Monday, 8 August 2011

In postmodernist tradition the system is in practice now

Of course there are many benefits in learning a tradition inside out . But to my mind true mainline gnosis is suited to the individual practitioner artist who creates there own spirit contact WORLD. I do not wish to or pretend to place my practices in a strict spiritual Historical lineage like A O Spare my practices are developed from a number of post modernist philosophies traditions , from De sade to Bataille , Burroughs to Acker , from Bacon to Joseph Bueys , from Voodoo to Quimbanda and from coil to Diamanda Galas all these influences stretch far and wide in spiritual transmission and development of a system suited not to a ‘group’ but to the individual.Whether such interpretations are Historically rigid correct remains another story or viable with others but to myself spiritual transmissions are instinctual , carried through like shamanic trances naturally to one . The past is of little importance the present is now , traditions evolve practices evolve to fit develop with our postmodernist world. I would never pretend to be initiated or that my practices had anything more than a personal relation to myself and as A O Spare said it is a cult of one . Though what I have always believed is in the future of gnosis is the ability to experience through real life practices aswell as ritual spiritually aware transgressive states , that some experiences cement our relationships to certain spirits naturally in empathy and being able to channel such through a deep seated relation to such . In magick and gnosis I have often found a overbearing need for the practitioner to intellectually philosophically understand a spirit or debate a explanation of whichever current but natural spiritualist contact or life experiences seen as more amateurish or placed less importance upon as valid . In my mind although I am not adverse to being educated or intellectual essays on such , this proves very little understanding or experience of true spirit contact or cannot be set up as proof of spiritual enlightenment . Over complication without simplistic spirit man woman communication has little place in true spirit enlightened to  ALL.A million titles will detract from the true nature of all we as practioners needing is a body and soul to have TRUE spirit communication.Most spirit contact can not be intellectualised spirit contact comes freely if chosen through life experiences dreams then related back in the creation of divinity through ART.I also feel experiences sexually or in real life with prositution , female psychosexuality should not be seen as any less valid if not more valid with say developing certain relations with say pombia gira than just without any real connection EXPERIENCE to these spirits,in  empty perfected ritual intellectualisation.In my mind although ritual is of importance in cementing a devotional practice pact with the spirits experience develops a higher more conscious developed understanding in REAL PRACTICE with SUCH.Just as dreams or psychic transmissions from the spirits , visions harvested from such can in their purist initiatory form provide TRUE contact unasked for channeling of the spirits without affliction Historically to their cults .For myself too much importance is placed upon spiritual lineage which in its paperwork may be impressive  to some and not enough importance on the ability to be naturally instinctively in contact with such . Andrew Chumbley believed all spirits were transmitted energies , he took several aspects from sufism to witchcraft to develop a system with as little Historical lineage as possible to develop something that fitted the postmodernist world and was as much stripped down to basic spirit communication as he felt possible . In this way as a artist and practioner I also feel the way forward is to develop create our own magickal linage systems with as little ties to past HISTORICAL lineage as possible in being transmitted in practice spiritualist contact of the NOW.For some I feel the past intellectualised tradition perspective is a we wall  lean upon for support when that allows us to not push ourselves or boundaries to not PHYSICALLY SPIRITUALLY practice fully without fear , to sit comfortably in experience of knowledge without true lhp path interaction with the spirits in their most purist form.This why I feel the future of postmodernist practice is now and a world we the practitioner and spirits create their own systems fitting to individualistic contact with as little intellectualised Historical placed context as possible ,in other words the path of the true initiate is of a personal relationship a path of the individuals current path ALONE.In that true practice we have no Historical lineage in the lineage being the future of development of the individuals personal path alone.


  1. Angela I totally agree with your ties to the past thus creating a new path and lineage - thus making the individual responsible for their own 'spirituality'..

  2. For me it's an miracle: I discovered the painter who paints as I wanted to paint. Great! Thank you! Make it work!

  3. Angela you finally completed the painting. Its awesome. What you mention above is so true and being a lone practitioner who is on her own path, you should know.