such moments can be precious especially for a woman as although I have discussed the need for the woman to encompass all on the left hand path be all things in duality female sexuality softness and masculine aggression to reach her true as in the twins dualist enlightened form , sometimes absorption of possession of purely masculine traits aggression destruction acts as a learning tool to further development of becoming all or crossing over to the gender of masculinity fully for a time .And in rites of possession of such spirits we find the valuable lesson experience of fearless crossing over from mortality to death.

Monday, 23 May 2011

The Soul The Body Is The Temple , The Physical Temple Is The Street In The Urban Shamanism Of Our Postmodernist World

In the past elemental or shamanic practices in the right herbs natural not man made wilderness of ancestors we find the stereotypes of traditional shamanic traditions , though now as we move towards a more postmodernist world we learn to find divinity shaman nature in the cities the manmade .We learn to adapt our elemental natures to be everywhere to our modern world . For practioners of the arts the man made becomes our natural urban environment, in spirituality , we need but our bodies for possession soul from the spirits to be a vessel for transmissions be it in our  words physical action  or creatively through art . We need no other tools than ourselves to with base spirituality purism through transgression be all to the understanding of our full spiritual potential .The fact is now that natural shamanic traditions aline with nature are forgone for now nature has in modern society been replaced in most cases by the manmade and the cites are our elemental roots not the trees the fields for most of us living in the cities . So we must learn to adapt the natural aspects of practice artificial in these elements that are our postmodernist form of nature with the rooted aspects of the need like the shaman to use only the body the flesh the the soul the our true primeval untainted natures dictated by birth , that lays in unsuperficiality of being none manmade or elemental roots . Therefore the body replaces the need to see divine in the trees the rocks mother nature is but our imperfect humanistic selves . We learn to see life energies from the street to see the highways , the towerblocks as living breathing spiritual elements to attune ourselves with as nature now as divine as the running streams as our modern form of postmodernist wilderness of being at one with urbanised nature in the modern world.The modernworld evolves so does spirituality shamanism also nothing stays static and the strongest rituals are adapted worked in the living breathing now not the past or in our own environments .In my own practise I find the notion of nature ritual being in line with divinity a bygone notion I find urbanised practice on the move much more suited to genuine divine connection and of course practical.The cities buildings are now a part of our language environment magically or otherwise and to not acknowledge postmodernism as well as primitivism combined is none dualist and we need acknowledgement of everything to be all.In Gheudhe , Ezili Danto , Pombia Gira and Exu we find spirits although purist brutal savage elemental primitive in aspects ancient that transgress perfectly to urban shamanism of a city enviroment . In the packed graveyards , the crossroads of the cities , the alleyways of the dispossessed , the towerblocks we find places to practise our devotions in the city of vice . Transgression rites of passage initiations take place in the alleyways upon our knees , the formal ritualistic workings of such with the alter the right words replaced by initiation by in real life initiation through rites in our lives the street enviroment to connection to such spirits transgression through urban shamanic practices .The street becomes a spirit map , the street becomes a temple a playing field for development to connection of our true elemental natures capabilities .Rituals honour the gheudhe the dead in graveyards of drugaddicts prositutes of the dispossessed forgotten city dwellers, the city is nature to full spiritualist contact . The buildings tower above like trees and we see the soul the divine living in all these things the alleyways , the towerblocks , the streets our natural urbanised environments .Nature is postmodernism now nature is the cities now nature is manmade and celebrated in urbanism being mother nature now of being aline with spirituality divinity now.This is a type of postmodernist primitivism combined , in the streets we do not dismiss the knowlege of our ancestors in nature , ritual being specifically important in tradition instead we adapt our nature to our own ideology lives today inline with postmodernism , while attaining the primitive aspect of working as we feel natural instinctually all within our lives , or the primitive knowledge of knowledge that the body soul are the only tools we need for spiritual connection to the divine or passage to living in our own truth with integrity .
So that the body the soul becomes the main temple but outside of ourselves in ritual invocations , the street becomes the new working temple for the shaman . The street becomes our  physical temple of the progressive idealogy of  urban shamanism adapted to our postmodernist enviroment world  .

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

In True Spirituality The Only Working Tool We Need Is Evolvement Of The Soul To Our True Natures

To my mind modern esoteric education or classical esoteric logic has failed us in most aspects of becoming too outdated ritualistic dogmatic and metaphysical , we as occultists have placed too much importance on complex mindgames puzzles to gain entry to the spiritual world , too much emphasis on philosophical complex thought when in purity all we need for true gnostic spiritual enlightenment is the capability to find be in contact with one thing the soul.The soul is none dogmatic , not constrained by inferior moralistic restraints ,and the soul is for all , not just those with a degree in Kenneth Grant , grimorum verum interpretations . The truth is that you can have all these workings , you can stand in a room conducting ritual , have a million initiations into dead cults but in the now all that matters is one thing connection with the soul which is all . In esoteric voodoo , afro traditions such as palo , Quimbanda and Ifa a great importance is placed upon the mambos need to be pure soul to reach , his or hers ultimate united spiritual state , like in the TOTO were the ultimate spiritual development ends with communication with the guardian angel so does in these cultures ultimate spirituality end in the eveloment of having a soul . The soul though is not interpreted in such rough systems as westerners interpret such as being conformed to societies moralistic dictations of living a good life or being good or evil , the soul is undogmatic , the soul in such religions is attunement celebration of ALL , in that nothing holds any porfane preconceived judgment in that good bad work together as the same .In this way it is easily to resign this type of ideology practise to the left hand path form of religion belief system though it is darkness light in being combined neutral united polar opposites of the right hand path also . To myself development of the soul starts with the simplistic notion of having a full life , or feeling , experiencing all things of being able to connect with all aspects of humanity in its full brutal glory life of never shunning away from anything of being open to all and seeing all lifeforms as valid as eachother , all experiences , seeing death violence , sex , love softness everything as having its place as beautiful in our grounded elemental world equal .The soul is our purist form life the spirits it seeks no solace in judgment the soul is open and unshackled to the material world , anybody can be connection with the soul from the highest king to the poorest beggar , in that its riches are for all . The soul knows no bounds and all you need is the ability to be open appreciate all life , forms of life as beautiful to celebrate all see beauty in the ugly and to know all these things in life make ourselves as human beings even our worse experiences actions all radiate some transcendence to higher wisdom in our truth to our soul.If you know such you ‘ve probly learnt more in such simplistic knowledge about true communication with the spirits a higher state of consciousness awareness than reading a million dead books by dead occultists who over complex the only thing we need is to be fearless in our truth to have full creative expression of our soul.Talk and intellectualisation is fine but actual action physical life evolvement action only will open the gateway to our soul .Experiences to be emotively connected in rooted truth to everything , to be naked to embrace all states of humanistic fragility .In my truth the soul is the new religion , connection with such is simplistic and can if you are open be gained by all .In true spirituality all we need is evolvement of the soul our true natures .