Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Breaking Of Pre Conditioned Gender Dynamics regarding Spiritwork.

What I have found mostly is the need to in most practitioners life associate themselves with a spirit of their profane gender. I started mainly working with Babalon , Pombia Gira , Maman Brigitte and Ezili Danto in my mediumistic spiritual practice. All these had in common not only the sexualised aspect whether it be in sacred prositution , sexual liberation of Babalon /Inanna , and pombia Gira or the animalistic raw association of primordial sexuality aspects of Maman Brigitte or Ezili Danto that embody these elements of sexual force , primal none idealised sexual strength.They also had the aspects of violence masculinated strength attached to Babalon /Inanna , pombia gira Ezili Dantos attachment to the ritualistic symbolisms of the knife , to cutting of the flesh devotional offerings of blood and maman Brigittes association with DEATH .All these spirits carried out masculinated acts of violence force , in that they were all transexualised in embodying all aspects of female softness beauty and masculine violence hardness strength .That they embodied all and crossed profane societial conventions of male and female gender stereotyping. All worked as female spirits on a level of creation in sexuality or as a female aspect of Ezili Danto dealing with fertility birth or Maman Brigitte as a Gedes association with her patronage of children and on the level of male destruction through death elements as seen in maman Brigitte or Pombia Giras association with the lost souls spirits of the graveyards.To myself these chosen spirits are not female , they are not just archetypes of strong women , they transcend all gender labeling of being only in physical appearance FEMALE to another level of like the conjoined dualist twins of Ifa being erogenous of not one gender , of being human nature at its full none gender specific enlightened divinity of embracing all.What I do find interesting is that most practioners do stick to working with believing a practioner can only be possessed by a spirit of their physical gender . Obviously when working with Choas magick, or luciferian currents in symbolism of for example of Sol niger , when working with not spirits universal energies , we find a certain form of asexual , none gender specific form of energy work through symbolism though this is exploration of devotional spirit practice in which the spirits are usually designated a specific gender to their attributions .This made me wonder start to question if a woman such as myself who as a artist and practioner works with what is more deemed traditionally or in societal terms as MALE , masculinated forceful energies , wouldn’t she be just as in most cases able to channel male spirits or spirits associated with this gender.That in this it would be if in her ideology , soul more masculine besides physical appearance of feminity , that is just a superficial shell of the body easier for her to be or just as easy for her to be ridden possessed by full maculated spirits also.It is said that as practioners we take on the characteristics of the spirits we work outwardly with , not in a superficial sense of if we are Gede wearing shades or Babalon wearing a short skirt or dying our hair red outwardly but the deep characteristics to our soul , to act out in such ways defined by these spirits , or to a live life’s of true experiences to a understanding inline with the myths of such dieties , for only then do we gain true indepth understanding , in as a practitioner being.This is how true divine inspiration works in the aline to work with possession all levels from the succinct living of it that goes unnoticed but is just as important to full on extreme possession states that are more sporadic.In that if psychologically we are as in my case born more male possession by spirits such as EXU and Gede Nibo would make sense also , that in alot of ways gender specific spiritualism has little to do with spiritually and more to do with enforced societal convention .There is no reason that a woman cannot be if born of a certain mental disposition be  fully possessed by a masculine energy or spirit in devotional and life practices inwardly . Even if like the transsexual inwardly possessing more affinity characteristics of the other gender.Spirit work in a lot of ways holds no gender , it is none gender specific in some aspects as all enlightenment is dualist in embodying all human traits.In spiritualism we have no conventions rules .Being as a woman possessed by spirits associated with lower male traits or masculinated acts of violence force , death such as the Gede , the Barons of voodoo or Exus of Quimbanda traditions ,can  also in practice allow a type of gnositic transgression ability to in knowing possession of these things first hand empowerment of working with knowing all , of utilising strong maculated aspects in absorption to ones advantage of with force knowing everything.In  the ability to inflict full purpose control on ones path and in this more radical less trodden path , we learn that are not any mediumistic rules dynamics regarding gender or the spirits ,that we embody and work with.

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