Monday, 8 August 2011

In postmodernist tradition the system is in practice now

Of course there are many benefits in learning a tradition inside out . But to my mind true mainline gnosis is suited to the individual practitioner artist who creates there own spirit contact WORLD. I do not wish to or pretend to place my practices in a strict spiritual Historical lineage like A O Spare my practices are developed from a number of post modernist philosophies traditions , from De sade to Bataille , Burroughs to Acker , from Bacon to Joseph Bueys , from Voodoo to Quimbanda and from coil to Diamanda Galas all these influences stretch far and wide in spiritual transmission and development of a system suited not to a ‘group’ but to the individual.Whether such interpretations are Historically rigid correct remains another story or viable with others but to myself spiritual transmissions are instinctual , carried through like shamanic trances naturally to one . The past is of little importance the present is now , traditions evolve practices evolve to fit develop with our postmodernist world. I would never pretend to be initiated or that my practices had anything more than a personal relation to myself and as A O Spare said it is a cult of one . Though what I have always believed is in the future of gnosis is the ability to experience through real life practices aswell as ritual spiritually aware transgressive states , that some experiences cement our relationships to certain spirits naturally in empathy and being able to channel such through a deep seated relation to such . In magick and gnosis I have often found a overbearing need for the practitioner to intellectually philosophically understand a spirit or debate a explanation of whichever current but natural spiritualist contact or life experiences seen as more amateurish or placed less importance upon as valid . In my mind although I am not adverse to being educated or intellectual essays on such , this proves very little understanding or experience of true spirit contact or cannot be set up as proof of spiritual enlightenment . Over complication without simplistic spirit man woman communication has little place in true spirit enlightened to  ALL.A million titles will detract from the true nature of all we as practioners needing is a body and soul to have TRUE spirit communication.Most spirit contact can not be intellectualised spirit contact comes freely if chosen through life experiences dreams then related back in the creation of divinity through ART.I also feel experiences sexually or in real life with prositution , female psychosexuality should not be seen as any less valid if not more valid with say developing certain relations with say pombia gira than just without any real connection EXPERIENCE to these spirits,in  empty perfected ritual intellectualisation.In my mind although ritual is of importance in cementing a devotional practice pact with the spirits experience develops a higher more conscious developed understanding in REAL PRACTICE with SUCH.Just as dreams or psychic transmissions from the spirits , visions harvested from such can in their purist initiatory form provide TRUE contact unasked for channeling of the spirits without affliction Historically to their cults .For myself too much importance is placed upon spiritual lineage which in its paperwork may be impressive  to some and not enough importance on the ability to be naturally instinctively in contact with such . Andrew Chumbley believed all spirits were transmitted energies , he took several aspects from sufism to witchcraft to develop a system with as little Historical lineage as possible to develop something that fitted the postmodernist world and was as much stripped down to basic spirit communication as he felt possible . In this way as a artist and practioner I also feel the way forward is to develop create our own magickal linage systems with as little ties to past HISTORICAL lineage as possible in being transmitted in practice spiritualist contact of the NOW.For some I feel the past intellectualised tradition perspective is a we wall  lean upon for support when that allows us to not push ourselves or boundaries to not PHYSICALLY SPIRITUALLY practice fully without fear , to sit comfortably in experience of knowledge without true lhp path interaction with the spirits in their most purist form.This why I feel the future of postmodernist practice is now and a world we the practitioner and spirits create their own systems fitting to individualistic contact with as little intellectualised Historical placed context as possible ,in other words the path of the true initiate is of a personal relationship a path of the individuals current path ALONE.In that true practice we have no Historical lineage in the lineage being the future of development of the individuals personal path alone.

Spiritual Mapping In Initiation Of The Qliphoth Universe Through Dreams


It is a widespread fact that spirit contact comes in form of dreams in most magical religious traditions the fragmented image that envelops the semiconscious state minors in purity of the usual profane attributes of our working human evolved mindset of ego.For myself most of my paintings have come forth from not just real life experiences but through dreams . Fragmented images mapping a Qliphoth universe through were destruction death meets with sexuality life .A place of  our interpretation of the most abstracted bestial ugly elements of the human condition transgressed  in violent creation to also a thing of beauty.A dark part of my inner subconscious were the spirits reside and convey beauty as embracing being everything , as all extremes transgressing to a enlightened gnostic state. In being the tree of life married with the tree of death , in being combined to EVERYTHING , to knowing accepting our  lightened concious ALL.Images with feelings energy come through emotively causing feeling movement to evolvement of the soul in the purist none judgemental form .And when these images fall into my mind as spirit mappings I know humbled that I am truly initiated not just into a higher perspective understanding of the world , but in this action  that  humbly it is about spiritual closeness of creation also  through something bigger than myself .Solely something minus human selfobsessions or ego.I am transported to a deeper understanding of the world elementally before mankind or human preoccupations which taint mundane LIFE. And all my art is form of divine communication absent from profane ego . Aswell as dreams mapping the Qliphoth universe , the spiritual world or world of the full uncompromising soul universe .Dreams come lucidly of experiences I have transgressed through extreme memories given by the spirits of incidents I have been through in real life fragmented memories which allow time travel and the ablity to transgress in sleep through again a situation we have experienced in real life in sleep once again. As I have referenced before a lot of my practice has been built up on REAL LIFE experiences with extreme violent , sexual elements and death which has been used as a gnostic tool to through pushing boundaries destruction of the ego , transgress to understanding all aspects of energies of humanity through to imperfect DIVINITY .To embracing all elements of spiritual , human existence as valid , as beautiful or beneficial in embracing all elements of the brutality of the human condition in its fullest undiluted form.The journeys of abstracted forms evoked after ritual in the dreamlandscapes offer also a form of spirit to man or woman true initiation through image channeling of the Qliphoth universe in being a gift from the initiator the spirits to humbled man or woman allowing us the knowledge to enlightened full being .In this we are shown a place of nightmares that we are initiated not to fear , in that fearlessness is a main key to all true practice , we are taught to embrace darkness aswell as light and all have validity in our journey through spiritual communication , full enlightenment transgression to our full higher self embracing all our POTENTIAL.So in this one of the main aspects of initiation becomes none human and becomes the relation of the mappings of Qliphoth spiritual universe through the subconscious uncontrolled aspects of images evocated through dreams.

The Path Of All Or Nothing

One of the first aspects of embracing the LHP fully or path of afro magical traditions is the ideology ,that our path requires all body and soul there is no murky half giving , it is in actuality a path that requires all.Destruction of the ego , to push the boundaries of comfort to transgressed enlightened full states ,all.These paths have many causalities but the thing we have to remember as TRUE practitioners working with these energies without fear there can never be any half hearted inbetween , in that as a true practioner we seal a pact for life.None of this is more validly important when working with such spirits as voodoo lwa , it requires if a shrine is set up no matter how roughly a life long pact of devotion to serve such spirits . Unlike Goetic spirits , such spirits can not be silenced and banished on once entering a home .I feel this is a point of this path to be discussed that these spirits can not be employed once for ‘a working’ and once called upon you are even if the pact is not formally sealed in blood making a contract to serve work with such until death and if you are not willing to give all to such or honour such contracts upon your life the consequences can be dire . This is why it is particularly important when choosing which lwa , pombia gira , Exu we work with we choose wisely not dabbling , spirits we know suit our own energies or that we could have a long fruitful relationship with for life.My devotional practice is based around Pombia Gira of the rags who choses to experience prositution ,poverty inorder to hold a deeper understanding of life , humanity in full .She is also like the hindu tantric who scarifaces all wealth for poverty dismentaling the human ego choosing to experience life in full darkness , light and Pombia Gira Caveria the spiritualist meduim of the dispossessed street people , the Gede of Quimbanda.In voodoo practice I have perement alters work with Maman Brigitte , Baron Kriminel , the Gede spiritualist street elements honoring the elemental aspects of sex creation , destruction death the dual poles of existance and petro Erzullie Danto who like Pombia Gira represents the female form in true married transexualised gender united form .These spirits besides the gateway opener of legba have been specifically chosen to fit my energies practice ,in knowlege that the connection is strong to such and I could sustain a connection to such. In practice we do such with pure heart and respect , not just as a fashion fad or whim , the spirits will work with the practitioners and although the path is rougher harsher than others born in FIRE through destruction of everything ,we can find rebirth and rewards that are unsurpassed . We can find through total surrender to such paths , that intensely require all , true enlightenment that is not to rewarded by tamer religious magical frameworks that require less or not full commitment.I have realised this from the start that such paths require life forming relationships with the spirits , unlike most although it was a conscious descion to dedicate my practice to certain spirits , I did not have a choice as a sensitive channeling such harsher more what others deem as dangerous spirits anarchic forces since birth. I did not search for anything and without choice naturally such things would communicate through dreams , my life and of course ART.Some people are made for rougher more uncompromising practices and to beable to feel connection to communicate such naturally , therefore the path of ALL was not to my own personal experience a conscious descion , the choice  was made for me . This is why I do not have a problem submitting all to certain spirits or my practice because I know commitment to such is already there naturally , though I realise we must never enter such pacts flippantly because any gesture of calling big or small is a contract of the practitioner acknowledging that they will serve of work with that spirit not for a brief moment but for life.That all contracts with these enities require submission fully to them in being giving ALL.