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How spiritual possession is another form of ritualistic cannibalism

How Spiritual possession is another alternative form of ritualistic cannibalism.

What I have as a practising occultist always found fascinating is the ritual of cannibalism in ancient traditions as a way of absorbing the dead’s characteristics strengths their soul. In many ancient religions it is believed and still in primitive south american and african tribes that devouring the dead is a way of devouring the spirit of direct communication with the underworld.The very act of feeding on a enemies hard was said to transfer his power.When I summon the spirits for possession into my body phyche I also relate this to feeding upon the underworld the dead transferance of their powers to my being of their inspiration their strengths . Such rituals are another branch to myself of the true motivations behind ancient ritualistic cannibalism. In the ability to take their powers energies within to manipulate adjoined with my own soul , to as in cannibalistic rituals were the dead is through consummation , through eating physically transgressed to a act of creation or living possessed in a human body again rebirth , so does my practice allow the spirits a channel of rebirth , through possession into my body , then through creation of ART and spiritual possession to myself is just another form of ritualistic cannibalism in consummation of the spirit. Spiritual attuned transmission  of the dead living on through myself , through ART of daemons relating their messages telling their stories of a bridge from their world to our own  of communication.

Animal scariface in religious context.
One of the topic relating to afro derived religions which I practise work as a system aswell  as traditionalist Babalonian western derived philosophy dedicated to my feminist leanings aspirations as a woman in my work is animal sacrifice. In the traditions of kumibanda , voodoo and palo all rites of animal sacrifice hold the highest scared context to our practises . Though such elements within the european context of being civilised have received prejudices to be in european neuted down esoteric voodoo be replaced by offerings such as menstrual blood , human blood or in some rites sexual secretions to the LWAS . This I feel although a devotional offering misses the point the point in sexual secretions is creation , the point in animal sacrifice is alignment with death the projected spirit of the animal at death adding power to the practitioners magickal intention , it has nothing therefore to do with  sex . Blood human or animal blood is a by product of such but offerings of menstrual blood or otherwise also miss the attainment of a spirit offering of the animal to the Gods . All this politically correct western indoctrination therefore makes such rites USELESS in connection within sacrifice to the spirits gateway our gods neuted of TRUE power.I have no moralistic judgements regarding animal scariface and the Aztecs used humansacrifice and cannibalism regularly , we as carnivores can not have any moralistic judgment , everything on this planet animal or otherwise lives dies , decays of natural circumstance or otherwise.It is said in voodoo and palo such shamanic rites of trance at point of killing a animal the practitioner can through such rites become possessed by their honour deity and the spirit of the animal forfill his or her primordial purest form  at the point of spiritual release . In western society such acts of magickal connection are ostrasized but I would in all this reliterate that nothing is more natural in life than life as death it holds no shame and animal sacrifice in spiritual release is true attainment of realisation of these HARD facts and attaining one with divinity also.

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Babalonian life journal

Part 0ne Of Female psychosexual Gnostic Journal

“And who by fire , who by water “
And who in her lonely slip , who by barbituturate, who in these realms of love , who by something blunt , who by avalanche, who by powder, who for his greed , who for his hunger and who shall I say is calling ?”

                                    Leonard Cohen


“we ‘ll have the stars , we’ll have the  trees we’ll  have everything we  need  to feed “
                                          PJ Harvey


A Introduction to Part 1

The Ex streetwalker Attains sainthood finally. { A homage to Jean  Genet>
The Streetwalker Attains Sainthood Finally Through Emotional  Virginity Pure. (A homage to Jean Genet and His Lady Of Flowers)Honey yes I know  the closest thing to godliness ethereality sainthood lays in mortal imperfection  I know for in sainthood lays opposing sin then therefore immortality is tinged  with repentance through deaths end redemption.
Our love my dearest’s were but a  death that I never fully expressed sorrow to a mourned winter that in its bitter  coldness I lived through in veiled funeral jet imbued wretched rags .
Honey  yes I know I know I drew him into me like wasted intoxicated polluted breath  where under the amber ensued lampshade all our dearest secrets are kept with the  eulogy of one of my firsts.Nicotine rusted hands with torn bloody skin he  shuffles his bitten uneven edged finger nails as he stands on the streets like a  magnificent COCK of the poverty stricken classes, pumped up like a king viewing  through his furtive unhonest hustler glances his rotting useless kingdom.
At  fifteen how easy of her to be by the inferiorities of hoodlum pimp chatter her  head violently enmeshed by the sidewalk impressed.
 Yes I love a bad boy and  feel the need to be his submissive inferior toy of control to get down yes get  down on my knees take him in my mouth, my hands or crouched in every orifice  down a alleyway, or in the rain inside of me home.
And in BABALON all beauty must be raped , all beauty must find solace in its  destruction to return to TRUE beauties purity grace again .
Her voice angelic its   intoxicating tingling melody trails , trails into the wilderness  .
Now a distant whisper away though even closer “ my child ,I give you this hunger that like a crimson flame ashes your SOUL to be blessed cursed of always wanting MORE .”
Stand in the FIRES passion fire come unto my brutal arms ,soft hard to my child  to be born unto All with  its freedom has a price .
Blood rouge rose velevetine petals trail , yes trail my path , to love passion , sex , violence transgression annihilation of the human self.
To succumb yes for you to  succumb in servation to his streetwise charisma in his usual phony rearranged  lines used to manipulate to feed upon your flesh your soul like a parasite, yes  fed upon your need for degradation need for love to feed your inadequacies like  a disease to do his bidding.
Whore pimp you fed my demons and we console each  other with in both thriving on the others downfall becoming fallen   together one whole.
The solitude of having somebody inside you being not alone  though when I adjoin with our I know Yes know it is but me and our bond is the  fear of the other side of myself of violence all detestable attributes of my  character I deny yes I deny but live through you lost love gone.
I do not  love you still your initials N. H engraved Neil your name unforgotten itched  crudely like your property your ownership upon my ankles.
That even if see  was a ghost that has no name or place no life now or I did not see this tattoo  or it was covered by stockings, tights or socks that I would always know it was  there existed.
And remember yes the drillike pinpricks where like our love  close to the bone harshness remain even in the present of now today.
Was this  love? For now in emotional virginity inferiority she remains in this life  rewarded her saintliness an emotional virgin pure.
Was this love? She had  felt for this odious bad boy or the ice queen blonde C who held a thousand  unspoken atrocities secrets to her chest.
She moved with grace like a  alabaster broken disembowelled china hollow white doll, self mutated in her  quest for weeping fragility of being a sensitive soul.
She engraved savaged  by her imbued anger with words in blood pushed in with her plaything razors  itched the words permentley fuck off world by her thigh on the left side  possessed upon her upper thigh near the entrance of her pussy that was  tight.
Opened up like a flower drenched lustful beautiful yearning for others  in devourment open hungry to be touched.
There was something truthful,  something that made me whole in both our disparaged broken fucked up  ness.
Though in self-mutulation whether through metal objects or drugs numb  we failed to feel yes love.
Was it love that I found reconnection with the  ice maiden our bodies like ladies of the night entwined in the shape of a sixty  nine all tongues fingers plummeting inside upon a four postered majestic velvet  scarlet hued bed.
Scarlet the colour of blood death the intoxication of drug  induced hallucinogenic cursed blessed bohemian excess.
Was this love My  dearests for now I reside in emotional virginity I am pure clean though love is  an illusion like hypocritical sainthood fickle none with holding faith, an  illusion unseeable, un real though what I had with you in History was real if  like humanity imperfect.
For I now reside in a halfway oblivion waiting for  one who justifies my need for love, my love, my respect, and my ideal.
Loving  an illusive make believe ghost with blue eyes a vacuous soul who is only a  fragment of my imagination.
Waiting yes waiting for a soul mate to care, to  share something close to sainthood to save me from myself or this life for  redemption to reaffirm my belief in something like the never-ending universe  unexplainable bigger than myself yes in old age attaining sainthood in emotional  virginity pure in purity through lust , through love , through violence the closest to the divine Babalon ALONE.
A.Edwards 2010

Part 1

Embracing the Female Deamonic Babalon in the  context of being a literal Whore Godess  interpretation

The Symbols mean nothing and All is the connection of the source of her .

In  ordained ritual to myself ,  besides the basic principles none of traditional pomp ritual has anything   to really offer the true practioner except for bygone theory. For in symbols of past worlds we can make a million empty unoriginal  gestures to never truly be anointed as “antichrist” or Babalon in the true sense, direct action speaks louder than words or a million overdone incantations.Our goddess thrives on individuality every man and woman is a star not medicrocity or followers of others dictated ideologies ,her support goes to the wayward the rebel those who break away from Historical outdated language philosophy , individuals who pioneer break through the world. The truth is we need to let go of Historical jargon and go with our base instinct and  intuition .For what are such gestures if we don’t in reality know what they mean , we can speak in latin , draw talisman from a time forgone , not understanding the words or true meaning , these things have no relevance to our modern words , it seems un natural to use say latin words or masonic latin iconography when these languages are now dead , it seems more vaulable potent to use our own modern day tongue , or symbols from our modern world , this seems to have more sincerty. We need to evolve ritual magick onwards to evolve like our world to be like BABALON contain duality of the modern , the primal but leave behind the unoriginal conventions of a forgone constricting by gone civilisation for if we keep these restraints of tradition our practice will be dead and we will never find BABALONIAN transgressive states in our existential experiences with the goddess.To me personally although I have practiced traditional ritual dictated by forgone male dominated latin traditions , ie had the alter , the wand , the talisman , it has never worked , this type of ritual has even with intention left me feeling  empty , it has felt un natural contrived , ungeniue not truly rooted to the primal sexual energy of Babalon as a whole , I have though found divinity in pushing my sexuality to extremes breaking down taboos, stripping away my social materialistic constraints by homelessness  , prosituting myself as a healing divine experience , transgressive states through rape allowing me to absorb the most violent masculine energies and transexualise my self , psychic projection , and of course Art.
All these experiences have had much more impact than any vacant latin ritual upon my connection to BABALON and antichrist enlightment or my development into a avator for the goddess of sex and war they  have destroyed my human ego allowing me through annihilation to tap into ALL which is the same as her .As is said in occult circles you have to practice , you have to not only to read  about such things , and experience is everything in all magicians practice world .
I feel that Babalon has basically initiated me by my life experiences forming the basis of being a strong young free independent sexually empowered woman to reaching her divinity in whole. For in my opinion , I have had direct contact through such experiences with the source .
What to me is  important is not just talking about magick but putting it into action ,and magick is always at its most potent when our  intentions are pure and not contrived.
Magick is not about rituals, its about pushing our boundaries in real life in circumstances out of our control to reach Babalonian enlightenment .These things can not be taught and need to be initated by Babalon naturally  without force.See its all very nice to add blood or BDSM sexual practices to our rituals work ,it can be a  adventure and interesting  but something like a unmaniplated instant of rape say can allow us more to push ourselves to the extreme of Babalonian transgressive states , not that I am saying rape is the way but enduring all kinds of harsh things through a natural process within my life has allowed me to become in sex and violence pushing the boundaries of societal morals dictations BABALON or become a superior woman with no FEAR of the world , anything. Pushing the intellectual and the physical to higher states in tune with the divine .Sex in the ritualistic sense is only of use for kundulini or fire snake to absorb energy or project such outside or within.  You can project this absorption of energy on one night stands or your partner unknowingly if you so choose, such energies allow focus and projection of ones will and Babalonian essence upon the earth.Sex is great for energy work of directing it towards say goals , that you wish to attain but the true smashing of taboos and transgressive left hand path lays usually only  in life initiation connected to the source.This is why we need to burn our capes   our wands throw away our alters and feet on ground be primal free true , without props we need to forfill our magickal destiny heritage in purity. In other words symbols mean nothing and ALL is the connection of the  source of her.

Our instinctual primal  sexual magick has become  asexualisised by the male ritual dominated  mathematical thought process.

To large extent I feel sexual magickal practices have been desexualised , in  other words become asexual , none sexual through mans need to enforce upon them , their made man mathematical equations in ritual.From Crowley , Dee , Kelly , Parsons , Grant to all practicing members of the OTO , Typohian current ,to most practicing initates  today who have been initated  into this falsified handed down knowledge.This type of knowledge for example the enochian grids of Dee or  sexual magick of the formalised OTO is associated with the manmade, mans  need to be methodical ,  to control , to  be literal ,to organise ,to be anal , and I feel that Kundulini position diagrams are not the essence of  the experience of true ophidian fire snake Babalonian current in its self. As left hand path initiates we proclaim to be free to break through , human dominated constraints to be outside the organisational , to be individualistic , to not conform to break down all the  confines  of taboos in order for “antichrist “ enlightenment or true BABALON but we forget that in studying the dark arts and practicing from such a angle we have materialised into all we have gone against  and our sexual magick practice or all grimoire spirit connection magick has been tainted connected not to the divine but the literal asexualised  manmade world.Her number sex can be found in the seven , sevens in this equation :

The sum in Qabalah terms is 7
The path of the tower is pe =80
Fortune is kaph = 20
The herophant =6
That gives her end equation of 156

Her seven pointed star spell out BABALON which is  77+7+7+77=156
We can go on  all day making equations and Dee , Crowley , Kelley and Grant  seemed to spend that much time making complex theortical equations for BABALON  for sexual enlightenment they seem to have become distracted by the  maleside of the literal mathematical  brain , and forgot in their asexualisation through the  need to intellectualise physical manifestation to actually  connect with  the true  Kundalini sexual energy itself or POWER that is her .
For Babalon is a whore who rides the beast in a primal state and what whore uses in her seduction connection with divinity or any sexual encounters the let us begin 77+7+7+77=156,
which is I Babalon  for  I am sure if she did most people would  fall asleep not be ensnared or pay for  her seductive charms.
And I can’t imagine such as pillow talk , or somebody saying she can recite the qabalah alphabet in BABALON  so this equates being a professional seductress  , being great in bed ,or that they achieved orgasm by writing down a crowlean equation , to me this is falsified information as I ‘ve said before in sex (BABALON) action is ALL.
Action is the equation and Babalons  transmission is fully achieved by literal sexual instinctual   magickal practice not irrelevant mathematic spiritual summoning’s.As  this seems to me a way of past male magicians  putting off  through fear the confrontation of  doing the true rooted sexual work, them  trying to bide as much time as possible before they as magicians are fearless enough to confront the truth naked , to push ourselves through to  her in a series of challenging transgressive states actions . In my mind this alchemical complex cerebral ritual, this type of thought allows us to think we understand Babalon in Historical intellectual context but to not get our hands dirty to do any real work.
These systems also do of course like mundane organisations enslave left hand path initations   to a pashu mainstream sheep following mentality , they make it so most are conforming to  the very ideologies , they thought they were against in left hand path philosophy therefore in this they become the mainstream , not the alternative , the establishment not the anti establishment , the conquered , not the conqueror , the follower not the leader , the pashu not the pioneer and so on.
In one aspect it is good to know your magickal History and  I have studied such systems. But then  it is also  best to throw them away and not get caught up in as Babalon is sex energy male dictated  asexual equations.
In  that  these equations are as being   the master of the lodge was , a way for the male to assert his power superiority over the force which is the female demonic , female psycho-sexuality , or any type of female sexuality that did not conform to the stereotype of being basic ritual props  for the male magician in gnosis nothing more.In deed by using male mind made equations male magicians sort to desexualise Babalon and female empowerment , this is to me a distraction of man made control the attempt for the beast to become dominant when his place is as submissive inferior crushed inbetween BABALONS war cunt to over throw her power  crush her true potential not celebrate it .To me  this is nothing new in the profane sense of the world , mean it is pretty normal for men to control and dominant women , or to  be intimidated by a woman’s true intellectual or sexual strength .Nor is it anything new for men to feel the need  not to justify certain sexual actions like promiscousness while even though we live in the modern world the woman for the same actions , or sexual assertion is ostriasized   judged. So in my mind  it seems to make  literal sense that certain male magick practitioners even if they put themselves under the bracket of libertine  would  bring  male psychological profane ideologies and defects of character through into their  magical practice also.
Of  course it comes down to mans need to conquest conquer rule everything be it Babalon female sexuality or  mundane inferior woman.And mans need to mentally understand the mystical in a literal more mathematic practical way to understand or translate the divine the unexplainable.To me a  lot of sexual esoteric   workings or sexual energy translation into Babalon are like in the  profane  world what we express as love , are just the brief bonds energy translation lust ,that  are  transgressive .In that we always move on ,none withstanding and brief glimpses  into our true enlightenment of our most primitive instinctual natures of brutality in the animalistic traits of erotic magickal consummation in Babalon beast  in its  duality it also  represents. None of the erotic is literal therefore these mathematical equations or kabbalistic beliefs could never suit this system or prove adequate in a Babalon innovation in the true sense of word , erotism or sexual magick is a spell in the fact it can be directed to by Babalonian glamour to achieve ones objection or will by force and as well in the fact of Babalons seven veils lays the mystery of empowerment through the spell of sex only..
This is nothing new sex and sensuality being used to get what you want is a long working aspect in the profane work/world  but there is a difference between in my experiences with prositutuion which serves as a mundane sexual act that can be performed by the most basic unenlightened servants .In that not all whores are Babalon most whores  are just none transgressive profane sexworkers, slaves   and BABALON in  the ability to make a man or woman fall in “ love” to be totally consumed entraced by such . And if you have  Babalon in you, to conquer and consume such is another much more complex aspect to sexwork or seducation than the mundane . For just as all profane or  sexual contact  is not enslavement or mastering the Beast into submission in the ideology that  just sex is a crude translatable action of skin on skin and  it doesn’t need a professional to beable to fuck we all can on whatever transgression  intellectual level in the basic act of sex we are at . Even if  the animal does not transgress to the animalistic instinctual enlightenment of the force of Babalon alone, which is done with the components of strong studying of technique and intellectual  and psychic vigour projected strength of “knowing” female sexuality also .To be a Babalon a mistress of  the whole world is the end enlightened product of the profane female at her most empowered  Goddess like state .There are  also though masculine as well as erotic aspects to embodying full Babalon , you will have to embrace the ability to be hard , cruel violent without any apologetic female profane standards ,traits,  you will have to learn the way to be sexually aggressive in bed and in  your life, you will have to learn the element of transexualision of Babalon to without gender inflicted societal profane limits become her  conquering child ALL.This for a woman working with the Babalonian current in sexual magick or in development of her warrior or more dominant vicious male self is not learned or done by mathematical Babalonian aspects in ritual that although are in the cerebral literal left side of the brain masculine also are due to the intellectual nature of such not bonded to the need to expand  in sexuality or particularly  reverent of use in sexual magick practice  ,that masculine sexual elemental elements are more linked directly to violence , force which is more or less linked to the instinctual emotion aspect of masculinity which are the energies in sexmagickal tradition we need to as women tap in to to achieve superioty to men and the goddess state of BABALON to use to inflict your own path , your own will upon your spiritual and profane life in other words to be in your full female deamonic potential and  state .The female daemonic force is not neutral or asexualised through mathematics it is a unbridled  fiery sexually impassioned uncontrollable free  in  a  strong source her .

Why in Babalonian Sex magick its perfectly  acceptable for a woman to selfish in bed.

Another aspect of Babalonian sexmagick is its one of the only spheres where it is perfectly acceptable without moral profane judgment to be as a woman totally selfish in bed.
In other words you can do as you please without judgemental or a moralistic sense of guilt when working the essence of the lefthand path philosophically and practically.Its fine to get a man to go down on you until climax without repaying the favour , perfectly acceptable to wear him out with energy absorbing sex then after you’ve used him for your own ends kick him out of in the morning  bed .There is no shame in Babalon in satisfying your needs as a goddess only its alright to sometimes not conform to the politically correct label of equal man and woman ixn relationships or sex , its alright to be occasionally selfish and superior .Babalon wants this she wants us to assert ourselves as women to full assertiveness over our destinies over our relationships  our desires , sexual exchanges ,she wants us to destroy violate take in sex and violence as women become avators of sex and war without restraint to push ourselves to the divine past all manmade laws , to break down all gender inflicted disabilities to be as we should a Goddess a woman at her full potential all.Of course before I get labeled as a man hater or people say  women who lust after power or to use the gender are all the same as men  as morally corrupt bad or , maybe  its because of your past , you’ve never had love you hate men or  , why can’t things in sex be equal etc etc etc doesn’t this make you as bad as men, well I never proclaimed to be politically correct and yes but this  isn’t part of left hand tradition in philosophy about embracing every aspect of even the most deprived elements of the human condition  nature to abolish all literal preconceived inbreed ideologies regarding sex , gender , violence everything that nothing is amoral in the human sense of the word and if you walk in fire with Babalon evil does nt as such literally like  right or wrong exist in the world of spiritual gnosis Babalonian transgression.Part of developing as a praticioner  is to smash up all the old , all the taught, to become new pure in everything and in this everything its alright “sometimes “ to use the man as a sexual pawn or tool only without any consideration for his profane things such as feelings ego in BABALONS free world. In fact if the male in question is a adept of the paths traditions such experiences may in degradation prove a vital tool for him also in his abolishing his social gender specific in breed preconceptions , or if he is usually a  dominator in life breaking down him in a taboo of making him submissive as a form of sexual transgrassion , also it may benefit him too,if he is a devotee of BABALON through none selfish sexual acts  to reacquaint himself with the Goddess in his sexual magick partners form .The man being sacrificed in ritual as the beast to Babalon proving his devotion through cutting  etc in the ritualistic act she acts as being used and dominated , being treated as worthless by your female Godess component in bed can abolish all male ego bravado and bring him back to the humble state to receive BABALON  just as such can work for female devotees also ,to re estiblish your pure motivation  her without the effects of profane human ego.So in this if you do have a willing accomplish ie beast it can be a totally like in all Babalonian things dualist  as a act of being selfish and unselfish totally at the same time inline  but in saying that you can also use a man selfishly with or without consent as you please , if you are not in a position to consummate a consensual union and this tactic I have used many times , the tactic I am, going to reliterate to you now. I have always liked the folklaw of Lilth though this is not a trait conformed to her Babalon has this also of astral projection to fucking somebody when they are asleep or in their thoughts for a woman to violate a man and these stories fascinate somebody like myself who as a practitioner walks in the light and dark in that they probly come the closest to rape which is like violence war or murder a dark recess of the personality mainly constricted to men or male genetic make up tendencies , to me if projecting ones will be it sexual or otherwise onto a man for your own needs is a act of rape violation to be  a female rapist . It is also a act of a strong elemental force you as a woman can utilise to transexualise your self with the darkest masculine attributes to become a full fledged  unstoppable fearless female deamonic . You can use this energy where the crossroads meet between profane human beings to where the daemonic ethereal deity reside in all their superior control , its there for you now take it selfishly as a woman its your RIGHT.
Lydia Lunch   most eloquently expressed it as  her left  masculine associated side of her sexual brain and predatory masculine tendencies as a fiercer woman a new and ancient breed ,what she was essentially was expressing was BABALONIAN philosophy take everything , take it all and leave conquer men as inferior toys this is our universe.Though Paradoxia had little to do with using sexual magickal working absorbing male energy to be a mistress of love under will , it did in the profane world publicly express such female daemonic mentality.
True Magickal sexual  workings are in comparison  to the basic profane predatory female maneater much more strong , less basic and complex . Such magickal workings need to be performed with psychic , intellectual mind vigour as well as the basic using of the body the act of sex at the same time  , to develop to truly beneficial female daemonic status , such things need to be done with intention as well as bodily interaction , they need to be mastered ,like tantric sex  concentrated upon , this in other words all practices  need a  dedication to the art and is not something , somebody without true knowledge can manifest instantaneously .If you as a magickal practitioner are going to use energy transmission of any kind , you need to know how to hold ,manipulate  such forces for your own motivation purposes .
 For example a way I find to focus develop sexual magick energies of intent is to lay on your bed and tie yourself up naked in your underwear as a way of restraint totally mentally focusing on your intention.Japanese rope bondage  is ideal for developing  this practice but if you haven’t learnt the complexity of the bondage knot system , you can use basic knots to restrain your self , I especially like to tie rope inbetween the genitals and underneath the breasts as this feels erotic , sexually stimulating as well as constraining yourself enough to be totally focused , to direct your will and sexual magickal energy simultaneity at the same time.This type of thing is magickal preparation until you feel at the stage to use male sexual energies in a profane sexual environment to be shaped to your will for transgressive qualities.when we get from the stage of novice to Babalonian emobodiement to mistress we can use one night stands or relations of penetrative male on female sex to absorb male auras energies to be a transexualised female daemonic in form, these energies when absorbed can then be used to manifest themselves in many things as I use them  for example in my Art.
If you want to transgress yourself by acting dominant using your male ego or Ero for Babalonian working purposes , it  is best that you don’t choose a willing  victim , ie a man who gets off on degradation or licking a mistresses boots on the BDSM  scene as he is a willing roleplayer will not offer you any empowerment because it is consensual not violation and does not tap into the darker masculine attributes at all. The best thing to do if your not practicing with a magickal partner who is aware of what spiritual transgression entails as I have spoken about before, is to choose a man you aren’t particularly bothered about , whom you have no deep or undeep attraction or profane attachment to somebody who is a stranger you can take or leave for this work.I would advise going to your local bar if your mildly attractive you can always pick  a man  your not particularly bothered about up.The best thing to do in these situations is to make sure  you don ‘t give him a blow job , make him if you can make him perform oral on you , make him masturbate to get hard that’s always the most potent act of , fuck the way directed if you wish for energies absorption , but if you just want to use him degradation  to develop your left hand side of  the brain masculine mental transgression ,just do the basics , to add to this ritual it helps to just say things like the sex wasn’t great it was o.k  etc etc breakdown the male ego , another tactic is just phoning the participate up for sex , as no man no matter how much  he may like sex , likes to feel just used for such and this will act as a further act of degradation and exercise your female  mascuilated status.
I personally feel the most transgressive state would be attained probly by tieing a man to a bed who is hetro sexual and raping him with a dildo though we are not going this far as we have to act within the profane law to some extent , even as lefthand path magicians I realise that this would probly be a potent form of sexual transgression ,  saying  that As well as dominating consensually  men for money as a teenage sexworker in basic spanking , dominating whipping BDSM,which to me held little effect or magickal female daemonic potency , I have consensually fucked  men before with a strap on  dildo and even though this act was consensual ,I have  found the states of transexualism Babalonian existential   experience empowering , in smashing constrained gender stereotypes of the profane world and beneficial to my practicing magickal work . So this is a ritual to any serious female devotee of Babalon traditions or philosophies or her I would defiantly highly  recommend.
 For now I think I have explained why like the photograph the artist Sarah Lucas wore with a slogan on it selfish in bed  its ok  for a woman to take pride in being such and that in all Babalonian magick its acceptable to be embody masculine dominance, a last word on male magickal dominance in Historical dictation that this is a strong avator for the war aspect of Babalon strength and it  is  always perfectly  acceptable if not vital to  be selfish as a woman  in bed.

Physical transexualisation

For the most part I will be discusing mental and energised full gnosis to embodying in spirit all traits of both genders . Though physical transexualisation into male and female gentically takes place also for the woman in states of arousal. This is another aspect only bestowed on the goddess  female spirit babalon , men do not have the ability to turn themselves into themselves a vaginal physical state , unlike the female who just as being the only vessel avator of creation can when aroused with a swollen extended clitoris reach a phallic extended male embodiment as well as female also at transgressive states of climax. In this I would say that as a woman at climax or arousal physically we extend and in the phallic clitoris physically transsexual ourselves to a masculine as well as female physical state.

The Iconography  of Jesus as Babalon  in the History Of Sacred Art

Another time were we recognise the visual interpretation of Babalon is  in sacred Art is most prevently to my mind  in the religious paintings of Jesus , in the old masters  work. As  we find most paintings of mary Magdalene  and Jesus  are visually in facial characteristics red hair one but the same . Such visual representations in paintings such Christ mocked by Hieronymus Bosch for example that apart from the beard added to christ are characteristically to the artwork of Mary  identical the same person are not a coincidence. For in these paintings throughout western Christianity History lays to myself a deeper meaning that Babalon is christ , christ surrendered in masculinities pain upon the cross transgressed through all that is physically , soulfully extreme to a transgressive state of FULL DIVINTY through like the hindu Godess Kali ,or buddist blood godess Tara  of  masculinity purity in embodying both gender polar opposites uniting to forfil her true DIVINE  potential .All these godesses are associated with blood not unlike the flamed archetype colour of the icons of Jesus Mary in this artworks hair , scarifice and renewal through crucifixation through types of physical extremes endured upon our flesh and blood body to allow through force violence , spiritual transgressive states to reach our perfect soul which as females is the soul united with her male soul aspect within herself to a state of fully formed enlightenment  beyond humankinds restraints . For Jesus is to myself the female at this point fully surrendered fully enlightened through marriage to her transexualised male half of herself DIVINE and when I look at such paintings in the iconography of Jesus I see the relationship between ALL and Babalon in visual context in our ART History and to Jesus through our sacred ART.

The road of the dispossessed leads to the  true initiation into BABALON

Now I’ve discussed various aspects of manmade lies regarding lefthand path traditions or initiations our falsified History , male irrelevance  and dominance over  a female empowered role.I am going to tell a story and discuss what I believe to be my initiation into being enlightened chosen by her and my true experiences of contact with the source that is Babalon.
.In truth for me lefthanded path  enlightenment comes at the depth s of human depravity from the road of the dispossessed to true initiation of Babalon and all who surrender are welcome as magickal consorts not just the chosen few .Afterall does not Babalon as a whore  use her divinity in welcoming all to her sex even those who are disregarded by humankind and that  have nothing.For myself my Babalonian transgression started from the ages fifteen onwards , I was born in a workingclass northern town with little opportunity a abusive background and lots of poverty etc .At age fifteen I decided I did not want to die in this small town , I wanted to leave start my own journey transgression , so I came to London with a suitcase and fifty pounds expecting to have a more  forfilling existence  .This  to me was the first element of my achieving Babalon in the ability to be fearless of the unknown to do as I pleased and not consider the profane consequences to my actions.The story goes I came here to London and  I basically ended up like many of us who think we know everything at that age about life but in hindsight know nothing homeless.I  slept on the streets with no family ,prosituted myself , worked in clip joints ,begged , stole ,had  a abusive pimp boyfriend and got a hardcore IV heroin and crack habit . Now  of course all of these things do not matter as I eventually cleaned up , became a  artist in my own right , a strong female , a force of my own  with BABALON.Though  I don’t regret any of my life any of these things but not in a feeling sorry for me kind of way , I want to reliterate  some of the experiences that happened then , that I believe shaped my whole direction as a practitioner of magick  initiation into Babalon  and the left handed path.I think when I left home as a runaway this was the start of my BABALONIAN transgression  initiation ,  that my road was one of  of blood,shit ,  trail ,error, guts , of passion sex and violence  leading to forfilling my status as a strong empowered avator of such.It felt like such things as homelessness allowed me a spiritual awakening to strip myself down of all materialistic prentices aspirations ,the man made world , it felt  like this was a type of gnosis within itself , it allowed me to spiritually transcend and revaluate my feelings about what was important in the world around me in other words  it was the first stage of annihilation  of the human profane ego.
When I worked in sexwork I realised  that also there were several spiritually transgressive states to it , I sometimes enjoyed sleeping with the repulsive or performing  sexual acts with them because I felt like in someway like  a sexual healer merging physical ugliness with physical beauty  invoking Babalon and beast and in this  some type closer to the divine that’s the truth sometimes I even enjoyed it for this reason I felt completed in giving myself over to the dispossessed the incomplete in trangressive states of BABALON my blood soaked syringres I left in all their pain at the alter the feet of Babalon .. In acts of street violence , rape which were  many times  and  part and parcel of that lifestyle on a regular basis I  felt myself transexualise myself with such energy become more defined by masculine traits , something I still utilise in my  magickal practice to connect myself through extreme acts to have a existential experience to be a goddess of war and love to be all things good and bad , right and wrong , to celebrate all things good and evil to know no profane dictated world  limits to be reconstructed in the image of BABALON.These experiences I feel where the true initiations tests my journey to the source ,to my stand as a practicing practitioner today and for those of you who maybe say well a whore becoming Babalonian how cliche , actually it isn’t because I am not the typical prositute or ex prositute nor do I in my life just use my sexuality to get on, like all things I have dualist principles and  in my philosophies in my  art ,the way I conduct my life expression of my sexuality which  has more relevance to sex and violence or masculine qualities of force than just sitting pretty  and spreading my legs being just a hole .My practice  is based upon  like Babalon on  not just arming myself with tools in sex but war also.Of course this gnosis enlightenment in my life will not be seen valid compared with organisational iniation  but I find it of far more importance impact on my BABALONIAN trangressive status than any profane man made ritual.Though  saying this I have always had a natural ability for predictions ,psychic work , spirit connection  etc and my grandfather was a freemason which also in its is very use of ancient talismantic symbolism , ritual is  magickally connected but all these traditional paths I have also had some experience of  magickal iconolgy, and symbolism  actually pale in comparison with direct initiation by the source in  my mind .And I still even years later afterwards hold the firm belief that annihilation  of the human ego  , constricted profane world laws  is the way  forward to  through  the road of the despossed that  leads to true iniation into BABALON/Ishtar.

In the truth  the only magic that works  is to call the dieities spirit name in crisis.

In truth there is only one way of finding out how deep your relationship with a spirit actually is or how strong your magical abilities are and that is in the midst of personal crisis in our lives.In the purity of calling out our spirits names whether it be Babalon ,Inanna, Ishtar , Mamma Bridgitte , or Kali any spiritual beings we have forged a pact with, we become aware of our true status of relations with such. Often traditional grimoire for true evocation is not needed useful or warrented , all we need is on our knees a name which as a mantra in its calling serves as connection to TRUE pure magical divination to the divine.If you have survived the harshest of human lives brutality alone , you will know that your magic is strong , if you have at the point of having a knife against your throat wispered Ishtars name and survived , as I , you will know that we need no other magick besides the relationship of the dedication of a name.Gnosis is all about faith if you surrender and put all faith in your spirit that your intentions will be met , or that you will be guided by such , if you hear listen to their voices then in basic use of their name you can perform the highest magical act in a purest relationship of trust with such.A lot of magic can’t be proven , cant be proven in the fact that if it is just a empty ritual , that has not been proven to work in lifes most extreme circumstances to offer enlightenment in such it is useless , hollow pointless .And the only time we as practioners realise just how STRONG our magical practices are or relationship with the higher grimoire spirits is in truth the only magic that works to call a spirits name in crisis test our relationships bonds with such in the real world usefully and practically.

The initation of the street interlinking several  theological practices and initations .

The road of initation of the despossessed of course is not just  differenated as a Babalonian aspect of iniation , Babalonian worship / ishtar/ Inanna  is founded on the ideology of scared prostitution , the female daemonic masculine / female all warrior , female psychosexuality her as in the form of Kali as All but integrating  practioners iniation into experiences connected with the street or enlightenment of the dispossessed in their traditions stretches across the spectrum of theological philosophy and tradition. Such types of less gender based because Ishtar / Inanna/Babalon / kali is more concerned with these experiences in relation to the female gender can also be found in afro carribean and south american more rougher lefthand path traditions and interlinked to the importance the street or iniation into these sects holds in these cultures today ,of its importance in reverence to initation regarding necromantic practices.
In a south american /venusalian left hand path cult they have the traditions of the cults  iniation can  comprise of under the use of psychotropical entranced drugs selected plants being buried alive for seven days with a skeleton  representing the ancestral spirits during such time you are iniated into connection a relationship with the spirits about this form of initation it automatically connected to two experiences I had around Heroin addiction . 1/ My exboyfriend locking me in a bedsit  for me at fifteen gain depencey on heroin SURRENDER this was the same in the use of psychotropical drugs total surrender and the bedsit was a coffin a grave in to the dead through the coffin 2/ waking up next to or finding dead bodies of friends who had died in the night of ods such profound and impacting experiences not only does it allow us to reaffirm our beliefs in the fragility of life or that the flesh is only a shell for the spirit it allows us deep ritualistic connection to the very heart of necromantic practices in first hand REAL connection directly to a dead body and  the  living spirit that inhabits such.We can also link  the prostitutes loaded on smack locked in the dark flat by the pimp until she is dependant on the drugs surrendered to all dark forces daemons with no light at such a point  gang raped, beaten black and blue ,used by male visitors in the dark with the ideology same structure of methodology as this type of initiation. In such situations also the only way is connect to the daemons the darkside is  to live ,its make or break like the coffin ritual and whether you can connect with the dark such daemonic sources and come out alive strong empowered or the only alternative to be besieged by mental illness from the trauma of such intensely dark experiences therefore becoming a mentally dead zombie or dead in the violence of such inflicted actions upon ourselves. Like in my personal magical traditions if you do re emerge from the coffin the dark bedsit alive it is believed to be a blessing from our ansesters and therefore full SPIRIT iniation not only into the cult of such religions but universal proof in the also mundane situations connected to the street to push through the darkness , trances of spiritual visions in a druginduced state to a higher level of enlightenment to be at this time without anything at one with the spirits and mortal death in our process.In these street based cults ie most followers of such south american afro cerole derived religions live in poverty like voudon the religion of the benin slaves of hati ie it is born of the street the poor , such situations on the london streets can also like they do , I  believe hold the belief that all DARKNESS is LIGHT and even if not culturally initiated in such , hold the same cultural link in being inspirited in the poor , the  dispossessed and holding all foundational roots with the essence of the lowerclass sector the street associated with these cults and practicioners. Also in the street philosophy culture is the relationship ,in voudon . For we learn of Mamma Brigette the loa/Lwa and Legba  of death who guards the crossroads we the spirits are finally laid to rest , she is also the Lwa of street slang and the dispossessed . In this her day 1st feb or on thurdays you can honor the dead or communicate with the dead by taking a skull full of scared earth from the graveyard and drawing a cross on the ground of the graveyard and summoning her a t the crossroads of life and death . Such acts also serve as a remberance  for the forgotten societies rejected and bless restless souls on a peaceful journey to the afterlife.I sometimes on such days go to Brompton graveyard , somewhere I used to fix up heroin and know people hit up there as it is near chelsea hospital were they gain their methodone amp perserpections , the graveyard is also vast but it holds significance because I have so many close friends who have died be it through drugaddiction , stabbing’s, street violence , HIV it helps me remember and communicate with them through ritual .Other times if I am doing a maman Brigitte ritual I will chose the graveyard at the church at the back of the centrepoint for the same reasons of soho being the place were a lot of the vice , drugaddiction and homelessness is and of not only my experiences in all these things their but in memory of my dead friends I have lost in this particular place it makes sense the connection with there.Other times I lay a alter for Exu and Pomba gira  in south american afro traditions of Quimbanda it is believed that both dieties actually repersent the street peoples spirits prositutes dispossed and that we can find connection to them through worship , by laying a alter comprising of street momentos , gypsy heather , candles and small street paintings representing both dieties with candles , I can tap into the street , the disposessed as  a true hertiage children of the DIVINE. In  santeria we are taught to work with yoruba spirits the rejected devils rejects considered by most using street based traditions such as comminicating with higher levels of spiritual concious through drug use like in william s burroughs literature ,is  in santerian tradition the importance of primal animalistic expression which can also be connected to the inhabitions in western society of the street the precivilised self is a key attribute , in Santeria tradition are eggs pemba  painted and laid by alters like other traditions of voodoo using pemba painting as a way to connect the spirit work to its ingrained roots of creativity.Another thing that is of key importance in all afro traditions is the workings of nercomancey communication with the dead ancestors , respect for the dead , in laying a palo shrine with articles of the spirit when they lived  , we find communication with the spirits world , by using Ouija boards which have been a part of my life since my dads practice or any form of communications we can channel our ancestors or as street people were my family their spirits through respect of the dispossed as the most Sacred .In mamma Brigitte when not in this ritual I often keep the skull of earth from the graveyard upon my alter to infuse necromantic practices but also as a remainder devotional item of the ones who have passed from this earth .This again serves as another form of spiritual initation connection to the spirit world based in the dispossessed road to initiation into magickal practices.

Druguse in overdose the closest trance like state to Divinity.

A lot of the practices in shaman traditions involve the use of herbal drugs to through trance excess the deity spirit of divine in possession . Mostly hullocongenic  drugs such as mushroomns ,are known to heighten spiritual experiences connect to the visions of divinity .Such drug induced states are believed to excess communication in these traditions not just to guardian deities but to communicate with the spirits of the dead also as a spiritualist medium to our world. Another such incident or action when we can as practioners communicate with the after life , spirits of the dead the over side is in a overdose .While I never even on heavy heroin addiction never oded just as my body soul seemed always immune to harsh abuses it endured force , I want to discuss how heroin overdose also is the ultimate shamanic trance how as human beings through using drugs in this way we can communicate through death and being brought back with like the shamans did the divine.Many people I know have died for a couple of minutes through overdose then been brought back in this some told me how their was nothing in their death only blackness nothingness , some of surrounding light , and others of feeling their spirit levitating out of their bodies . Of all these experiences related I do not know the TRUTH of what each individual I knew felt or what is on the other side as concrete knowledge . Though it did fascinate me the idea of heroin or drug overdose as a form of using drugs magically to reach through death until brought back like shamanic primitive traditions the ultimate connection with the divine . I thought about Heroin in a ritualistic setting of taking yourself over in a group ritual then being brought back from  mortal death spiritual rebirth, from  the brink by using the injection of  salt water solution or speed .It seemed to fit into a lot of south american or afro derived traditions in the initiation extreme use of connection to the ancestral spirits , drugs are used in most magical traditions for trance but controlled overdose seemed to myself a more interesting aspect to such practices and indication into the spiritworld genuinely into association with the spirits and DEATH.
Into seeing as a controlled ritual to our gnostic practice  in druguse , overdose as the closest action to through a short mortal death reaching divinity .

Magickal mirrors in the godesse Babalons form.

Magickal mirrors have long been used in ritual or spirit skrying in the occult .In sexmagick like the profane world , you can add another dimension to  the erotic in using mirrors with a partners during sexual interactions  ,  look into yourself at climax or in state of sex , or watch yourself masturbating to gain a incite into yourself , or to focus sexual energy ,in all these things  we can find  interesting and sometimes beneficial experiences in our sexual magickal working practice . Though there is another  subject not often covered of Babalonian equality the use of in the sexual magickal ritual of none literal magickal mirrors also .What  I am talking about is as a woman same sex sexual magickal relations.Crowley believed in his bisexuality latent full true homosexual tendencies that anal pentration man on man was the most sacred form of sexual magick and Bertiaux founded The chronzon club on such a theory, a premise .Crowley only  got it almost  right just the wrong gender in that true scared sex came from woman on woman in the godesses physical form  sexual interaction.
That  working with the female partners can lend yourself to extremely potent sensual female energies and expression of full Babalon in her transgressive  state of full sensual beauty materialise her  Goddess state.This also works well in BABALONIAN ritual because it can allow you as a female avator of goddess form to worship BABALON in the female form of a female sexual magick partner.Of course this  allows in the  ritualistic sense of BABALON equality which can not be performed by male sexual magickal partners in  the traditional Babalonian rite as he is  but the submissive male  Babalons  not femine mirror reflection  in all BABALONIAN philosophy in general.Another aspect to this type of work is the ability to learn from your female sexual magickal partner , as a mirror a goddess reflection of you in being  BABALON.
My experiences of magickal mirror Babalonian sex magick have been vital to my growth  as a practitioner  adding a new diminson  to my practical work. From my many profane  sexual and sex magickal experiences with women from the age fifteen onwards ,I personally feel this is something all women should explore the ability to submit to Babalon in human form ,there is nothing closer to her, to sex or female sexuality than exploring all aspects of your female partners sex with your tongue reaquitating yourself with what every detail of the lips vulva look like how it feels ,how it responds  in climax ,her scent  how she tastes on your tongue ,and in the sexmagickal practice of pleasing another woman you can meditate upon her and the cunt which is in being the female sex the face reflection of Babalon  is the true face in sex of the divine.I think even women practioners  need to occasionally obliterate the ego transcend their Goddess form to come naked and humble unto her, in this ritual act as female practioners of Babalon we can achieve being the  subject also ,show our devotion dedications to her Babalon and our lives as practioners as devotees of the Goddess today.Like the traditions of asian sapphism were female on female sexual contact is embraced and acknowleged as a sacred rite of passage for all women divine ACT.In tantra hindu traditions it  is for example still considered  that anal sex in all aspects is impure not for moral reasons but the charka which leads the energy downwards rather than rising in positivety undivine ,so in this lesbianism sapphism was respected in hindu traditions  for its empowering spiritually sacred qualities .This  serves as a devotional ceremony sometimes I like to crawl on my knees with my female partners leg round my back on my knees with my tongue in her until climax , look upon her face in contorted orgasm the embodiment of female sensual beauty and this reaffirms my devotion to her BABALON and allows me the trangressive state of being able to worship the goddess in human form.It also is known all of Babalons secrets lay within the beauty of inbetween her legs her sex ,having close divine contact with such , opens you up to all her secrets wisdom also.The sexual energy projected in such transactions is the closest thing to being with BABALON in full unbridled equality , this makes this type of sex magick  then sometimes the  purest most strong , potent form of attaining Babalonian enlightenment .It also works well to perform sixty nine or mutual oral sexual conduct or mutual  masturbation ,this works in harnessing the purest form of Babalonian energies of the full element of female sexuality for use in spells of seduction and other magickal sex related work.It also helps to familiar yourself with your own empowerment by female sexuality in experiencing watching your female sex magickal partner in climax , allowing yourself  to become more aware of Babalonian sexual empowerment from a totally untainted female perpective .In all practices of mutual sexual exchange you can reach true equality , unlike male partners  to her goddess form and equality in its qualities,  where nobody is master with her Babalon  goddess form.Magickal mirrors also serve well in watching yourself engaged in masturbation to climax , which allows you at point of climax to project your will through sexual magickal energy on to the world.Watching yourself  in a mirror at climax also acts as a Babalonian reflection ,consummation with the goddess form in her uncompromising sexual form a mirror image of Babalon and if you are a devotee who does not have a female sexual magickal partner to explore oral sexual magick with you ,can through learning about your sex the touch the smell of it in the act of masturbation also come closer  to concentrating upon your sex that is her.For in  such acts as Babalon is her sex connected with divinity, be the divine  too.Though to myself female on female sexual transactions are the true  magickal mirrors in Babalon the divine.

How we can use Group sex with men As a Way to exercise our Goddess empowerment

A way often not tackled because most sexual magickal literature is either written by straight or gay male practioners to exercise our Godesse empowerment is through directed sexual magickal practices involving group sex with men and ourselves . In making a male counterpart perform sexual acts upon another man , we can break down his macho ego and allow him in dealing with his own prejudices transgress  ego and break his taboos. For another man having sexual relations with a man who is straight this can through his penetration allow him the ability of transexualisation to embody both genders aspects evolve past stereotypical male and female gender labels expectations to a higher closest form to avatoring the goddess form of embodying all. Such incidents can be conducted by the female priestess or practioner for added humiliation or empowerment of the female conducting the actions dictational role . I have used this type of work on a couple occasions with a ex male partner who was striaght but also a rentboy due to his drug habit ,it was a interesting experimentation , watching , being  in command of such without sexual participation and  allowed myself to empower myself with such a situation . It excited and fascinated me as most men fantasize or get involved with threesomes with women within their lives , to myself indeed most straight men’s idea fantasy is having two women going down on each other as they sit and command such a  performance  .Though incidents of two men and a woman , or a woman wanting to watch men engaged in sexual acts  are less prevalent or condoned in society, in that its a rarity not the norm. By experiencing seeing my lover in sexual conduct with another man I felt I not only allowed him to transgress himself as a straight man but I also allowed myself to assume a position commonly taken by a MAN and in the act of being around masculine sexual energies allowed a transexualised state of my psychic at this point .Which is why I feel that we can use group sex with men as a way to exercise our Goddess empowerment.

The only  time when in Babalonian sexual magick  profane feminism can be achieved in

equality with man.

As you’ve probly gathered a lot of Babalonian philosophy is about the female in female daemonic Babalon empowerment which is for most of the time superior to most men. But there are rare circumstances in one small aspect where if devoted to her , she will allow you as a male practioner a brief moment of being equal to her form in the sexual magick practice which I will now quickly cover .As I wouldn’t  want people to think, not that the lefthand path cares much what people think that  all Babalonian practice was about or entailed was hating , abusing or dominating poor men or that I was being the female embodiment of a version of a male sexist regarding such.When equality is allowed  though is in penetrative kundulini sex when at point of both your male and female devotees of Babalon or magickal practioners climax’s in the brief consummation of such sex , the male counterpart  is  equal in Babalon and beast consummation of her enlightenment anti christ which can aswell as being a theory for being fearless in Babalonian left hand path ideology mean quite simply sexual climax united .This though only is allowed or happens as progression when the male practioner has proved his devotion through a series of tests initations  that she will reward him with the secrets of her Goddess , her sex in that  her secret is her sex.So  by  projecting female sexual energies onto her partner during sex and allowing him at that point of beast and Babalon consummation to orgasm achieve anti christ inside her in the secret of her sex to be part of her , her wisdom , her enlightenment ,experience is in short equality  but this is not a gift to all .You may ask though how this varies or is different from common profane hetro sexual sex  , it is different because one BABALONs incarnations here on earth has consummated the ritual and that all women embracing BABALON  a Goddess who gives sexual enlightenment  ,compared to the novice  profane simple woman . And because as magickal practitioners who are skilled in the art of Kundulini , or tantric practices we use the mastered art of sexual energy projection ,and psychic connection , things unknown or unexplored in interactions with anybody from the profane world.In other words if you are a practitioner of the art , you will have devoted a lot of time to mastering the art of concentrated sexual forces , that will in term make such a experience more impassioned and intense .Though take heed and remember before starting such acts of consumation with a male sexual magick partner that  Babalon a godess  is infuriated and dismissive of any fickle untrue devotees  timewasters, that  she hates insincerity and thrives upon TRUTH, in the fact you have to prove your loyalty to her and without such she will see such as basphemy . So before this operation or rite  she as a woman , a Goddess will initate   you into her dark mysteries of her sex and allow herself for a brief moment to be unempowered not superior equal ,you will have to as a man consort prove your love ,your undying loyalty to her  in other words this requires her implicit trust.This is for Babalon what she conforms to  as love , where sex , love are combined and she may give away sex  her body over easily.But  love or her wisdom to her ALL is precious .This is another reason why  this act is sacred special and  is not going to for the most time  become a regular aspect of Babalonian sexual magickal ritual. In that it will be something she occasionally blesses the man with not regularly so he becomes too complacent in her love .In  other aspects I feel  in this action we are  the closest in Babalonian theory as female practioners get to reinterpreting profane feminism the need in all to be equal to men , as for the most time ,which I am going to discuss now Babalonian  feminist principles and feminism,how   we as women can  transcend equality to being superior  to  all men. That in embodying being Goddesses  , mistresses of our and the world our  loyal consorts  embodied in  the beast  and all men .So in my words feminism is all about in  true essence as a female daemonic ,  within our lives , our practices , our sexual practices being  empowered strong Goddesses of sex and war.
And in my thoughts this incident previously described is the only time when in sex or philosophy we attain mundane  feminism in being equal to a man.

Why  prostituting yourself occasionally  can sometimes still lead to enlightenment through Babalon .

The thing about prostitution  when used as a practice in regards to Babalonian philosophy is you must not be enslaved to profane controlling situations like drug addiction to it,Babalon didn’t prositute  herself because she was desperate , she was a Goddess who  prositutes herself  out of choice.I have  prosituted myself in both circumstances when I was younger to pay for a drug habit on the streets and also when none dependant as a form of spiritual transgression and  through choice these acts I feel have brought myself closer to the essence of her. or  were something even before desperation I had wanted to experience , as a girl I didn’t such as a cliche ,but I was scared because I always knew deep down inside drugs , sex and  the extreme would be something eventually up for exploration throughout my life , that I would seek out every extreme , that my life would be one without limits.I knew I would live outside societal norms , that I would question everything , be free ,and I could stop my path to all these things , because my hunger for all life experiences , good or bad , harsh or soft was a code in my genetic makeup I always felt this , this need to be shameless , this need to be fearless , this need to feel passion , this need to feel brutality , this need to feel pain , this need to feel love , this need to yearn to feel everything in sex in life everything ,this was to me the only way of living as I willed it to be.From eleven onwards I became aware of all these things about how I felt about the world around me , I knew mine was  a path of sweat and blood ,not going to be easy in other words , even at this age when I first started my sexual awaking as we all do become sexually aware of sex ,I knew I wanted to do things uncharactered  experience or sexual extremes ,though it scared me I tried to suppress all these things to conform , I knew this would be a easier life , it scared me instinctually the extremes I knew I would develop a taste craving for in my later life ,I tried to suppress it  living in a environment of a small town with small minds but the force was too strong and eventually the force at fifteen broke me free.I couldn’t stop this force , this force was unstoppable , this flame this fire , this force of Babalon . Now I know what it was I have a name for it then I didn’t at fifteen I was little read as I came from a background where working in the local factory is more important than philosophical intellectualisation in other words in my environment  I grew up, philosophical thought wasn’t important seen as worthless, I wasn’t exposed to any of this as such.I came from a background which was poor in all things , money , culture ,philosophy art it was  straight ,profane predictable and dead in every aspect , holding no prospects of further enlightenments or adventures. When I came to London as a runaway I pretty much threw caution to the wind I threw off all in started off working in clip joints in soho ,stripped fucked  men women ,experienced s and m drugs did everything but it was never and still isn’t enough , I never tier of such things the flame burns bright always in Babalon I am hungry ,hungery to feel to be alive to have in life passion.Sexwork seemed in my path of experiencing all aspects of my sexuality the ideal place to start before the drugs took over and it sometimes became a profane act for a fix nothing more .I found it a transgressive empowering act learning about my sexuality pushing all sexual limits I enjoyed giving myself over to the dispossessed I got off on it ,how it felt scared and closer to the divine to Babalon her .I stripped off at fifteen in the clip joint shamelessly spreading my legs , I stood at the door seducing passers by only to rip them off I learned all the tricks of the trade of BABALON in this time.I then a few months later progressed to s and m sexwork I had  a few men I had met  I would dominate using BDSM for cash I had met during my time around the sex drug scene.At sixteen I  still wanted more I felt I had to find something more ,and this was when I started injecting heroin and getting pulled down into the drugs because I wanted everything Babalon and had no limits of knowing when to stop. Sexwork and drugs was pretty much the same though on the streets I had moved into a more dangerous aspect , but even with the drugs I could still have trangressive experiences and sometimes I still enjoyed pushing the limitations  of society of sex through such , I still found something deep and divine in getting on my knees down in a alleyway or fucking in a doorway unashamed spreading my legs , laughing and  exposing the true power of my sex above all.In the true sense of the word even like before as I said I made the choice to experience everything , even in the pimp abusive boyfriend , beat up , stabbed , raped ,desitute cast out abused close to life , close to death close to all the divine ,I felt empowered because I  consensually  wanted to feel all these things , all aspects of human brutality , dark and light and I only ever went as far as I wanted to go in my journey so this all was valid Babalonian empowerment to me I wanted to abolish all human constraints of fear my mundane  life held to break free , to strength , to being through everything all I could be in my full empowered potential.Though this chosen path is dangerous and obviously not for everybody , this path was the way for me to become everything HER.
I abolished all human traits of clinging onto sin or guilt I transcended all that reaching a kind of existential Babalonian enlightenment through such and I still would prositute  myself and it has to me no moralistic judgement of guilt  it is divine just to feel what it is to get down on my knees to be filthy , to be blood , to be desitute to be alive ,to be humble and I think that with a cock down your throat or on your knees being fucked down a alleyway  is one of the only ways to pray to BABALON.
I personally think every priestess or devotee if you are a true devotee of BABALON should experience prositution or at least getting down on her knees for cash in alleyway at less once , for Babalon is a whore and we aswell as needing such experiences to push ourselves , smash up the taboos of what society deems as unacceptable in our sexuality need to affirm ourselves in worship to her , a whore for holy , holy is the whore that is BABALON.

Why Babalonian feminism is the future and has elevated itself above the profane meaning of the  word.

The reason Babalonian philosophy action has always appealed to me is because I have seen this as the natural progression on from profane feminist principles or ideologies. I always had a problem working with feminism as it was too unenlightened gender specific in all aspects
 it enslaved true female dualism  in being so female gender identified  and concerned with the issues of womanhood it suffocated me , it had no transcendence to it that the Babalonian philosophical stage of female deamonic  to be  as a  woman  fully empowered by force could offer.Instead all this profane philosophy had to offer was equality to men if we as women were
lucky.This was paled down , neuted of its g spot , conformist  p.c Babalon elevation through taking such a stance through my mundane life , my magickal life or my ART, I felt this ideology  represented the very ideologies as a left hand path initate I wished to   destroy, annihilate , smash up things such as the taboo of conforming to a  label gender specific stereotype.In other words as a woman I felt I deserved and  I wanted more , I wanted to push past all though gender through everything where the goddess Babalon resides ,this was not the way to attain such .and it seemed  that  profane feminism a movement set against men , had in fact by conforming to their gender specific labels conformed to the very thing that it was meant to be against male dictation of what it is to  be a female or to be  a empowered modern woman in our modern world.In my mind feminism isn’t the solution the answer to this , to reach this state we have to go back in time to something that in its dualism is ancient wisdom and the new something that is pre post feminism something that will penetrate everything something that makes no apologies  for being All , All woman , ALL fearless All Babalon here lays the key forget apologising for your womanhood using it as a excuse like feminism a handicap get up be shameless stand up to everything society men , be the free instinctual creature of the night without political correctness be superior be Godess be Babalon.
This is the reason why I see Babalonian feminism as especially potent because it embraces both male and female strong elemental aspects which can if you utilise such properly  allow you  to surpass all men to be their superior , their mistress , their Goddess all.Enlightenment comes to  a woman when she realises that mundane feminism is just another societal which is male dictated box and she comes to the terms that this is only][ a halfbaked substitute in equality to man  and not a box made for her to reach her true potential.For in order to know how to win in war , you need to know your enemies, know their weapons and  tactics how to use them against them and Babalonian being a Goddess of war knows this only too well.Men aren’t the enemy pre se not the  main , the main enemy is male dominated  rules civilisation, muting of the  harsh true animal sexual primitive force , of females duality to be many things like  brutal ,violent ,sexually and in her life the instigator , the dominate denial over years of women’s true power strength vital contribution to everything.Its time now for her to expose her cunt with teeth , sex and violence , for Babalon and everywoman who wants enlightenment to take it, your not just one thing constricted women you are made in her image as  ALL.As the  Babalon or female practicioners of Babalon knows how to transexualise herself take on the masculine traits , conquer , bash down all boundaries in profane gender everything conquer everything, the saying goes wisdom and  knowing is POWER.
.A practioner of Babalonian philosophy seeks to use her masculine aswell as female sexuality to empower herself as a goddess female demonic superior to all men.She is the woman who can as in war get her hands dirty bloody stand up to any man in her worth, her status she has transgressed to something more potent heavenly above all of the bland constraints of watered down profane feminist principles and she is the only ruler of her directed will her WORLD.All this is why Babalonian feminism is the feminism of the future and has elevated itself up above the profane meaning of the word.

Why whoredom like feminism has just become another tired worn out unempowering cliche.

Of course their are problems with like feminism in whoredom conforming to male dictated steroetypes or such things losing all boundary breaking power in modern sexualised society in becoming empty predictable gestures  , for something that at one time meant sexual freedom liberation not being slaved to man to become outdated without empowering aspects , paled and the opposite of a male fantasy empowerment. For most of the time in the postmodernist world , I feel that whoredom or sexuality liberation has become a cliche unthreatening parody lost its TRUE original power.Feminism is just a way for most of the time unempowered women to conform to male societal gender types and sexual liberation whoredom for a woman a way to forfill empower the males fantasy . We also have to realise in our modern world that  things have moved on , we are no longer living in a era of conservatism or defined gender barriers that need to be smashed broken down to equality head on. The truth is although most women do not choose feminism and choose the easy options of being helped by the MAN or unempowered , they do choose such. At one time a world without opportunities in career sexual behaviour for the female race was unforgivable but since the victorian era , we do have a choice and things have moved ON.
As women we can have careers be as sexually free as we wish we can as women HAVE IT ALL and anyone who discusses being empowered or the gender struggle is not empowered at all because now GENDER means nothing, gender is erased , we are all male female dually in the world. I talk about feminism from my own perspective and my experiences as a female practitioner in the modern world as a reference point .Though  sexuality like prositution  can be used as a empowering tool to sexually transgress ones own fears or female sexuality , I feel prositution in reference to sexual magick or as a sacred magickal art has become a tired worn out cliche conforming in a unthreatening unempowering manner to the male fantasy erotic fascination with such. Now prostitution is not a taboo nor is liberation sexually a  shackle we need to break and most men would be quite happy turned on expect a woman to express her full motivations of sexual deviancy , in that sexuality alone holds no power all is acceptable assessable today.The whore has now become like feminism a cliche , a fight against a battle already won , in that gender in our world gnosis is now irrelevant not up against the odds. I am of course not interested in prositution as a form of sexual liberation , my interests are my personal experiences and spiritual transgression through that  previous lifestyle which goes beyond the cliche interpretation of Babalon is a whore stereotypes .For most of the time Babalons whoredom serves to titillate middle upperclass practioners for the men to act out their on going fascination with prositutes in a glamorised roleplaying way which holds little power for transgression on a deep gnonistic level or TRUTH. I am interested in the not obvious things , the none standard cliches of whoredom or feminism today. Feminism holds a brief interest to myself as a woman , just as expressing myself not as a victim of my gender but from the point of view of a female perspective is done because obviously I do not know what it feels like for a man on my path only can I talk from my own female perspective.For most of the time gender is a bore , gender holds no place in spirituality or Gnostic exploration , the spirits are genderless or nor does gnosis or the spiritual path suit profane humanmade ideologies of polictised  feminism in its TRUE context.For most of the time as soon as you bring gender into a debate you have lost the argument because to win the argument you should not even reference your GENDER in mentioning such you as a woman admit you see yourself as less than MEN , that you see your gender as a barrier or something that needs to be discussed is UNEMPOWERMENT . In the true Gnostics world work gender has no place for discussion in the human profane sense of being.This why I feel that feminism and prositution have become prisons unempowering predictable worthless cliches that for most of the time besides on a deeper transgressive level have nothing to offer the female or female practioner valid to our development of being in our universe world.

Seeing Our Gender as a asset not a Disability
The main requirement to reach full Babalon or divinity as strong modern women   is to start the realisation that gender inflicted stereotypes do not matter and that intellectually physically we can be ALL not restricted to societial cliches in any form . When I was younger I used to wish I was born a man , I used to think life would have been so much easier with my intellectual leanings sexual preferances if I had been born a man .As a man  my lifestyle would have been more socially acceptable my art everything.I spent my time reading looking at Art and all the artists who held a inspiration impact upon my life who I aspired to becoming like were MALE. In this I realised most female artists did not produce such aggressive perverse strong work and that besides the odd flash of female genius those who broke History most resigned their work to comfertable gender dictated steroetypes ,that I was alone.In the occult I first came into contact of my gender in subservient  whimsical  new age wiccan earth mothers until I found in eastern traditions of Kali and Tara deities myths of goddesses who embodied all aspects without limitations of female psychosexuality fully formed .That besides this , it was hard because only these things held any relationship to my attitudes  the way I conducted my life .There was nothing to relate for myself was for example found in  women’s images expectations of how a woman should be in the mainstream societal context.Wanting to be born a man or feeling that I should always have been went on for years throughout my life , until eventually I abolished all limitations and erased what society thought a woman was or should be out of my mind until gender seemed irrelevant and only becoming a strong progressive creative person alone important. There is in my mind many likenesses to the Asian godess myth of Tara , Tara was born a woman to take a mans role which she accomplished transcending to the highest level of Buddist dieties, on accomplishing such a grand achievement  she was granted the myth says the wish to be recarnated as a man ,or male diety but instead she  chose to always be recarnated uncompromised  in the female form , to show that in gender there held no LIMITATIONS to our achievements .Such myths hold  a lot of similarity  to my own life and point of view , for myself   as a main evolvement as women in our lives is to start seeing our gender as a asset not a disability.

Any woman can be a mother not everywoman can be a godess or muse

Although I feel motherhood is a admirable role in nuture to the female race , I do feel that in society and  the new age spirituality  that motherhood  is placed too much importance on and given too much elevation in these worlds.Motherhood or childbirth rearing maybe a admirable aspect to have as a woman but by no means do such things make her SPECIAL.What we don’t realise is childbrith procreation although a nature mircle of creation is not performed by just enlightened individuals of a higher gnoistic status. Any woman of any given intellectual or physical status can procreate with ease at a certain age even the lowest imbeciles can forfil this task , so why must we place so much importance on childbearing rearing as a form of attaining the highest achievements , spiritually for us as WOMEN. In Babalonian and tantra traditions we are taught the importance of transexualising ourselves beyond child birth beyond gender to a new higher gnostic plane .We are taught being beautiful ambitous and talented using all aspects to be successful on equal terms to MEN , WOMEN all humanforms  on our own terms in our own right because we have achieved the EXCEPTIONAL , not the average easy  mundane act of motherhood . So in this although I find motherhood a admirable attribute I would say to reach our full potential of being ALL we need to transgress placing such importance upon this ROLE ,in that any woman can be a MOTHER but not not everywoman can be a godess or MUSE.

Shit ,Piss and Blood As well as Sex  translates to her name B-A-B-A-L-O-N

Now before you think  this is insultive , I am not being dismissive, disrepectful  or saying this literally , what I am about to explain goes far beyond profane restricted ignorance interpretation.
I talked about the Babalonian equation before what magicians deem to translate to her name 77+7+7+77=156  this translates to her name B-A-B-A-L-O-N.
Now I am in my own Babalonian frame of mind  going to do  a equation translation myself its only a simple one  Shit +blood + Piss + sex this translates to the key to everything , this translates as her name B-A-B-A-L-O-N  for in her ,all revoltion , commonly dirty things regarded by profane society are nature , are our true nature , the most scared in her eyes attributes of our world .

In that this means literally that  Babalon  and the true initiate of her  seeks out everything , celebrates all and  all is scared to her. In fact she wants us to get down on our knees celebrate shit , piss , blood , sex all aspects of the human condition ,she wants us not to idealise , she wants us to worship all these elements as  a enlightened percious true reflection of life and most importantly , she wants us to put our noses not literally to the shit , bath in blood , wallow in piss , breath in sex embrace all. Babalon  yearns and expects  us to confront everything our trueselves , our true natures and  her world is one of  the celebration of all aspects of living ,including  all these things . This isn’t about reevaluating ourselves with profane taboos , this is about the fact that everything in the left hand path practioner  and her world is the scared ,  all these elements disregarded by profane life are her name  in her dualist nature of finding beauty in everything , beauty in the ugly , the disgusting , the deprived , in everything , everything even this equation is beauty her , everything is ALL.

Nothing in human nature or action is despised by her , all is sacred , all action whether sinful or  moral the same , evil or good the same , virginal or perverse the same as a goddess she has no boundaries or there is no law and nothing is judged because judgment like sin is a human not ethereal deities pure invention .

To my mind and  Babalons I would say  Shit , blood , Piss and sex are sexy , they are a turn on , because they are life , the essence of things which affirm our belief in life  that we are alive and  Babalon in all aspects is turned on to the enlightened to those who embrace a full life , those who feast themselves on everything , those who open themselves to everything , those who indulge themselves with everything , those who embrace fully SEX which is her secret Life .
Impassioned by shit , piss , blood , sex the true elemental aspects , and if you learn this same simple equation you can use it in your practice literally . Shit +piss +blood +sex = her name B-A-B-A-L-O-N which is scared divine , which is full LIFE. Cherish  her soiled panties smell put your nose into her anal passage lick piss from her vulva , drink her blood be with her now in everything , call her now in the alleyways the doorways , the streets on your knees and use this prayer to speak her name Shit +piss + Blood +sex  = B-A-B-A-L-O-N which is all human frailties and deprivation everything all the human condition in its full fledged beauty radiating   imperfection is her Babalonian  perfection.That is the secret at the heart of the equation to our path as practitioners  to her , the world and as I said Shit +piss+blood +sex  translates to her divine name B-A-B-A-L-O-N her .

Babalonian empowerment through sexual degradation.

For the most part I have so far been talking about feminist /or female dominated sexual rites acts , but as Babalon is All , and thrives upon extremes , now I am going talk about empowerment for the female practioner through pushing yourself  to transgressive states through consensual sexual degradation.As I mentioned rape can be used to harness the most brutal male dominate energies to transexualise oneself to Babalon and activate the war aspect in her , or strong masculine qualities therefore empowering her to  surpass   be superior to either of the profane gender especially men. You can use sexual chosen acts of degradation in the same way . Or for in uses of  blood , or pain to feel alive to be in touch in transgression with the divine.This though  it is  degradation can still be  empowered if chosen as a enlightening experience if you want it , have consented to it and its alright for you to  as a goddess get down on your knees, be fucked up the ass , up the cunt on all fours ,  to  taste spunk down your throat , its alright to have erotic affixation ,its alright to put your tongue in somebodies ass , cunt , to be slapped about some days if that’s what you choose even goddesses  have to FEEL all. In Babalon or as we  magicians all know a strong base to any spiritual or true enlightenment starts at the core of dismantling all profane ego first, sometimes you need from time to time to charge your magickal practices to come to Babalon pure again to dismantle your ego. Or  you will even as woman embodiment of her need to get closer to knowing who we are ,to learn, to add strength to all your directed will intentions and this  is where the avator of Babalon can still sometimes use Babalonian empowerment through sexual degradation.Though this practice I must add  has nothing to do with the Babalonian worship devotional  sex rituals with beast  were she as consort  . This is a separate  aspect  though you can still be a goddess who is all through degradation it helps even priestess ‘s Goddess to push their boundaries  themselves through absorption of male  brutality  as a energy directed at her to utilise in her own work .This is another male trait  violence , brutality of the divine at her transexualised peak . You can also  experience physical pain which is important to her as a sacrifice because blood and pain prove  that we are  alive and  blood is Babalons scarlet hue it is Life .Sometimes I have let myself be strangled at point of orgasm slapped , punched , indulged in group sex just as a form of degradation to abolish my ego so I can transgress myself push myself outside the limits of my comfortable norms , just because your initiated or have  worked on abolishing your ideologies of conforming or transcended taboos to surrender. Does not mean that you an sit pretty and stop that’s the thing just as my hunger for life never stops neither does surrendering , abolishing the ego starting over again ever stop , in Babalon there is no deication  to her end to SURRENDER.I sometimes like my lovers to bite me on the nipple the vulva breasts just enough so I bleed a little bit blood for her , just enough to prove I am living to give myself in a sort of devotional ritual; over to Babalon to  a full sexually animal instinctual instinct life.I pierce my skin just a little  with needles , cut my thighs with razors just to see  dripping scarlet blood to see in this the reflection of Babalon , the reflection , of affirmation of life to offer her my blood , to offer life up unconditionally with  no restraints.To trangress through life ,the left hand path to pain to life true enlightenment .
All these aspects are in themselves acts of primal sexuality as well as degradation , that taps into what Babalon is all about the need to connect to the primal sexual energy of  her that burns like fire to ashes in her soul .In an instant were Babalonian empowerment can be acheived by sexual degradation.

Rape and violence the power of Human scariface

In the left hand path a key is the uncompromising ability to project as well as with stand the most extreme acts of violence upon our human psychic our bodies to translate as a form of human scariface sacred touching the void of trangression to the divine .This has been a running obsession with mystical artists and writers  exploring the extremity of the human condition of never fearing all things inflicted upon the human body ,or the ability to find spiritual transgression , spirituality in the violence of FEARLESSNESS of the unknown  and in all of deamonic extremes. For example Batialle was indeed so fascinated by human sacrifice he founded the secret society Acephale though through each of the group wishing to be a victim they failed to find a executioner . Human sacrifice to the most psychosexual elementals situations can be found in my fascination throughout my life with degradation , rape , in the impact of force and experimentation with the  harsher street violence elements in such things.In this  I felt as I stated before empowered in my experience of existential transgressed human sacrifice to all demons darker elements absorbed in renewal rebirth into my soul my body to allow me to enter a higher plane of darker mystical united universes. To myself such acts are conductors for the strongest psychosexual energies which when stored can be utilised as working practioners , in our impact force of our magickal practice and within our artwork . My feelings are without such you can never be a great artist or practioner of the dark arts because all GREAT art is like great magick created with known directed violence FORCE , directed strong violent intention action and  so it has to be logically this way. There is no halfway soft way for the practioner who seeks to truly aline him or herself with divinity to create ones own universe takes like the chaotic forming of the world organised primitive chaos violent DIRECTED force , to sucessfully evolve to a higher state level in our work . So in this  rape , violence are just another less talked about form of human sacrifice transgression to all that is in our lives empowered ALL divine in our existence seeing , experiencing through practioners eyes the full universe .

Whores are  free in the fact that they only belong to  all women, their sex  and  BABALON.

The good thing about being a whore is in sexual relationships   is having  all  the  power and  control. In that   never  in the act of being a whore , the sexual act , you are enslaved to belonging to being dominated by men. Yes of course their are pimps who dominate whores , that they are in essence enslaved too but I am talking about the actual basic sexual act exchange of being a whore I am  talking about enlightened not profone whoredom.The facts are a  whore gives over her body for fifteen minutes , half an hour , a hour , a night and then leaves without the man having any control over her unlike  dominate mundane relationships ,she is free, she is independent belonging to no man only herself her own rules into being her own  mistress  .She is like BABALON  her mirror image in the fact that  she has no master , nobody to rule over her , the whore is her own ruler end of. Its simple she gets paid for her services for her body which  does n’t include invasive complications of her heart , soul , intellectuality or even fully her body as it is only a short transaction .Though in giving your body over there is a kind of Babalonian dualist quality of all being sex and nothing in the same instant .But I do feel in giving your sex only over as  a whore , you  are truly independent free and enigmatic , Goddess like ,  for in this unobtainable the whore becomes Goddess like  in never being  fully conquered or owned by man. This is also a strong Babalonian spell for male infatuation for men like all human beings are intoxicated consumed with what they can not have whole and  from a whore this is her soul , her connection , her loyalty ,in the profane sense of the word love .For the most time I never  have a problem handing over my sex to men ,letting them have my sex paid or otherwise in otherwords  a cunt is a cunt in  all womens sex is basically the same visually , of the same mould aesthetically . What  I do though have a  problem with and is probly  why I have had very few “mundane ” committed relationships is the act of  possession of  not being free, this is why  without being dominated or known in its mystery it appealed to me being a Goddess divine in being unobtainable fully to men like Babalon in whoredom. I saw it as un natural being faithful , being faithless was natural always natural to myself  in that  I wanted many lovers and I wanted to enflame yes enflame the world like Babalon with lust which like love is two of the same. I wanted to lust/ love many and this made sense to me for what is Babalon acceptance , opening her legs offering up her lust her love unconditionally to all.I suppose in the profane world there is occasional equal sexual relationships but mostly one partner is more controlling dominant and anyway what did you expect . I never said I wanted a equal relationship , I wanted to be a Goddess to be worshiped free empowered belong to no-one to be superior to be BABALON. In this Babalon I actually  like the fact  the whore belongs to everyone though shes never  cheap ,in the fact she gets paid for her services and like Babalon knows the full value of her gender , her sex.In a way this makes you  in more of elevated position to the promiscious woman who gives herself over easily for free. Women that’s the lesson in Babalon its alright to love sex she does but also know your worth in the world as your sex is sacred. . For instance I would rather also whore myself  occasionally , than be in  a profane relationship with a man as his un paid sexslave , isn’t this what most marriages , engagements , relationships are sometimes, in the  womans position to  be obligated to service a man continually for free  whether in love with him or not or for other things like profane convinces not love . I feel that just as in worship you need to affirm your devotion Babalons worth , in  proving  you are worthy of  her beauty ,her sex.  Similarly  so will you have to affirm your whores worth by digging deep into your pockets , neither’s love or enticements are free ,neither are so different in this aspect .Everything has the cost of some token of devotion . So even if you do prove for a moment you are worthy of either’s sex in  Babalon nothing is  free their is a price to everything . Though to me the whore although paid in a honest brief transaction is freedom , in other words unlike profane woman the whore is free in never been owned by men , the whore is  free in that  they only belong to  all women, their sex , their cunt and  BABALON.

Why being  Babalon is the attainment of superiority in bed but  also in  life .

Being Babalon of course , isn’t  just about being a good lay or good mistress dominant sexual partner , in other words a Babalonian goddess or practioner as a woman most transgress on from this small aspect of enlightenment .In that  when we say Babalon is mistress of the world , we’re not refering to a hour or two  in a bed otherwise it would be Babalon mistress of  sex end of  .Of course we all know  she is mistress of sex  though to  resign Babalonian philosophy to  this a  is far too simplitic  label   and  sex  is a small aspect in her being mistress to all. In other words as women we need to know the difference between brief sexual interaction empowerment and withstanding superiority in life over all profane men , over all things being true goddesses in our world achieving our love intention, under will ,projected upon the universe .To me  this is the  part where a lot of women slip up its easy to achieve superiorly empowerment in one area of your life but not so easy to achieve empowerment in all aspects of it  .Its the difference between Babalon Goddess  or the practice of Babalonian philosophy and  the inferior  so called empowered profane woman and there’s a vast huge difference. For example,  as a empowered profane what society deems as empowered woman ,you could be a BDSM mistress who was only empowered over  men who were more in real life successful than she is , in that brief role played interaction Goddesses in the bedroom getting your boots licked but goddesses in little else , or you could be a prositute who although empowered in the transaction of money for services belonged to no man , was in life beat up controlled by  a slave to  her pimp , or you could be a practitioner who was Babalon in rituals but was subservient in profane life to her male partners needs only , or you could be a successful woman in life but still degarded un empowered in your relationships and  so on , the list goes on but only achieving half is never BABALON.She wants all women to reach their full potential in all things , she wants women to surpass men in all things to be goddess , to be Babalon end of. Remember as we  discussed before Babalonian philosophy isn’t even on the same level as equality through profane feminism , Babalon philosophy  isn’t   about being equal , its about in having , all , knowledge , all intellectual ,physical , and sexual attributes being a Godesse in war superior.Their is no time in Babalonian philosophy or worship , for half hearted dedications , or intentions, to simply either in the bedroom or life roleplay dress up as a actress in her clothes , your fooling nobody , and Babalon is perfectly aware of  what a insipid Babalon attempt, feels like harness clinging onto some old world justification , ideologies of the female dictated societal attitudes of the profane world.
You must transcend to being fearless , brave , uncompromising ,always  the key as I have said before with anything in Babalon is fearlessness the ability to be fearless and do what it takes to follow your own instinctual path in power.You must be fearless superior mistress of your own will projected upon sex but  your life also.As a woman you must learn  being  sub servant in anyway is not in Babalonian philosophy acceptable , you must requite yourself with masculine as well as female traits , you must be all dualities all , you must beable to project yourself outside any constricted profane mindsets , push your self out into all aspects of life be mistress of all in your life , in the bedroom , in the world. Babalon is not just resigned to sex , if she was just empowered in bed we could easy resign her to any profane prositute ,or pornographic actress or any woman who in the profane world had even a small amount of talent of being half good in bed.Babalon can not be dismissed as this EVER , for  a  half good deep throated blow job or moist accessable hole these  can be a skills but these skills are in the majority .Babalon is not to be dismissed as  a majority , in that she’s in the minority of women of being able to harnass the other things  that go way beyond profane sexuality or female sexuality.In being Godesses superior , that we must remember as women if we are ever to reach true Babalonian advancement potential that in her philosophy as female demonic she is mistress of everything .In other words  you must learn that being Babalon is attainment of superiority in
bed but in  life also.

Transexuals  scared place in Babalonian worship.

For most of the time Babalonian worship is  mainly about  in its attachment to the superiority of  female beauty sexuality or for  the woman in her fully fledged uninhabited self embracing ,  female daemonic form.  Holding  the belief  in all aspects that female beauty , gender , sensuality is prized above all  else in the world . That men are the inferior in these attributes end of  all womens all her BABALONs  submissive less superior in her universe. But there is one instant when not a whole woman can be an avator of Babalon in the form of transexuals. For when we talk of such , we are talking about those who naturally embody both genders , who are  also held to elevated state in BABALON philosophy through their albility to have such .For she favours the ability to embody all aspects of the  female astounding beauty and sexuality physically , as well as to  be masculine inside with the ability to embrace all  darker male elements of  strength violence , violation and most importantley war.As  a goddess she  has transexualised herself in knowing all these things and utilising male traits for her own gain , this is how I have explained before Babalonian philosophy allows a avator of Babalon to surpass elevate herself above mundane profane female thinking and form.So just in the way she values transexualisation of the female into Goddess , she also values beautiful female featured transsexuals , or who know how to use all their soft female sensuality in learned female psychical embodiment  and have the aggression to fight like men ,  these also in this form are  her Goddess prodigy’s .Another reason for Babalon and Babalonian philosophy to elavate  the  transsexual or transgendered is because of its love for the societal rejected the despossessed  the none accepted in the stream that are like BABALON as a whore is  cast out for such as not socially acceptable  .Obviously  transsexual sexworkers would have just as much in their astounding female beauty  scared qualities to Babalonian philosophy as the female whore born into a female body.If we are going to analyse Babalonian philosophy in its full form the transexual whore , or transexual that knew as previously being a man , profanes mans mentality as well as female mentality also would  be one of the purest forms of BABALONS creation.For this a reason  too then we can validate that such beings as transexuals  , hold a higher place in her eyes than the male  profane or  practicioner man. That transsexuals pre or post op  that know all the tricks of female projected beauty of learned Babalonian glamour as well as vital masculine traits would be able to also stand in Babalonian philosophy  as priestesses or avators of her , or beable to achieve through being a Goddess ,all the higher states of Babalonian initiation into her secrets of her SEX. That transsexuals  have a scared place in Babalonian worship also.

The initiation into BABALON can only be ever performed by  her  female avator  here on earth .

I now want to cover why only ever a woman can be initiated  as a Goddess or initiate  and  a male practitioner as her  subject into the cultus of BABALON.Unlike asexualised deities icons such as pan that lend themselves over eventhough essentially male to female priestesses  due to BABALON being a deity resigned to sexualised female empowerment a element even erogenous men do not possess  true unbridled feminine sexuality beauty besides the aforementioned group of transsexuals can only be  initiated . The rules unlike Pan , Set,Lucifer  etc who are not  deities of asexuality or  not any specific sexualised agenda is very specific on this point.
Of course all rules can be broken in the mainstream and occult world , we can be very modern and have women in charge of male deity temples such as SET but this isn’t a case of breaking the rules , you can break the rules go on try to make a male priest the avator of female psychosexuality , female beauty , female sensuality ,it just won’t work  that’s why not for the reason of rules that the  female has to be BABALON.Those who are politically correct may seek to deny this but its the hard truth , there is no equality between the godess , the whore and man she is superior end of.
Also these are the reasons why  only as the  devotee consort beast will Babalon  accept a  man into the cultus of Babalon. As said before Babalon is a whore and there is no male ruler over the whore . Yes he can have her body , if hes lucky enlightenment through her sex but in nature which is dicrimative, nature that  isn’t fair , or compromising , nature has its own laws of elitism in survival of the fittest  Babalon has her own laws , and   she is nature a untamed unfathomable force of female potency to be directed upon women alone. This is why in her duality she is whore and goddess ,both of which are above and beyond the true attainment reach of in all their secrets  to men.Come lick me put your tongue in the most intimate regions of my cunt , come place your cock in my mouth , my cunt , my anus , spunk down my throat , on my breasts , inside of me you can have all this , all this is nothing , as you will take my body , and even in these actions you always fail to own me , for me to submit to being mans possession ruled by him or to be  his equal .In Babalon distanced superior she is the ruler over all mudane men.That’s a whores and her trick giving over physically everything in sex a intimate act though containing the element of distanced giving at the same time nothing , keeping aside her all for herself.In other words sex in Babalonian philosophy or tradition can be a selfish and unselfish act all at the same time , her legs cunt open to all without the far fetched in my mind  idealism of sex being resigned to monogamous relations or to one , but she holds back , the most vital things like the whole of her in that  you will never truly know her from such fleeting encounters.We need to understand all these things to understand  her spell to sensual manipulation and as women project our will in our empowered BABALON state , that this is something to be obtained by women only , this Goddess state .In this  type of world a woman is the priestess who can teach the man ,  not only in this ancient wisdom , she is a avator mistress of the lodge and the man will be iniated if faithful through trails and tribulations  as her subject consort , he will prove he is worthy of sex , her love ,her favouritism for the iniation into BABALON  can only be performed  by her female avator  here on earth.

How to achieve Violation of the man  in  Babalonian  projection  into  his thoughts

 Previously I have talked about the act of  violating a man , physically literally through insult or anal penetration .Now I want to discuss another form of Babalon violation empowerment which activates many powerful energies ,the act of male thought control  in manipulating the man ,in inflicting yourself into  his thoughts , his own private space and as a Godess commanding him to follow you in servitude beneath your feet crawling like a fool in  profane LOVE .This was touched upon by Anton le Vay in the  satanic witch though he wrote it from a more male on top angle , do this and  anything half empowering although unaccredited was by Diane Le Vay his female partner and co founder of the church of satanism.It was a known fact that Anton liked intellectual aswell as sexy women , women who had both traits who weren’t just sensual playthings though he failed to fully embrace this in the book or in life . In the book  little of the intellectual female aspect of transexualism or masculine trait empowerment is discussed , the ablity to take the world on , on your own terms , for most of the time men are simplistic creatures  its not hard to put a man  under any woman’s spell , be quite good in bed , flatter his ego and you’ve won a partner for life , not as his equal but in the profane man woman usually unequal sense of the word , say your empowered. But  all women have  a amount of  sex seduction to entrap the male and get everything on his back , the career , the money  ,children, house no hardwork , then proclaim to be strong , loads of profane women do it , its not hard   at least whorings more honest . Though in entrapping a man , you also entrap yourself to be his slave of control , to submit to him , in Babalon philosophy the ideal situation is nurtured of fascinating and obsessing a man to be used as you please under your spell , without the end product of you  being dictated  to by such or belonging to him and  in being still free . Of course all women know the beauty sensuality are passing moments in that you will not possess such or your youth for forever but I already said empowerment through intellectuality and creativity is just as important  to back yourself up , so you still have substance , when all these things are gone but while you still have such things it doesn’t hurt to learn how to use them.One of Babalons most infamous  traits is  that like the  profane whore she  is dissmissive ,cold  cruel when it comes to men who don’t prove themselves worthy of her prenzance their worth .That  most are there to be besides the chosen few , used abused fucked and flung  out onto the street in morning but unlike other interactions of profane women in one night stands , BABALON has the power to  in such interactions infest male  thoughts with her otherness ,to stay in a  mans mind long after the profane act of sex is gone or even if the sex act is never consummated .The skill of this of course  isn’t just about  being as a woman beautiful or , attractive , there are many attractive beautiful women who don’t possess other or power to make a man fawn over them  ,women  who won’t be remembered because they have no individualistic unknown special qualities and their are also many  average looking women who know the tools of glamorisation , of being other of manipulating a mans thoughts entirely to blinded obsession . In other words this is something deeper than physicality  this is BABALON, this other. This is  something knowing , different and individualistic that reflects back mans own profane nature regarding sex , that makes the male become obsessed with her .This individualism of being other to consume such , nor does other have anything to do with being good in bed ,eventhough always  Babalon is , no  other is the lover you remember,  the one you couldn’t have “other is desire” .Other  goes above profane sex , other is in all embodiment the memorable act of seduction. How does it work woman is a mystery  with the power to obsess men or humankind , she is BABALON.In this practice you have to realise different things will enslave different prey , in other words in Babalon you must know what is unique , what is unknown to the male in question and materialise  yourself in the personally  exotic to him , project as the whore , stripper who  does the mans fantasy and , know how to manipulate your image to his unobtainable fantasy .If you are to entertain Babalonian philosophy or embrace it  you must know this well how to change yourself into “other” for everyman , whores know this instinctively , they never fall in love with clients , but clients often like fools fall in love or become infatuated by the illusion ,of other they project upon themselves of being the never fully KNOWN.If advanced  a whore or Babalon such things come instinctively like knowing what illusion the man is open to how to entrap him.All these things are BABALONS spells and violating a man by being in his thoughts , is even if you are dismissive uninterested in him a very female empowering tool as well as offering the chance of a type of violation of the man , a element good for assertion absorption of male energies through power ,or enslavement .Also  this practice  can allow you to transgress to BABALON in knowledge of the power of your female daemonic sexuality and how to as the whore uses it for cash manipulate the object ie the man to forfil your will , to bend to  your own will. In other words this is a  potent spell  for over another  person to hold mind control to get them to do what you please.This works in the literal sense of the word and is one of the most invaluable rituals to get your will obtained there is , as BABALON as woman you should know this .Also  the same principles can be used on profane women  for manipulation use, for  Babalon knows no bounds in that her other is a form of seduction in alls thoughts be it male or female .Though I   have discussed manipulating a man in his thoughts first , because this form of intoxication has for the female practitioner a stronger energy to use and more potent quality for several aspects of work as all forms of violation are POWER.
In  such a way this  practice is  the closest to the mythology  of  vampirism stealing ,another’s ,soul in some occult religions but realistically , in mind control making them only think of you , absorbing their mind all their energy into for your own purposes body.And this is a thing all practioners of Babalonian philosophy should know the power of violation of the man through Babalon projection into his thoughts.


Babalon Whore By Nature In my mind  though Virgin to  mundane  monogamous Love

When we look into  Babalon  she  is  identical to  the mundane whore in the action , idealogy of being a whore by nature and  virgin to mundane monogamous love.  I often find it hard to imagine profane love that leaves one powerless under anothers control could ever work or be in Babalons world let be.This is why I feel in true babalonian philosophy the only type of love is sex  in her world , love replaced by the action of her sex open to everybody. In being only the love directed to  everyone or many in SEX ,sex is a life force a way to love , SEX is  life burning bright .Its hard to think of a truely  empowered woman being able to submit to somebody totally or to beable to be dominated mind , soul by so called  profane  love. Profane love is like worship in that you idolise worship somebodyelse, you give yourself totally over to them.In this  sense as the avator  of the godess if you, followed your  profane emotions , you would become the worshiper the servant , not the mistress of your own  world. So  how could having love without will none controlled love that was not under will , allow anything but constriction for growth enlightenment to fully female demonic status . Truthfully  if you  practice Babalonian philosophy there is only room to surrender give yourself over totally to life , a free existence on your own terms , there is no room for the distractions of negative love . Nor could I imagine growth in profane dominating love   or the ability to develop ones own will. Yes I know its selfish but what is Babalon except greed selfishness sometimes in her the hunger to know to experience with out restraint everything on our path in the world.In the godess Babalon we become fearless , in love we are vulnerable fearful , scared of rejection , scared of being alone , scared of dependency our lovers leaving us and Babalon is armed with a knife ready for conquest . Her world as well as being a world of sex , which to her is as far as love goes , is one also of war.Mundane  love when not on equal terms  or even on so called equal terms  is a detraction from us achieving our full potential , mundane  love can be  enslavement , and BABALON equates Sex as Love,  in other words as far as love can go in its purity , sex that is for many not just one.Unequal  mundane  love can sometimes be  beautiful when like the whore your looking at somebodyelses expression of it , when your not involved or going through the distractions that keep us bounded up .In that ,love consumes everything love knows no bounds love is life BABALON , there’s also man and woman love in most cases you can’t have equality and become ALL. You learn you have to choose , you can’t have both.You can’t be a  empowered , strong woman and also enslaved in a unequal mundane  relationship to a man  or woman or whoever  , to your emotions your heart , its hard lesson to learn but as a practitioner you can’t have both , you can’t be a goddess and enslaved to anyone .You can’t have  unequal  love for one or in my mind be  monagmous sexually in the mundane sense of being  because that’s when being a whore , a goddess or BABALON ends that s the line between all these  things and  that s when you change back into a profane woman end of.People want to practice Babalonian philosophy but  , bend the rules making Babalon equal a monagomous  relationship  in these circumstances .A lot of practitioners want to deny the truth that monagmous love if we are practicing from the literal full strict  whore godess avator  interpretation can not exist in such in my mind that although the beast can be one chosen trusted consort implicit other ,she cannot be sexually deciated to ONE in the mainsteam nature of such  , they want to change Babalonian theory to fit their own idealistic natures YOU CAN NEVER IN MY MIND BE A HUNDRED PERCENT AVATOR OF BABALON as a whore in monagmous love  but just like you can’t take evil out of lefthand path theory or deny evil s existence   , in that all taboos or behaviours are acceptable in our transcendence ,I feel that  you can’t change the facts to fit as you please your ideologies of love , you can’t be a lefthand path iniate and choose to conform in society in certain aspects , just because you feel more comfortable with it , the lefthand path was never going to be comfortable if you want  a godesse who lives in  monogamous  love between just one woman and  a man or a woman and woman , or a man and man whatever form one takes .This is a way in the literal being the avator of a whore godess stumbles , you would have to be  mankinds superior , their is no room for equality in literal interpretation though if you look at the beast and Babalon in symbolic context which to large extent is the true meaning I believe such to be , then equal LOVE would be possible , if we looked at BABALON in this way any type of LOVE would be possible or sexual prefrences ,none of this would matter , we look at such in this interpretation Part two but for now were talking about the literal whore godess interpretation of such in relation to LOVE . In the whore goddess interpretation though  its true  that you could enjoy worship to  Babalon  in a monogamous  equal relationship with a man, or woman  be blessed by BABALON for your devotion ,in my mind  she could make you feel like you’ve tapped into the source and she will Goddess give you blessings  if your devotion is PURE   but if you wanted to be a true in the literal sense avator or she has chosen you as a woman to be her full embodiment  on earth connect with her fully , be her whole , embody her totally be totally consumed by such as whore and Goddesses  FULL TRUE FEMALE DEAMONIC such practices would never allow you to  reach your full achievment of ALLor you could ever be ALL in this goddesses eyes in my opinion , be  full on Babalonian empowerment or superoirity FREEDOM though my opinion is one of many . The Babalon just as she isn’t a virgin , is not monogamous or equal or unequal to men she transcends all men onto another level.Because in what Babalon truly is she  will never fit into nicely your preconceptions of love or anything . I am not saying this is right or necessarily the way , any of this in my or  mainstream ideology ,or going to sit comfortably but this is BABALON , her as Goddess and whore and if you do this , this  it will become a projected fantasy like the men who pay for her services their false fantasy of such. In knowing BABALON you have to embrace all and , not the untruthful illusion of what she should be or what love should be in this path . If you do so you will never be close to BABALONIAN enlightenment or looking upon her true face . Whores and Babalon are faithless they go with the highest bidder those who give the most hard cash , or those who prove their devotion ,they do not look to the affirmation of selfworth love through devoting themselves to  unequally or equally one man or one person .
The first thing we learn in BABALON is monagmous  love does n’t exist if we want not just devotional contact but possession of her fully to be molded in BABALONS image totally , utterly  and sex is as close to love  as we can honestly  get , sex is love , in  her world end of .
Babalon , whore by nature , though  virgin to unequal  or monogmous  love .

Babalonian philosophy in relation to same sex   love

Babalonian philosophy as regards  same sex love can be different in its space  for in both female forms equality ,though enslavement to anybody ,be it male or female is something that works all ways and  will stunt not transcend any empowerment or growth.For  all  consuming altruistic love can be and is  as destructive if we are  talking about mainstream  love in constrictions of marriage or conforming to social dictations.Love can  be as , respect love between man as beast , Babalons as goddess , him as her  devotee , maybe work as it  can in a loyal bound equal love as her consort ,to all her beauty as her lesser not equal produce the type of relationship with out ownership that is valid .As for same sex or opposite sex  relationships they can not work in  either way   in the monogamous restricted sense of mainstream  love or marriage in the mainstream world.In same sex relations  if done  in their  equality , not ownership  they also need to be structured to fit Babalons world. In my mind probly the closest to love or understanding totally in equality would be in  a relationship with a fellow prositute. In this acts as the purest type of love without all the constrictions of societal enforced expectations . The love between whores  is a  love pure undiluted by control or ownership equalling  this to  free love.As a woman in my life I have been in love a couple of times with fellow  prositutes mostly female and one long term one with a male one ,all these  relationships were in there none exclusivity, the closest I  felt to pure unconditional in Babalonian terminology pure love.In love between whore and whore , we place no unrealistic expectations on the other , we ask nothing , we give all , with no bounds , this is love in the  truest sense of the word and equal understanding of  the word.This is to me the only type of love between two individuals that could work in Babalonian context , not love with a mainsteam or mundane  , man or woman ,or even  love between woman and woman or man and man but love with a whore her mirror image of understanding.It also makes more sense for the whore to be another female though it can also work with a man  as the female sex vagina in Babalon is the truest form of literal divine.The whore is Babalon ,the goddess also so when we understand this , this interaction makes perfect sense , just as the need to idolise in sexual worship another woman’s sex also do we  in Babalonian philosophy to same sex  love.

The most scared act to her is in its violence the loss of virginity a vital sacrifice to the godess of love and war.

When we lose as women our virginity it seems to embody Babalon ,like a Babalonian transgression , in that in  the first stage of such  a action ,the first act of penetration , even in just sex seems a extreme act of violence suited to the Godess of love sex and war. In the act of loss of virginity we for the first time embrace Babalonian left path  idealogy whether aware  of  it or not  and for a female whether intiated or not or whether she carries  as a practioner , the first Babalonian rite in its extreme , extreme pain to progress transgress through to were sex is not just pain , bleeding , but comfortable beautiful , erotic, it is BABALON sex and violence.There’s a feeling when we have  been broken into of violation , surrender , we cry , we feel pain , we bleed , we use two of BABALONS favourite tools ,elements sex on the bed , blood on the sheets and the act of the violence losing your virginity entails could be seen as a devotional ceremony to her in being everything , a introduction to life sex , a introduction to being able to transgress through pain .All tricks of BABALONIAN philosophies trade ,whether we as women choose to acknowledge this first coming of divine communication in that this is a  literal interpretation of Gabriel  first revealing himself to the virgin mary , Babalon revealing herself in penetration blood transgression to us , this is the first word to all mortal women , contact from the divine , contact from sex and whether we choose to ignore this communication as something that is about just in the act supposedly of losing the virginity. A  physical  form of such rather than seeing it as a start for future sexual transgression in our witch’s work is another thing.To hear Babalons voice you have to be open to it , open to life , open legged spread in whoredom to her BABALON to  her ALL .If you are a woman  this is the first stage of left path iniation , men don’t endure pain at the point of losing their virginity , they don’t experience a small death in the breaking through of such , they don’t bleed they don’t transgress fully in being  baptised in violence and sex in her images , like  a woman in such a act does.Men like Babalon can never come close even psychically , nevermind spiritually in this act and their is a reason for this women are BABALON s chosen he is beast and the female transexualised through the  loss of virginity in embracing her sex soft feminine and  her dormant masculine  side the violence of the masculine traits of violence penetration is reconstructed in her image , the secrets of ALL communication with female psycho sexual energies in a act being projected upon a open female with such force.Men don’t bleed , women though do , women bleed when losing their virginity and when menstruating both things are inline with life.A man can’t bleed naturally without piercing cutting the flesh ,women bleed naturally without force , and this is  why they are the goddess who loves blood , chosen ones.Women’s blood is creation , only women have the gift of sustaining life in their bodies this is the fact that   a woman’s blood is sex BABALONS scared tool in this gift not mans . As women we should spray out blood on the sheets like male come be shameless proud in scarlet hue spray it in the mouth on our lovers back blood is a symbol of everything to the loss of virginity the first stage of initation in her into war and love into our knowledge of female sexuality , this awaking is Babalon the start in that the most scared act to her is in its violence the loss of virginity a vital sacrifice to the godess of love and war.

Nowhere is the female Deamonic  or Babalon most prevelant than in the embodiment of the female artist in our modern world

If  we  are looking for a living embodiment of Babalon on earth physically she is none more prevalent in not  just the whore but the female artist  as well. Just like transsexuals both  are born with strong attributes of female sexuality and aggressive masculinity ,even with the hormones or operations , this still remains. The female ,true  artist , writer , filmmaker is made with a strong masculine element which allows her in freedom of expression to produce work that is equal if not superior to the men in this world.For  a female artist is born naturally fearless to push boundaries on the outside of everything society  to never conform to the  preconceptions  of social dictated rules  to be a TRUE free  outsider.If you are born to be a true artist this is something often not chosen, something natural different in your genetic makeup which allows you  intellectual leanings to such or  a ability to from nothing pursue creation . Like BABALON or the left hand path it  is not something you make the choice to do , its something instinctual you feel , that you have to go with  and can never suppress or neuter. Even if you wanted to its just there this natural force.I  personally hold the belief that Babalonian philosophy or occult traditions are not everybodies path , you don’t need to be initiated by a person into such but you do need a unlearned passion for such , its elitist and your either chosen for  this path  from birth like art as your destiny or not .In  this is something , that in  reading all the philosophy or books  learning you can not fake , in that you can  not learn this ,its a birthright end of. The female writer or artist for most of the time has to  also prove her ability equip herself with if not connected the ability to beable to  transgress gender restrictions transexualise herself in maledominated fields , show talentwise she is as strong if not superior to her male contempories.Its true still  sad to say in the creative industries unless conforming to the unthreatening feminist type of work stereotype as a woman , you will have to prove yourself the  superior to most  men in that field to succeed , mediocrity in male art can be still acceptable , still more male artists go down in Historical context while female artists with the same amount of talent are disregarded and medicrocrity in female art is less easy to get away with . So just as I have previously talked about before in Babalonian philosophy , you will need to have to be a artist  with strong masculine hard aspects to produce valid work. .In my work I find this ideology Babalonian philosophy ties into my life as a artist , and the fact that female prositutes where often only represented as idealised muses for the male artists titillation throughout Art History ,not many times did the  prositute evolve into the artist , like myself , transexualise herself to find her voice and empowerment like BABALON .To transgress from such to  a artist taking the world on , on her own terms no longer a subject of mere superficial scrutiny and her own projected fearless image embedded in her female daemonic status upon the world.I constantly believe that most female artists are born genetically with a full leftside of the masculine brain , it is something natural , not all  mainstream women have , but is naturally  a part of  every true  female artists genetic makeup .In  that  female artists are already  born transexualised to some extent more in touch with their masculine attributes  more than most women in the profane world. That besides prositutes ,a female artist is the closest thing walking on the earth to Babalonian philosophy and female demonic in our modern world.

Art as a  means of Gnostic Orgasm
Sometimes like mundane people  sex magickal practioners through choice or not  go through choice short spells of time enduring  celibacy , this is for  myself ,is for a number of reasons ,  in espically taking care of the body the soul ,sometimes it helps to give  the body soul respect rest ,if we are dealing with none steadfast   partners brief encounters with often undesirable energy fields for purposes of ressurrection renewal spiritually . To regress back to a virginal aswell as whore state a pure perfected reborn state  and although sexual libido high sexuality radioactivity ,appetites are all attributes of higher divinity  genius in these times Art then  become a means of Gnostic orgasm.Of course my divine lusts , primordial sexualised energies tendencies are whether having a fully satisfied sexual existence or not always surfaced put into  use as a living projected sexual force in my artwork.Naturally my work embodies the  force of sex  full female Shakti ,violence and the need to constantly energetically be  turned on  to express my neverending sexual HUNGER to feed through such energies upon my artwork vision transcended with creation of the base divine sexual energies in creation  and destruction of a form of intoxicated perverse sexual arousal.In painting I find through the sexual magnetism extremes another purist version of gnostic sexual encounters with ALL.Transcending everything in producing works which draw on such energies in a animalistic sexualised frenzy , I never find even without real life penetration sometimes which is only a small aspect of true human or divine sexual practices without mundane sexual action   myself  never sexually frustrated or not sexually completed forfilled. To myself such acts of ART are a cerebral form of masturbation , orgasm and aroused state of  ecstasy physically also for myself a climatic state trance .In that these art works ,become living objects fetiches holding sexual elemental ojas energies  activated by the strongest rooted primitive  elemental animalistic sexuality , energy  and creative LUSTS.Like masturbatory rising of the energies to project ones will with the most forceful energies , painting can also be used with force to inflict upon the universe ones desires or in a ritual to attain magickally ones will , to distort the universe through altered states to a gateway for the spirits were in the sexual libido of light at point of orgasm or higher attained sexualised energies  ,like with our bodies in angelic communication through our senses with the DIVINE. So in this  Art aswell as physical sex becomes a way to reach altered sexual states to entranced exercise the libido in being a form of gnostic orgasm.

In Babalon  philosophy return of the unconquerable she devil

The Babalon woman in PURE avator godess form  is mostly  solitary besides the occassional consort with her trusted chosen beast  therefore in this  aspect she looks for nobodies approval or to be taken care of by anybody but herself , Babalonian philosophy is all about self care , self love and the ability to survive by any means possible in a self sufficient individualistic state. Eventhough magick is a group activity in its organisations ritualistic aspects , this is largely a manmade controlled contrived element to such practices . And main strength or abilities in such are not gained in  a small minded group environment or in conformity  . Modern Babalonian philosophy is about the individualistic , transgressive states and evolvement of the female into a  empowered female demonic alone without sisterly back up and most importantly without the back up validation in the world of her worth persona through a man or all men.
Men as discussed before can have their uses , though that’s about it and in Babalonian philosophy you have to use everything to your advantage all aspects hard , soft , sexy , attractive , unattractive manipulated in the world to your advantage  , that’s the only rule of such to be mistress of your own world without mundane constrictions such as political correctness or sin. Another rule is never like I explained in any aspect be governed by others rules dictations  or abide to anybody elses vision , to be always animal instinctual free , and  never a subserviant  follower to anything .If you are truly STRONG in your Babalonian path no  individual will have the power to destroy you or stop your path . In that when you transcend violence , hate , pain , sex , love with no fear of anything and the only thing you haven’t transcended is physical death , nobody and  nothing , can touch you , you  become immune to all others inflictions of hostility upon your life.It is basically in Babalonian philosophy the  return of a empowered unconquerable she devil. A breed too imperfect to be angelic or a light god but a she devil who knows no bounds . To myself  the true God or Godess evolvement does not come from perfection , it comes from understanding the imperfection of the human race of knowing not just the GOOD but everything and everything is the light end of  in this world.

Part 2 Equal relations in BABALON and BEAST as our primdovial TRUE NATURES symbolic interpretation STATE .

The truth is that besides in our energy based sexmagickal practice besides our own sexual tastes for most of the time , this  has little to do with the true symbolism of BEAST and BABALON.

Its kind of easy to as Babalon is the whore get bobbed down with sexmagick or the interpretation that she  is  the empowered female dominat over the beast or literal sex magickal interpretations but there is also another  . Many flippant  whores strippers , pornographic actors are in their pvc g strings , suspender belts proclaiming to be BABALON usually with not much except the extreme sex factor , fucking for cash or sexual exploration to link them to such . This is a sexmagickal literal interpretation of such that just being sexually librated or a whore equals or exploring as a sexworker extreme sexually transgressive acts is being FULL BABALON. In truth sex magick is something we as devotees chose to associate with such mostley  for our own personal fetishes preferences,energy direction work , or for things such as with myself sexual feminist leanings but it has little sometimes  to do with the true nature of BABALON. Who you fuck is or how you fuck , sometimes be quite  irrelevant in the fact BABALON and BEAST is not  maybe a  literal mundane reading , it is though just a form of arancarnic symbolism of  us as human beings abolishing the ego our old selves to return to human kinds primordial true nature .In that  it basically means shattering our old world and challenging ourselves through extremes or contact with our true instincts to become ALL. BABALON maybe a  whore or not or this could just simply represent archetype of  the shedding of sin.In the symbolism of the whore who is fearless shameless and the beast who is animal primal. Of course a lot of the time of course sex comes into play because sexmagick is bestial and taps into our need to break taboos , for if their is anything MOST human beings have reservations or problems breaking through it is with our inbreed Christian societal indoctrinated guilt still SEX though their is also the strong violent aspect attached to the symbol of beast . This represents annihilation of everything to a path of enlightenment to our true ALL our trueselves the end of our unenlightened world without strength or challenge. It could  also mean the apolycolaspse THE END of humanity in a literal destruction of OUR WORLD but I don’t believe it is  what I believe such is about is the end of our world as unenlightened unchallenged individuals walking the earth return to our true primordial states , that in the primitive we find a much more superior force to the developed MAN , that we need to regress to such to reach our full potential.

Babalon and Beast in transexualised action context

If we take Babalon out of the man and woman physical embodiment of ritualistic sexual magick practice context .We can see in spirit the symbolic not literal meaning of such. In that Babalon is female soft empowered sexuality empowered through receiving masculine attributes to become beast also dualist to the final attainment of transexualisation in having both genders strong  negative and polar aspects which can be performed by the singular female practitioner ALONE without any accompanying consort to achieve such .In other words when focused  concentrated upon totally beast and Babalon can symbolise the human transgression through the ability of embracing all elements male and female to be divine in transexualised ALL.It can symbolise the full transgression through  transexualisation  to the superior utilised divine female daemonic state individuality.Or if we are refering to Babalonian philosophy in a none feminist sense , the coming together in a small moment of male and female lovers in the action of Sex as a union of opposing ends of the spectrum male and female intercourse or equal as sex is love and in a brief  divine  moment of union in orgasm of such.Not  though to myself in the longwithstanding need of  hoping to belong to ONE TRUE LOVE.The only way one designated sexual partner in magick could  work though is through equal interaction on this  Point it would be in  the uses  to through intimacy trust to beable ,to  let go if you are restrained sexually or mentality  restricted . In that through some of these relationships  it  work in the  to in the essense of dependant relations focus use the other person as a prop until  you are not strong enough to evolve in self alone or the  none ownership of many lovers divine FULL LOVE .To myself this is a kind of reversed fear of intimacy as interpretation by profane monogamous relations or couples who fear sexual and none sexual lover s their assertion in the world of superiority over  those who remain polymous  is another type of  fear of intimacy , in that this  is fear of  full intimacy  also constricted without freedom with BABALON  to be with her fully ,the L H P or lastly and most importantly all  in my opinion the divine. Sometimes its easier when working with a known lover  to when used to their energy transgress , because they are not a unknown force , theirs  is a stayed predictable in most cases energy in our work, and  like working in a structured organisation or group such offers support though in most cases in its safeness not challenge or further gnosis development . In as I have explained before equality you have to be free as a woman and it  cannot be found in monogamous lovers not open to all or constricted to the idealised mundane meaning of only finding  hoping to belong to ONE TRUE LOVE. One true love not only doesn’t work practically because BABALON is a  whore goddess who empowers herself through superiority in her transexualised state over  mundane man or in that  as a whore offers herself over to many  is totally free , but in the fact that  one love is constricted ,shut off and not embracing all , or embracing our true potential to give ourselves over , be open , to many , to in life FULL LOVE. Full love can never just come from one individual except in the situation of self love not in arrogance or egotism but in  the sincere ability to look inside oneself and full selfacceptance of our human fragilities of all of ourselves.
In my viewpoint in  full love we find through sexual interaction a full life through many that  contribute vital elements of beauty to our lives ,not that in this I am saying that  all full love is sleeping around in the profane sense of the word , full love is the ability to love as in BABALON as a whore of sex to have  many in the moment of sex  , moments of LOVE, to in other words have the  true erotic potential forfillment in ALL. This is full love in my sense of  the word is the idealogy to  have many LOVERS I love for different reasons but FULL love can also be attached not just to sexual love  but the ability to LOVE be open to many individuals accept their full beauty in the platonic sense of the word to be open to ALL.
.When looking at Babalon and Beast  as the male and female sex act at orgasm  is the narrowminded sense of the male being the beast and the woman Babalon , their are many translations to such a interaction in also the iliteral spiritual empowerment stance in female transexualisation spiritually though the ability to reach her true potential embodying all polar aspects of  all genders  transgressing in a transexualised state past all these  to ALL.

How sex with Strangers and intimate equal LOVE  can be used for empowerment in the BABALONIAN state .

A lot of  the time not just in the act of mundane prostitution ,in sex with strangers who do not know us will at our start open ourselves up in sex magickal practices to all kinds of interesting possibilities. In the practice of absorption of sexual energies for your own use empowerment through polar sexual magick vampirism practice or in the fact that sometimes with somebody we don’t know intimately intellectually , physically , full soul , we can with no inhibitions let go without  being worried constrained about profane things such as morals or judgment.In this element such can be a two edged sword on one hand you let go because you know with a stranger that their will be no consequences of ever having to see them again or have reflected back to you whatever perversions   you have expressed and your motivations for such . So  in this part it becomes easy not a challenge to let go ,and positive in the fact these  experiences can in your early development allow yourself to transgress social dictated sexual equitte without fear though sometimes to myself such can become  too comfortable in such attributions . In  with no fear , to ask a one night stand to come down you throat , piss in your mouth , to tie you up whatever  to lift your ass and cunt in the air not fearing the ugly appearance of such physically or your bad breath in the morning unbrushed hair  to be primordial animal too let go , to let  them see you whole with no insecurities.A lot of these things can only be done in the two spectrums of the relationships with lovers in  the opposing ends of  fucking a stranger and fucking somebody who you have built up a strong intimate soul connection with , who you have trust with , such things do not work in the gray area of inbetween both with lovers .When I talk about soul connection or strong intimate relationship I am not talking about ONE SOULMATE in  societal dictated relationships   which is  in my mind a closed off  constricted illusion without any room for freedom or growth on our path . I am talking about ALL LOVE with many lovers whom this has been nurtured with , in  that all relationships need work.Not work in forcing attraction to a lover you’ve lost interest in sexually , or staying together for contrived negative  reasons such as the mortgage , children or fear of being alone , but work in the ideology of sex magick practices knowing your lovers body how to reach full orgasmic  potential with such and how to be exposed secure enough  to ask for ALL we need , we can have with no rejection .Building up lovers relationships in this way can allow us from different lovers to work on their reflection back in union of our own elements and serve as a way of progressing thorough self knowledge , not just of our bodies of our souls also but as practitioners our full reflection transexualised is ALL , this cannot be just in my mind be  the reflection transmitted through ONE.Different lovers reflect different elements of ourselves , each individualistic element of the personality ,the image , intellectually , the soul and as we are ALL our true reflection is found in many components not just one individual. Sometimes sex with strangers can help us break down our human inadequacies we can allow ourselves not to get caught up in the elements of worry  about what the other person thinks , or fear of profane mundane rejection in this as human beings we shed our clothes , as practioners we shed our ego though to shed such with a known lover would be more potent and come closer to achieving the divine or sex which is another form of  love with no bounds.Shedding our clothes or experiencing our true free primordial instinctual natures allows us  as said before us to dismantle our human profane ego ,it allows us to give this over to somebodyelse  in this brief moment unconditionally like love as in sex over to somebodyelse , to surrender to the capacity to within such interactions a true understanding of our sexual and full potential of life of ALL.

Babalons Role Of Revolution In The Sex Positive Modern Age

It would easy to think that  half of BABALONIAN philosophy has no place in the potency of sexual liberation in this sex positive modern age .For now most  subcultural sex acts have become mainstream and sexwork is fully accepted and embraced to an extent in the  fact that does any sex act shock us in the basic act ever  anymore , in the literal sense sexually now we have even in the mainstream become open to ALL  on a superficial skin deep surface level in our sexual exploration.If we look as women  at BABALONIAN philosophy as just a way of sexual liberation empowerment , rebellion in our sexuality , we are looking at such from a very one dimensional constricted angle. This angle is as constricting intellectually and spiritually as none pashu liberation. Their I doubt is in the actual  physical sexual act whatever form it takes any pioneer work to be done , all sexual acts even in subcultural aspects have been done before , the sex act is nothing new in humanity , therefore their can not be any shock or individualistic superiority placed over such and sexual liberation can only truly progress to the unknown through spiritual enlightenment combined. A lot of people feel that prositution or sexual liberation  makes them exotic like the LHP or special in their contrived none rebellion from the mainstream  way , they go on like sexuality is theirs , they invented it , this is not what BABALON is about. Sex and sexuality are nothing new or refrained to the odd enlightened individual it is post humanity as  stated  before sex is in everything before and after pre humanity in BABALON.A lot of the time eventhough I know sexuality and sex are a large part in life sexmagickal practices , I am disappointed by mans need to just project BABALON as a sex object not ALL yes BABALON is sexuality , beauty in the female form or the ability to provoke appreciation of her sensual embodiment , to ALL ,though sexual objectification is not constricted to being her in her  full potential her  strength her ALL.I feel for most of the time male practioners and I am not saying this in the context of just attacking the male magician in a gender specific profane way its just eventhough females do this also ,these men are usually the ones who write about such publicly put such to the forefront of the human spiritual psyche .In the context that women practioners hardly ever write about the subject matter of BABALON, and we mainly only have male views to go on and to  just focus on a fetished cardboard copy of such. When I read male books on the subjectmatter , I read about the whore , the sexually liberated woman in a cliche none fullbloodied plastic version of disempowerment of what  a projected male none understanding deems such to be HER NOT ALL .At present I am discussing Babalon in books because this is the personal spiritual FORCE I have worked  and she is singularly as a Goddess whore a blatant target for male manipulation DESIRE but the same can be said across the board in all occulture not just BABALON , even if edited by “ so called empowered equal females “ were we  still only gain a male perspective in its  type of fetishistic  projection of female sexuality.One of the only equal written books that expressed female sexuality in a less contrived manner had a  strong  voice was a introduction to besides the Satanic witch that half empowered  and  was half fetished by the male , was the book Demons Of The Flesh by Nikolas and Zeena Scherck aka Le Vey  her mother started the process  and she carried this on ,this was a pioneer aspect of such in that although this book is just a Historical basic introduction , Zeena   with Nikolas are  people ,  who can look at everything objectively  from all angles  as embodying ALL appreciate all aspects of the full fledged  female daemonic in her TRUE form and the aspects of being a godesse of war and equal have been explored .
So this was why I as a female practitioner could  appreciate Demons Of The Flesh  from this standpoint and why not in content but in attitude such  was a  RADICAL and a HISTORICALLY defining moment piece of work .Sometimes of course we do find in the magickal partnerships  of Kenneth and Steffi  Grant equality in that there is not one dominant perspective and projected fetishisation upon such  and although most of the writings do not tackle female sexuality or the female deamonic extensively in erotic form , Steffi Grants though  enabled by Kenneth’s support , paintings , drawings do give us a creative erotic empowered incite into the female deamonic  essense of  such. In confronting the majority of books mostly written by men on esoteric female sexuality in my honest opinion a lot of the time  it becomes invalid.Though  I don’t always believe such is done to control the woman or Babalon . I think sometimes its written projected by men in such a way , because these men are novices who think in their arrogance they can write about female sexuality , the whore or  a female deity or female esoteric sexuality  but in reality as MEN , they can never project not through their own fault but genetics ,anything  but a idealised fantasy cliche upon such .Therefore the “goddess” or  priestess in such rites never becomes her full potential in becoming the male or her  own projected none reality fantasy only  nor does the male practitioner learn anything  about the true depths of female psychosexuality , or sexual intellectual polarisation from such .Also the female conductor in such rites as just a vessel for a  male fantasy projection upon on her of what she is expected to  be , should be, will  in this activity leave her ,equally  empty constricted from developing her true ALL potential  by such practices .A lot of men are like in the profane world living out their whore  fantasies of  fictional female sexual empowerment and Babalonian sexual magickal rites can sometimes  be just easily  put in  the same  bland none transgrassive  context  bracket as watching porn . If you don’t think out of the stereotype of just seeing BABALONIAN enlightment as about sex or whoredom or your female partner just in this sexual aspect .Sometimes I as a woman practitioner feel stagnated by the  sexual preconceptions projected upon BABALONIAN gnosis , there  are  several aspects to such than to  to just consign all to the sexmagickal practice . That the agenda or the stereotype  is  as boring as producing sterile flat porn.
Babalon and the lhp goes deeper , much deeper  sexual revolution or revolution in general is a small aspect to the full end product of female empowerment through transgressive transexualisation to reach  her enlightened full potential.
This is how when these things are focused upon , ALL , sex , softness , love , violence , harshness , strength , intellectuality and sexuality as a female deamonic avatars of Babalon , we as women can  break through dismantle all sexual bland fetishations projected upon us by ourselves and men.That being sex positive or a whore helps in our LHP History or understanding more LHP sexmagickal traditions but  it is a small restricted aspect as not  only in this type of rebellion to be BABALON  we need to  ,  embrace  and  become ALL.Validation that BABALON  transgresses the sexpositive idealogy into not just sexobject  to being ALL and that she still has a place in our postmodernist sexpositve age .

PART 3 Tales Of Spiritual ethics And  Of personnal gnosis

Section 1 Part 3
Astral projection and psychic  tendencies

I first started playing around with elements of astral projection at about age eight ,I would lay on my bed concentrating trying to project , my spirit into soul angelic form above onto the ceiling with my eyes closed and the concentration of a small demon , as a only child I would  have nobodyelse to play with so playing with the spirits kind of filled up my past time instead or experimenting with my own child like form of astral projection.Sometimes I got a vision of myself looking down onto the small body laying upon the bed with the most intent ,other times I would see small lights in the dark of my room , and other times I would go to this cave I used as a den by the river were I lived made of curved over tree roots and feel the energies of and would    sometimes  be spoken to by the spirits. Of course as we grow up we lose such we wonder  if it was REAL , if we  had just as adult existence in its literal thinking tells us,  good IMAGINATIONS, its perfectly acceptable for a child to speak to the spirits or see such but as adults we have to be careful who we tell such too in fear of being judged as MAD or liars or even being locked away its harder being able to get away with the unexplained .I used to think Kenneth Grant was antisocial for only speaking to fellow members of his group , now I understand why ,that explaining these things to the outsider in the sense of those who do not understand these things , or have the natural abilities is a waste of energy , not for reasons of snobbery , but  you need to have fellow practioners who also know these things as true , that you can openly express , explore everything with , without fear of judgment or misunderstanding , to develop our practitioners work further without anybodies inflicted prejudices upon us.
I try for most of the time to keep away from discussing any of my spiritual or supernatural experiences or abilities with anybody who does n’t have incite into such understanding of it as TRUTH , I am not here to entertain the masses boring lives with a good story or be a  special guru with all the answers to pump up my own ego  or to give the odd inquisitive voyeur some type of interesting passed down second hand experience  to relate to friends at a boring dinner party or at the pub  , I only want to share such things with likeminded individuals who understand  this as the TRUTH who also can relate similar stances unexplained experiences to their own lives. Like my art few people truly penetrate it to its deeper roots , a few more on the subculture scene appreciate  though don’t fully UNDERSTAND its roots as image wise being weird way out or COOL or  the odd person as just it being sex magick due to my past life experiences but I wouldn’t put it out there in mundane society or direct it towards mundane minds or discuss it in any TRUE depth what it really IS  in a public forum such as “facebook” because they would n’t UNDERSTAND  or like it in anyway and such would be a waste of not just their time but my own time also.To be honest in the majority of the world the only time things like this , spirit visions are acceptable TRUE or FALSE to share openly with others  is if we are on drugs , then we can use it as a excuse , their will be no prejudices formed from us telling people we saw , this or that on drugs , it was the drugs not the spirits , your in societies eyes not MAD , your fine , it was the DRUGS , yourself, imagination and its still  alright because  nothings truly there.A lot of the time I feel people fear the unknown , there is a whole other spiritual world outside of ourselves and how could we be conceited enough to believe nothing lives outside our own human existences , a lot of people know such makes sense deep down and this is in truth , why the UNKNOWN scares them.I have done a lot of drugs , well basically I ‘ve done everything I had a crack methadone and heroin addiction habit for seven years I ‘ve  used ,crack , heroin , Katamine , cocaine ,Es, trips , weed , hash, methadone , dexys , speed , methadone ,most things but the thing is my spiritual visions TRUE visions or experiences of astral projection have besides  on  K which wasn’t spiritual but more of my mind playing a tricks on me illusion , happened in my straight mind without the aid of ANYTHING.Just as I have painted my pictures sober through spirit transmission ,  it has been  a lot of the time spirit communication been also to me in a SOBER state .Any time I have directed energy for astral projection practice such has been without drugs.The thing with visions from the spirit world on drugs is its not to do with the drugs presee , what it has to do with is the fact that the spirits know for the majority of human beings besides when we are PURE as children this is the only time that we will accept any form of communication from such without any preconditioned judgment  and they are so desperate for communication with us tired of being ignored , that this is their only way to achieve interaction.Another thing I have used on and off throughout my life is tarot but I have never connected it fully with any psychic abilities I have used tarot cards but  more spreads just to question what I need to do in some situation , reflect on some part of my life activities , to myself psychic ability is separate from all this .Psychic ability is something also handed down with spiritual interaction on my fathers side , the ability to know when somebodies died without being told , to have visions , to know things instinctively , or to in situations whether I ‘ve taken notice of it or not  to always  know pre it when I was going to be arrested for shoplifting in my past or when danger was out there on the streets ,I don’t know whether this last type of ability  is just intuition or something more I believe its something more , to get visions of things or know what’s about to happen , I believe that this is a form of direct SPIRIT CONTACT also. I have never besides in the interest held the belief that tarot eventhough I have a beautiful Bosch pack I love to play with or astrology for myself held any meaning in psychic predictions all these things like ritual devotion seemed to be props to true natural psychic spiritual communication , maybe I am wrong maybe sometimes  such things help with direction  but they are not to myself in TRUE essence what astral or psychic abilities are truly about.

My first visualation spirit of Babalon in her luna light form.

Babalon not only is the essense of life embodied in human form eventually as a true avator of such but sometimes comes to iniates in spirit form. Her spirit form takes on her luna identity as Dee in his work  validated in a form of light purple or a light bluey  violet  her chosen colour of moon spirit manifestation sometimes . This is not a very  often  form of visitation in that I have had the experience of accounting Babalon in her spiritual luna light spirit  physical form only once in my life .She has come hundreds of times to myself in sexual or creative  energy but only in this physical spirit moon manifestation on this occasion once .Any magician who tells you he or she recieves these type of spiritual transmissions regulay is  clearly lieing or imagining such , energy or vibrations or undefined light manesfestations  yes spirits can  come visit  regularly in these  forms  but the physical   defined light manifestations solid ones  of the spirits are not regular , such contact is special and always is the one off , rather than a  regular occurrence .Babalon in her luna spiritual form does not take on the form of woman or use words , instead as a luna spirit form she uses light and a type of musical vibration sound .This is her none human form pure ,when I had this encounter I had just started  to communicate my thoughts more again of practice to her and  had started to communicate with a quite wellknown strong  female occultist on the scene . Although I have never met this woman in life ,I hope to travel soon , I have been in sporadic contact for  sometime and seen her work as in respect for such , a rolemodel mentor and  in some part as a form of guidance on my path.A lot of people do as a hazard of such end up disappointing me infringing their  p.c profane constraints or feel  the need to impose their morals judgments on my practice .Which is a valid reason why I am so selective with who I actually fully engage  with on such matters.
This  contact  is unusual for myself as I find few people I respect enough to want to communicate with or take their knowledge regarding occult matters  seriously .In general I  have little respect for most occultists or their enforced ideologies in the scheme of things within my philosophy, practice  or my life.The story goes like this ,one night I  was laying in my bed awake and I saw at the end of the hall towards  the living room a abstract light violet blue light it was made of a three d type of constellation of several trickling lights , I walked towards this luna embodiment I didn’t talk humanly to the spirit but I did hear her voice a kind of vibration melodic hum  now I know were coil comes from such abscract sounds are the communications voices of deamons , angels that penetrated my body ,in this instance I walked away after this communication and went to sleep. I wasn’t frightened nor did I before now feel the need to with my proof write this down in a journal or  to elaborate  it was a natural uncontrived form of communication , it wasn’t summoned this experience was again not through ritual but Babalons own accord. In that the spirits hate   be summoned by a obnoxious magician telling them to come , they visit uncalled for when they want to communicate with you , people should have more respect for such , in that they are free at no humans no matter what level of practice they pertain to be at command.This is the key to gnosis in that if you summon or command such to do your will , or call them they are likely to just for the hell of it turn themselves against you ,for your impertinence of feeling that you have the power to govern such.Spirits like BABALON hate people who command them or do not show any understanding or respect.Any other spirit visitation I have had in my life has always been positive because I have never arrogantly summoned such ,asking for anything , and I have met such in a pure state of asking for not wanting anything.If you ask for nothing , the spirits like the  LHP you are chosen not the other way round.Life is rich for those who have no expectations or feelings of being worthy or entitlement and , all the greatest things gifts come to those who expect nothing.As for Babalon as a spirit she is clear violet light blue luna pure beautiful summoning us into the light to be pure .Her vision is beauty creative and she is in luna clear violet light blue all.

The instants sometimes in sexual degradation in our practice , the spirits will intract to dismentle our negative ego.

As most practioners who work with the left hand path in the gnosis sense know , it is not uncommon for spirits to relate messages whether it be in thoughts or action upon our paths and in some cases the spirit guides in this case BABALON will replace the human iniator in such lesson learning .Of course we all as human practioners have to be careful not  to project experience  what we wish to hear from them , or imagine that they have expressed a deep communication that is inline with our profane wants desires , our motivations  but if you are in touch with yourself in pure TRUTHFULNESS  as a  practioner , you can listen to their lessons in whatever manifestation they take in REALITY outside of your negative  minds preconception.This is sometimes a far more PURE experience than learning from a human iniator , who brings to the practice whether they are aware of it or not , their certain profane motivations , human defects of character  to  such.In such interactions of shin spirit and human practitioner , you must not ask literally the question you are seeking the answer to or ask for help , you will sit wait patently for them in total trust to come to you PURE without your own preconceived ideas of the knowledge you want to attain , in that you give over total trust SURRENDER without control to such.To know what needs to be learned and done to progress , when they need to appear in your Gnostic development.I have had several iniations by my shin , in the form of lightmanifestations , sexual energy ,or mundane life or creative  experiences and in the now spiritual attack of sexual degradation on my profane ego. All I have learned sexually through energy manipulation or vibrations , sexual tantric practices has been spiritually communicated to me not through books or learning through human interaction on such.The iniation of mouth to ear has been even if not literally manifested by ear to mouth like LHP path traditions in the organisational sense , the communication has been as in the true ancient back to roots world , before the need for human iniation , occultism as it should be communicated  spirit to soul. I  want to now communicate a sex magickal literal example of the spirit dismembering the ego at point of orgasm dismentaling  literally through sexual degradation of  my ego.I found myself as a way of focusing upon energy mastubating in my bed one night both hands in use one on my throbbing clit the other fingers inside , I like to use both hands in such practice sometimes to touch my nipples breasts at the same time and sometimes which I find for sexual magick enegry to doubley pentrate my moist cunt and ass. Sometimes I pull a role around my neck at point of orgasm also this serves just as tieing yourself up a concertrated form of directed climax orgasm producing heightened transgressive states and a type of small explosion simintastley experienced in black out with physical gential orgasm.Obviously there are health hazards to such and  I sometimes like to prick or cut the flesh naked to let the shin Babalon in  or at point  of orgasm sometimes,  but you need to be sensible and know about the correct ways to use such things in the physical danger sense  of such.I used to inject in the groin this is not in drug use , Heroin addiction  has nothing to do with the LHP as it is destructive  not evolved  divine self acceptance of ALL love  but this is how I learned properly to utilise this area without drugs sometimes in my sexual magick practice which is another ideal place to in using syringes to offer blood on say a painting or as a gift let the spirit BABALON or sexual magickal entities through the pricks or cuts , again the vein is near a artery that can disable you physically if you are not practiced in such , but in using this as a opening  veins each side outside your central  sex you can in a trinity provoke estatical energy states in your work to harness. Like pericing the vula lips or two small cuts at either side of such. But enough exploration of such for now , this is bringing me to the point that at sexual orgasm on the night of  shin contact I had both hands fingers upon myself my sex nowherelses and I had the sense of choking erotic affixation  suffocation at the orgasmic point. I felt a force fling itself upon me in attack then suffocate to blackout at the end of climax such a force had disappear. I don’t have the feeling that the Shin Babalon was trying to attack me in a negative way this was aggressive but more the spirit do such as a form of showing me sexual degradation transgression at point of orgasm , at the time I had become quite passe about my practice , I had not been challenging myself and besides my art in my physical sexual magick practice had restored to comfort so I think that this was why the spirit chose this time to in my gnosis remind me to say on the path of the left hand  to not become blaza  about such transfiguring  gifted to practioners experiences or the fact that we are in the chosen few who are given the gifts to be open to hear messages of spiritual communication from such.And all true iniations we must realise in the true gnoisis sense of the word sexual magick related or otherwise are not communicated through human teachings , the root to all true PUREST without tainted human dictation spiritually , occulture is through the Shin spirits Babalon whatever name your spirit chooses ALONE.

She will walk amongst humankind and take flesh making your flesh hers.

A lot of the time we as human beings put too much importance on the flesh or our physical manifestion here on earth.Part of our development as practitioners is not being SADISTS for the sake of it but  we do find enlightenment in learning that our fleshly bodies are only a small manifestion of ALL.When I was a child , I was fascinated by the scent feel of my Skin mainly the scent of such, I used  spend hours alone in my bedroom  putting  my nose to my skin breathing  in the scent, I would sit mainly bent over pushed up against my legs , knees  and wonder about biting or penetrating it would be like , eventhough I never selfharmed regularly in my LIFE ever  besides in my drugaddiction using syringe penetration ,being intoxicated in self awareness aswell of course , I also like we all did would if I cut myself lick the blood or if I grazed my knees as children do pick the wounds and lick them ,I still lick my blood if I cut myself ,the intense metallic taste of such is a rush within itself solely, this was my first awareness of intoxication of our flesh or blood or wondering about what FLESH was , in themselves such things whether aware of it or not are rituals the start of us as humanbeings or later on practioners exploring our  essence here on earth . Penetrating our flesh physically not only allows FEARLESSNESS or trangressive states through ecstasy or pain but it also allows us to realise that flesh is just flesh and not totally precious , it allows us to know ourselves , to reaffirm our flesh’s human body mortality to transcend such to the spirit communication with ALL. For most of the time our bodies are but a shell to cover the main SOURCE of all the SOUL.Our flesh needs to be malleably penetrated not just for ritualistic reasons to offer the spirits or BABALON our blood as a devotional practice but also to be able to let our SOUL spirit BABALON in our  physically  , in our mind ,  in our body ,  in our soul to allow ourselves  the ability to SURRENDER. To realise that we are beyond worldly FLESH and are in our purest form SPIRIT ,for us even if in our  flesh body for these small moments of physical existence to belong to the spirits ALONE. Our human existence is indeed , our BIRTH  birth before we enter our true cosmos , our true universal place , earth is for our learning in preparation to enter the spirits higher exsistance ,our flesh is not scared in this sense of the word  , our flesh is nothing to all BABALON  and the spirits will tell you DEATH in the human sense of association  is just the beginning not the END to trangressing to our true ALL.This why when as a practioner if  you can communicate with the spirits beings of a higher existance you realise in penetrating your human flesh or reaffirming our beliefs that the flesh not the soul will decay ,and  that our flesh is meaningless .In this we can be truly enlightened free , free of the societal or manmade superficial respect of the flesh or our outward appearances ,  in that all these things mean NOTHING.In this we can if we realise these things through  such  we can be empowered . This practice is empowering for us  also not to fear our HUMAN deaths as the end ,so that  we can fully embrace this in its FULL BEAUTY and  not be constricted in anything move on in our work . As the start of our true BEAUTIFUL destiny potential . That the goddess Babalon will walk amongst humankind  in penetration physically of our human flesh and through entering us , reaffirming our belief in the importance of spirit soul over EVERYTHING  will make your flesh change in flesh to HERS.

Why Deamons thrive on our acceptance as our TRUE reflected images.

The thing is with spirits and deamons  is that they  YEARN for , they want us to communicate with them but they have ground rules .In that they want us to just as practioners we find acceptance through expressing ALL through having no limits being able to embrace the ugly aswell as beautiful , accept them with a open heart welcome every aspect of them as our BELOVED. To  not degrade or fear them for being everything good and bad , ugly beautiful the spirits want us to welcome them PURE of any preconditioned judgements they want us to say come to me I will communicate with you , free of judgment in pure acceptance love of all you are and just as  I accept my own imperfections as dualist perfection I will accept all you naturally are also in PURE LOVE.If you don’t get over fear or judgment preconceptions inbreed mostly through societial interpretation of such do not develop  the ability to respect love such , this is when the spirits play tricks on us , they will  be faithful to us if they only ask the small exchange of being open respectful of everything they ARE .I have in my times of communication with such never felt threatened or scared of such because I know with PURE intentions of speaking to such on these terms they will not harm me because they know that I accept and Love their ALL everything .They want us to understand that they are but our full enlightened soul refection that they are the same as us when we learn to let go of all that is connected with ideologies such as SIN or humanmade ideologies of what is wrong or right , ugly or beautiful ,that they are as close as we wish to try to attain lhp full potential  the TRUE radiating reflection of in his or her ALL the transgressed PURE human

The erotic electricity of BABALONIAN  desire energy

We can often reference the point of orgasm as a erotic gateway or name such in the obvious sense of being erotic BABALONIAN energy .Other times erotic electricity can be as well as at the point of orgasm achieved in the as we know mundane straight interactions of sexual intercourse , foreplay or singular masturbation using our hands or physical body parts but also BABALONIAN erotic energy can be transmitted freely without physical bodily contact around our bodies sometimes to climax through vibrations in the skill of  erotic electricity directed upon the body.If we as practioners are focused enough in concentration we can mediate such directed upon on our body and sometimes resulting through sexual magickal electricity orgasm.Sometimes with mediation your whole body in all can vibrate tingle with the electricity of DESIRE long after the conception of orgasm.In sexmagick practice we do this by focusing the electricity of desire fire around our bodies through concentration the feel of it against the skin a longer version , more intense experience of say the first  touch of the lover your attracted to on your skin.It is pretty much the same experience though focused in sexual magickal directed electricity upon  certain places on the body is more forfilling and longer in time , less brief. We can also absorb such electrical projections upon on our bodies through lovers who are practioners  mind projections upon our selves and through actual spiritual gnosis connection with BABALON herself. A lot of the time such energies are so intense other worldly , we have to be careful to not in the intensity of blackness that follows in a explosion to the underworld allow  if gnosis spiritual contact or projected from another  to stop these forces  from absorbing our energies in vampirism  to at point of unfocused climax draw us in.
We need to learn how to absorb this energies that are vital wholly but mould them into ourselves into POWER and not have such valuable erotic electricity taken away or projected in POWER  elsewhere . If you allow such this will drag you down to the blackness leaving no electrical DESIRE energy residue only you as a pale hollowed worn out emptied shell.
Though mastering such energy is a vital part of BABALONIAN sexual magickal gnosis and a powerful tool in attainment of our projected desires within the practicioners work.
Sometimes alone spirit vistors can to us make love

I have experienced regularly since the age of sexual awaking , primodival times when the spirits have made love to me .I have regulary been visited by a spiritual lover  or type of energy, its strange because without touching or normal penetrative action human on human we can experience such , such a has appeared to me usually at  times of  celebricey.
.Its hard to put into words such for people to believe such without EXPEREINCE my father once told me who had a gift for spirit summoning through the ouiji boards and grids that  one day when everybodyelse in the room was at the table trying to communicate with the spirit but not seated and he was in the room it wouldn’t work and the spirit pulled him physically over towards the table such things are regular   occurrences  for anybody gifted in spiritual transmission and most true practitioners experience these type of things but spirits making love is less talked about but just a stage on from this type of physical interaction with such.  This energy is different to projected sexual energy or energy projection  from one practioner to another . This is the feeling of like possession the spirit pushing on top of you into you , in this I haven’t seen the spirit lover in physical manifestation but felt the energy on top of me pushing into me , its not always a experience of orgasm but you feel the spirits energy pushing inside of your sex and on top of you in full sexual contact.The things people forget as well as possession of entranced spirit tongues spirits also possess human practioners sometimes in the act of making love , there is no sound or image to such but it is there in a physical energy interaction action of sexual possession.Feelings vary  to mostley  just the pushing down on your body knowing that in the felt action a spirit lover is there .Sprits communicate in a number of ways epically in the possession of making LOVE  and as creation is their essence it makes sense for the spirits to want to without a human transmitter communicate through making love sex also.That the spirits would if they chose communication choose to make love or sexual contact with us .This is not sinister in anyway such things are only NATURAL that spirit visitors lovers would sometimes visit us and make love.
In gnosis development no questions are best  asked.

My general opinion is  in gnosis people do not progress because they ponder intellectually upon and ask all the wrong questions.
Simplistic is the key to the essence of all gnosis in the sense its all about basic instinctual primordial feelings , energies the situation of naturally KNOWING communication to gnonistic enlightenment , put into action as a direct force and  not about the  negative  intellectualisation of such. A lot of occultists sit around as discussed before a table , in a cafe , on facebook in  so called “intellectual “ asking of questions that leads to in their intellectuality enslavement the unability like foregone equations to progress closer to any type of true gnosis unexplained natural empowerment or communication with such . Gnosis is like for example  kissing a lover in the fact if you don’t think about it in a contrived directoral manner it comes naturally  transmissions to you from  the spirits .Common Occultist questioning goes as follows What is Babalon ? Who is Babalon? Are you my great scarlet  woman? Where did Babalon come from in  our HISTORY? What are her origins? Are you here Oh BABALON? What is Babalon ?  etc etc Are you here ? if you have to ask shes  probly not there oh Babalon.This isn’t restricted to BABALON this can be attached to any occultists names of dieties or beliefs though I am just giving you a basic idea of such.
 Who cares about History you ask questions for a deeper meaning or to understand such , when none of these questions will be answered  because gnosis does n’t consist  of questions or  intellectual pondering’s . No gnosis consists of direct PURE contact alone end of .You think knowing something that has no History in its primordial roots is going to prove any direct solution or deep development in such work.The same goes for any gnosis exploration whether it be Babalon or otherwise , the spirits do not care for questions or intellectual pondering’s such things have no TRUE use place in their world , such things are profane forms of communications ,  humanmade illusions of how gnosis enlightenment should be reached and meaningless in a world without human words, were soul action is ALL. You have to live such things absent  of questions or theory you have to open to gnosis through your primitive stream of Pure consciousness. Spirits are indeed nothingness that’s not to say in a insultive way nothingness as we mainley associate it as  know it but they live in a different dimension which is different to our mortal world landscapes . You can direct spirits through a practice  but it may not form true PURE gnosis because in the spirit world numbers don’t exist perhaps  they will out of choice chose to come but this will not be because of ritualistic summoning of such.
In true gnosis just as in sex magick the spirits mainly reside in moments of not anal intellectualising but in CREATION. For myself as a  painter gnosis  is espically communicated through my artistic practice which is another branch of my sexmagickal practices. Just as spirits are drawn to sex in the action sense , my creative practices offer a way for  PURE gnosis due to their extreme psychosexual elements that consummated  mean her ,the ALL , which as in beast and Babalon or sexual magick is full unadulterated transexualisation connection to the divine . I also  have often in ritual consecrated  certain paintings with my blood , this adds to spirit communication potency and when  I start work I cut  or prick myself to allow the gnosis form of communication at the start of creation through them.  As said throughout History  spirits are turned on by creation by offerings of blood .If we use questions words ,  how can we expect to move on holding onto dead ideologies of actual communication . Sprits are a instinctual free source that  thrive on actual beauty  or contact through soul  direct communication . They are beyond us , so  how can if all these things are true about anything ethereal we be closer to  the answers or understanding such in constricted literal intellectual thinking. In my mind  in gnosis its best that  no questions are asked.

To Become A Human as a God .

What I have found is when somebody explains or gets up telling everybody about all their spiritual powers is that they are usally the most fraudulant.A lot of novices make the most noise but when it comes down to it noise is ALL IT ACTUALLY IS.I have walked away from several situations were SELF PROCLAIMED magicians will threaten you or intimidate  you by hinting at curses or SUPERIOR KNOWLEDGE . I have walked away in the rare situations , I have experienced such  on scene quietly or compiled with such admitting I am a beginner or know nothing , then have  gone home and directed manipulated energy onto such.People forget the thing is when you work truly with angelic daemonic spirits forces you learn to smile let things go on the surface then comeback to stab people in the back at their most open vulnerable.People are AMATEURS at being tricky and a true female daemonic avator or spirit or spirit worker is far more superior in such tactics NATURALLY.Another tactic is baiting people into thinking that they know your weaknesses by being totally open , but in that if you are totally open know yourself in TRUTHFULNESS their is no weakness such can attack or use against  you in your  true self comfertbility .I often think the whore Babalon aspect when dealing with profane amateur human deviants comes into action to use productively in the ability ,the ploy of the whore in giving over her sex letting the person  think you know her most intimately false security when you have NO TRUE KNOWLEDGE know nothing., Spirit and daemonic work teaches us also how to be tricky , how to reap revenge upon those who deserve such.Babalon knows all these things but she also takes care of protects those who are faithful loyal pure in intent as  she loves and fosters her OWN image in human  or spiritual form.As well as learning how to be quiet like a deamon and comeback for the TRUE ATTACK.The loudest voice in the room often with their posturing allows us as practioners to confidently realise we do have TRUE natural abilities and the lies from the truth. At first I would think I mustn’t be a grand MAGE as I hadn’t seen horned Beelzebub in cliche daemonic form or lucifer hadn’t wafted into my flat after a summoning in a hammer horror type of puff of smoke  or  I did  spells to make people rich instanteously bring down a pile of coins all these things magicians on the internet or at lectures talked about or in essays its really hard not to be intimidated by all this outlandish unknowledgeable POSING , POSTURING then I realised that was all this was , all these things were UNTRUE .That daemons and angelic forces came not in such cliche stereotypes but in energy vibrations to the soul , that I had been being a true real practioner communicator with such for twenty years or so all through my life .Using Dee tablets taught me this for the first time that my instincts were right and I had nothing to FEAR because communication with such forces had always been there.Spirit possession is manipulating their energy  OJAs into yourself , to become as in BABALON on equal terms of communication with ethereal enities to become daemonic to become not the cliche version of man as GOD in the dictoral power ego driven commonly human associated  way but to become equal to all daemons angels which are many and God in true multiple form , to evolve past all human inadequacies to another stage beyond such.This is the key to higher spiritual connection , to becoming a true higher intelligence practitioner to growth as accomplished workers of the magical spiritual arte to become a human as a GOD.

Images from the spirits come in dreams.

A lot of my paintings have come from images I have recieved in dreams or not from dreams when I have closed my eyes and waited for the spirits to give them to me organically .When I first started painting again though again this has been something with me all my life even when not in use I used to look at artbooks for ideas of styles etc , I started this way painting  again copying and learning how to paint in different styles then I let go of all this EVERYTHING and moved onto my own individualistic style without reference .I sometimes still do include my interpretations from photos or paintings but now I am moving onto a more natural dream spirit inspired practice .In that I try not to use physical sources although these  sometimes creep in due to the fact as a human I’ve seen alot of things physically in my life , visually and in manifestions of literal  art, so  its hard to be totally PURE , be your own thing but I do try hard to be this without outside infleuces and for quite alot of the time I now succeed in such . When I started painting using my experiences with BABALON sexmagick I tried to make sure I stayed away from visually any OCCULT cliches in what something should visually look like for example A Spare or naked woman withering with serpents or a horned Baphoment all these easy to   fit into standard cliches of Occultist art . I even had a problem labelling my work as it is occult art as its  not  what you expect the true sense  of the  word , most occult art I hate it isn’t spirit transmitted its just lazy , lazy people who re interpt the cliche of what the spirit world or magical world looks like without any real vision or PURE connection with such .They copy some dead artists vision of such without  adding or exploring any  new terriority of their own.My work in magick has always gone along at the same time developing deeper with my ART.People do realise that my work comes from a occult , sexmagickal or spirit contact angle in energy feel , subject matter but nobody sees it as a  cliche of such and that’s something I am glad about. As I use images from dreams with other images eventually I  hope that I will  attain my ambition to just use PURE spirit transmissions communications in my work without outside influences PURE.

Homelessness as a form Of spiritual gnosis

I have already briefly discussed sex work , drugaddiction and the street , in my first section of my teenage years . Now I want to talk directly about how my nomadic homelessness also effected my gnosis developement . In Indian spiritual traditions it is known of the tradition of hindu Aorga Sihdu  monks who get rid of all their possessions , and roam the streets begging not due to circumstance but as a form of none materialistic enlightenment .I recomand this as when you are homeless sleeping in the doorway you learn to not put so much importance on the human ego or worldly posessesions and in some ways being  not enslaved to such is a final act of PURE spiritual freedom , it is said INANNA /BABALON  disrobes of all her majestic clothing at the gates of Ishtar before entering the under world  , this I feel was my real life version of such interpretation.I  was disrobed of all my worldly possessions , I  was disrobed on the streets of my EGO , I was  disrobed of all clinging onto superficial materialistic irrelevancies which control most human lives to being just naked without baggage anything  free to my SOUL alone.Some days I think about such still and I feel it has been very close to developing my deeper understanding of our world what spiritually is truly  important and I still  care little for material possessions , or anything that drives most people in our world to go on.This is a way of stripping down everything and coming with pure intentions reborn again without Ego or in your trueself form humble to the spirits in PURE LOVE and another major turning point in all these facts to my Gnostic understanding in ACTION development.

None ethical  spiritwork

Alot of the time what isnt talked about is none ethical politically correct ways of using designated spirits , spirits have many uses once you build up a strong connection with such as well as the practical none ethical practices which can be in extreme circumstances used. These include direction of energy force whether it be in painting , mantra or a candle ritual of evocation to do enimies harm. Strong directed energy ojas is not just useful for sexual magatism or positive outcomes , it can also be directed with sufficent results to cause diease illness , death , or misery upon another human beings life.The dieties of Babylonian tradition such as the creatures of tiamet are idea for such purposes or the african yorba spirits all of which take delight in death or the darker spiritual elements of life , it also helps that most these dieties are founded like kali in wrath and do not hold any human attributes of care or morals. Of course ou summon such at your own peril and such spirits will never do a halfhearted scaring or hurting warning to a individual they are full on , its my advice that such spirits such only be used in extreme life or death situations such as rape or againest those who will do serious harm to others. For example to use such againest a woman who stole your boyfriend which is not a life or death situation remains unethical.I have though gone on to explain and use ritual herbs for serveral Babylonian dieties who can be used in such a way if needs be , though murete , kiumbanda , voodoo , and palo dieties who just as Babylonian dieties in atlantian tradition preceed most religions in their Historical primitive roots work just as well.Theirs is a time precivilised before laws structures of the modern world of the precivilisesd self that moralistically ethically know no BOUNDS.Pomba Gira and Exu although not dieties of  gods or goddesses but of street people as our  shadow self’s or deepest darkest desires aspects of the human condition psyche , work particularly well for these none ethical practices because spirits remain the same as when they were alive and street spirits of murders and hustlers mostly forgo morals and humanistic compassion , so would be more than willing to forfil your biddings evocations for revenge .In Indian left path varg marga traditions although the tradition is not to speak of the dieties you work with their are also a number of spirits and mantras that can be used for such purposes with strong precivilised roots and in of course the less talked about blood godess traditions of south asia.Aswell as projecting spirits to do your will , you can use lower spirits or lower attuned oja energy to magnetise or throw somebody off in other words ,to project your energy to say a less drastic form of bad luck upon a individual. All these practices are associated with as black not white magick though in the left hand path tradition all is the same good evil equal therefore neither knows no bounds or is lesser.

No literal Current leads to any source

I  am always not searching for a  teacher or anything in  the inaition sense of the word
 that  direct contrived way but always looking into any LHP philosophies or practices in such .I  have read many books on such from deamology , voodoo, Indian ,  golden dawn , celtic shamanism, germanic pratices to the obvious BABALONIAN neo Crowley OTO traditions  , I often look into leftpath organisations and I am always aware of most aspects developments in occult practice out there. I haven’t looked for iniation because I feel not one manmade directoral practice is able to combine  everything be as Babalon or Kali is ALL.
What though I often do come across is that all these groups practices are dogmatic and feel only their current is the way forward has  all the true divine answers .The problem is if you are too arrogent to be open to ALL take different aspects from ALL , you will never develop on the left hand path you will  be a slave to your own prejuices and only believing that you have been transmitted all the answers.The problem is within these names , these rituals , these forms of gnosis is that we do not get to the basic promdival man or woman  in  our  true tapped into uncensored fearless state.One idealogy is a prison , we can not develop to our current of being a pure instinctual bestial conquering form .Nor does one person not spirit have all the answers , we learn that their cannot be a master in any particular field or somebody anointed with all knowledge we learn that not in Babalon but in all gnosis we all have the ability to tap into a primordial instinctual force without the application of History . From primitive times man as he developed has communicated through energy thought before  he had pens to write , before the ritualistic alter , before indoctrination , and by taking magick forwards , we have taken it backwards and now such magickal practice needs to return back to its TRUE  nature  to our true roots without dogmatic restraint.This is a reason why sometimes having as little knowledge as possible or iniation  as possible allows us superiority to a more closer enlightened path full LHP  in without no bounds true ALL enlightenment .If we have no preconceptions as to what something is , we are more likely to find what it is really in its TRUE pure untainted unhuman essence.
Its always hard when you are taught something as being totally this or that to break it down without your own preconditioned thoughts of what it should be getting in the way , it is always better to be a PURE novice with no learning , if you are talented in gnosis
 naturally this is the best way to be , like with ART in that its always selftaught artists that pioneer or learned artists who have managed to totally dismiss all their teachings and dismantle all thoughts of what in the literal sense ART should be challenge all the teachings in such to develop to a PURE instinctual creative process to develop all aspects  of new territory  in a totally individualistic manner . No pioneer in any field did not take chances to do something totally free of clinging onto our dead HISTORY or  one thing that proceeded them in anything to be a free unslaved explorer open to new uncharacterised untrodden terrority .
The  grand INIATOR would probly benefit from taking note that he or she would probly learn alot more about true undiluted gnosis  grimoire   contact from their student of its purest manifestation.That in this the student or novice can be in fact the untainted unrestricted  MASTER.If you are intelligent in such you will able to see this I  have a
background in Magickal  practice from my Grandfathers free masonic roots , to reading , rituals but I have thrown ALL these  things away forgotten such knowledge through choice to move on in my true potential ,I have not let it direct me to any particular current eventhough I reflect upon BABALON as  my spirit guardian to relate my practice to I am not part of a dictated current in the true sense of the word or individual , like in art although I am self taught I do know my art History but I am able to evolve past such . I think a lot of serious occultists  should meet somebody who has direct natural contact to such force , in other words the iniated master needs to meet this true primordial pure other to combine as polar opposites to learn to beable to break down indoctrinated belief systems and return him or her pure  without so called intellectual superiority EGO to the true pure gnosis path without profane ideology attached to such to a place in the underworld where at the start  of all spirit TRUE creation lies.
The reason the iniator or master of whatever organisation or priestess  of traditional indoctrinated high MAGICK needs to go outside  of their constricted Historically taught temple of enslaved thought  that in their magickal groups  of like minded subserviant individuals all clinging onto sharing , indoctrinated none contact to the PURE source related ideologies  we become enslaved in agreement this is not comradeship this is stayed refusal , this is no future development on the lhp this is nothingness in the negative preconception of being without growth imprisoned to such , this is never experiencing or having any form
of true primordial high gnosis development. In that you need to like in ritual find embrace all elements , fire , air , water , not just two tablets of AIR we need all for elemental alchemical use and to be able to look outside of OURSELVES challenge what is deemed as safe. People often refer to in these groups finding their reflection but as in everything it is in our own reflection back to us only sometimes we can not see what truly without  being complacent needs to change .We need a source from outside of our EGO to direct us in such.You will not learn ANYTHING  besides complacent acceptance from similar in standing developed individuals or swooning deluded validations of our worth of practice your profane EGO. Though what you will learn from is a person whom is your opposite , whom is pure and tapped into the true sexual primordial , source of sexmagickal practice spirit , ALONE .Such a person can iniate the iniator by bringing him or  her closer to breaking down everything back to the base or true roots of magickal practice and gnosis spiritual contact . Such can teach the iniator  master or the priestess to in   re energising their primordial states how to be instinctual,free of ego how to be in touch with man or woman before and beyond his or her evolvement into civilisation or our intellectual stagnation.I was once told by somebody  a supposedly enlightened so called creative individual that few people who are never INIATED into the Historical context the manmade highrecky of organisations of Magick do anything worthwhile in magick or develop true gnosis , I would say  BACK that few iniated persons without the ability to throw away such be open to returning to our truest primordial
Spiritual roots fully in ACTION  embracing such do anything worthy of teaching future Magickal generations or in the scheme of being of any valid importance in our use to learn from .
In Spirits  gnosis  ACTION is  all to achieve anything if nothing at ALL in the true belief of doing through the connection with the spirits directly of reaching the truest forms of instinctual beast in his conquering form or pushing through to enlightenment of having ALL.

Why Psychic gifts go hand in hand with spirit work

Another thing I have had throughout my life is natural half psychic ability , too know when things have been about to sometimes happen as a warning , or if somebody has died close , or  certain things , or when a person is trying to make contact I ‘ve done it at exactley the sametime etc  as I ‘ve previously explained. This is also something my father has the ability to sometimes know news events or certain things before they happen or psychic feelings aswell as spirit work and the two things go naturally hand in hand. I feel if you have a spirit gift its likely that you are psychic naturally also. I have never even though used tarot or runes ever revealed anything besides questioning looking into my own behivour in my life any psychic transmissions through such but such things work will just to ponder on things and visually I love doing such through the cards in their image form.Tarot also helps us understand a lot of magickal language when studying CROWLEY it for example helps to know such for intepretation.Psychic ability seems another way of transmitting messages from the spirit world but these messages don’t stream through on COMMAND , no they usally reveal themselves in thoughts naturally messages when the spirit feels like it , fundamentally I don’t believe in  pay on demand spirit contact or psychic ablities CAN WORK  like true artistic INPIRATION because it happens naturally in feelings not all the time when the spirits feel its valid communicating such , not the other way round but I do feel psychic gifts with spirit work gifts go naturally hand in hand .

Fear of Snakes as a child

For most of the time as a child I became fearless but there was thing I never understood growing up , it was a deep phobia of snakes , I had this from the moment I become aware of my existence which seems odd for a lhp devotee considering the spiritual and Historical attributions of serpents to the current.I don’t have any fear of them now and if I dream of such , I see it less as a nightmare and more a form of spiritual spirit angelic deamonic communication .I had a few dreams with black serpents covering the floor or a large white snake and I found these transmissions things of beauty not of FEAR but when I was a small child this was the only thing I was petrified of totally utterly until the start of my teens.I don’t know why if it had something to do with a past life working with magick or something passed down from my fathers side who experimented with the occult or if it was to stop me from experimentally fully with everything until the right age time I would be at a stage to handle such ready.Just so you know as a child I also feared sex ,and drugs maybe I knew something about the path I would take all along all three things are things that are the essence of my magickal work existence .Its strange maybe all this was just avoidance putting off the evitable ,nowadays snakes appear frequently not in a obvious way but in my paintings with disfigured , sexual spirits enities also and I couldn’t image a world my world without the essence presence of such in my WORK.

 As A Child Always cutting myself breaking mirrors
As a child another thing that always seemed to be happening was breaking mirrors and cutting myself , not deliberately but I can count at least six incidents where I have accidentally broken dropped mirrors and pierced the flesh upon such. A lot of people say twenty years bad luck superstition though I don’t believe this too be true because eventhough I haven’t been blessed with material wealth I have been in my type of lifestyle very blessed and looked after by the spirits.When I look at drugaddiction homelessness , sexwork , rape any of these things on the street , I realise only one percent come out alive or survive such and this is why I believe in guardian spirits be it BABALON anything because surviving what I lived through or getting out is very UNUSUAL. During this time most friends died of ods , H.IV , street violence , etc and I don’t know many others who did properley cleaned up turn their life fully around , those who aren’t  as involed in that lifestyle or have left it still have mental problems of reoccurring nightmares of such and I  have basically remained mentally strong untainted by such , for most of the time any of the horrendous things I endured in that part of my life have been erased only coming out in KNOWLEGE of myself and the world around me , which is how I feel my guardian spirit wished it , blessed it to BE.My mother also told me as a adult she believes that I am special in this way , that its not just human me , but she feels their were  some spirits with me because in my life the odds have been so ridiclously set against me surviving any of it.I personally believe a lot of spirits were let into me as a child when I cut myself  on mirrors , I believe they worked to my benefit to PROTECT me not to curse me in anyway , I feel this was also another induction to BABALON or my true WORLD .

Secret Knowledge Through The Myth Of  Secret Societies has no existence or advancement to our Gnostic practice  work.

As practitioners we often believe all our enlightened experiences  will be reached through being bestowed  knowledge upon us personally by a secret society as in our “ego” chosen ones.
We hope one day to find a scared Egyptian  tomb were the ancient guru will reveal the mysterious to our whole existence meaning of such  or that we hope that we might in a organisation  elements of a spiritual path where we will be revealed all in a Utopia of all the universes knowledge.
We  think that we know that all these so called secret Historical societies hold knowledge the meaning to stopping searching or wanting or to be free.Not searching having all the answers to the divine or otherwise or being totally complacent through knowing all is not a part of the LHP unfortunately because if it was such subservient ideology would perfectly fit in line .
The LHP is about  challenging everything finding our own path on  our own undictated terms.This is not to say that we should dismiss structure or blindly just without any transmission go about in none magickally trangressive states , but it is to say as everyman and woman is a STAR it is only his or hers  own individualistic tailored to him  or her spirit related knowledge that TRULY counts .Searching for enlightenment knowledge that is tailored  for a group and usually DEAD groups philosophy dictation in lessons at that  does not make sense in the instant that if we are all individualistic stars how could one
 body organisation or society have enlightenment for progression on the left hand path to our full individualistic potential ALL.Looking for somebodyelse to relate the meaning of your existence is pointless and lazy in doing so we are avoiding the blood , struggle of our own individualistic spirit dictated path , in the LHP no practioner has a path but his/her OWN for growth , we all need to be challenged using different techniques we all need to learn about different aspects of ourselves , we all need to transgress on to the full embodiment of ALL in different ways,there is no in the literal sense right or wrong way.Maybe there will  be certain rules  if you want to explore  contact  with certain Daemons who don’t communicate to us naturally , who  aren’t our personally dedicated spirit guardians or   without evocation , to know for safety in traditional grimoire practices the forces you are dealing with , for protection etc . Or rules regarding blood and rose alter practices the traditional ritualistic elements  regarding BABALON  if we personally chose this in our DEVOTIONAL aspect of practice regarding ritual  communication with our chosen spirit  , that we might like to explore as a personal preference  but these things are not all compassing TRUE knowledge these are choices of things we like to do in truth  or experience for unrelated personal reasons our knowledge  comes from the universe outside of any dictated ways to attain such.
The reason that we call them secret societies or say that knowledge is secret or the secrets of the occult can not be translated into words ,is  that  direct gnosis personal spiritual experience is the key and energies or spirit contact is something unexplainable which do not translate like seeing a painting in real life to   in a book aswell on paper.This is not a amateurs perspective this is the truth  a spiritual gnosis can not be described in a directed manner , the spirits are beyond that , when in interaction with such.
That any secret HISTORICAL society has no heritage the heritage is the SPIRITS and they have none or relevance to living life now or beyond as we know it .The spirits were here before any secret society waiting with open arms for us with all our ANSWERS and this  is why secret through secret societies has no relevance to gnostic development.

Manmade  Systems ,Names are just another validation of the PROFANE Ego

When ever I  have read a new magickal system has been founded by somebody or that they have developed such , I am always a tad sceptical its THE REAL THING.I am also sceptial of humanmade systems because a lot of motivations go into such not always spiritual , such as selfimportance ,being validated as  a genius or attributions of the EGO. When a person says he/shes founded something and proclaims to the avator of some superior gnositic selfspecialised source ,or a  new GROUP its because you know these things hold more relevance to human domination or reputation or  gain than actual spiritual gnosis. For in spiritual gnosis nothing is new , nothing has a name , nothing has a system ,nothing belongs to anybody no one person is credited to such or to know EVERYTHING accept the spirits that are ALL. Knowlege from spiritual gnosis is betowed on All nor is their a manmade  credit for such , only visual creative symbolism in whatever  divine form the spirits choose to TAKE.  Rituals such as ouiji boards or satarnian grids or  spirit name talismans help us focus sometimes to call something  practice in  a name  or through  the activites of such putting down our motivation of communication with such opens us in that it  enables us to concentrate be closer to the gnosis elemental spirit but such things are as quoted before nothing validly to do with TRUE end product of gnosis contact they are just our own preparation work to such..Creative symbolism does not mean nesscasserley   outdated magickal tablets,creative symbolism is also in any form of visual symbolisation or art.Symbols in paintings which I use are regularly a  uninformed element to my gnosis TRUE ritual connection , in that I call the spirits through such not by name but by instinctual ACTION.
Manmade names systems are not a way of attaining gnosis if you have to be told that this person invented this or that or this is the name ritual to use to enable empowerment in some form you will gain no true PURE enlightenment. True iniates or left hand path practioners need no systems no ritualistic action in the contrived  rituals of this and that wand standing incense burning symbolism , for true iniates all we need is ourselves our soul our bodies alone for communication from the DIVINE or true enlightened gnosis.
The body is the root of all things in sex magickal practices to pure gnosis communication , the ancient shamans used to go into the wilderness without anything and wait for DIVINE communication spirits to  be in connection with the true nature of the untainted primordial universe this was the ROOT of all before the invention of ritualistic literal systems.Our full nature the body , the soul alone this is all we need to be true adepts of the art , to strip ourselves down to nothing and ask the spirits to come to us in a state which is PURE.Of course the wilderness can not just mean the woods , the trees or private meditative existing places , it can mean mind meditation and  it can mean like in the LHP as we do travelling without restrictions into the unknown pushing our preconceptions in physical action in the literal sense being FEARLESS in our mundane life experiences also.You know that systems or ritual practice only work as tools for spirit transmission in focusing such but true contact to the DIVINTY in any form starts simply  naked with NOTHING.
That new manmade systems usually have little to do with true gnosis and more too do with the human profance ego , for how can we as humanbeings be conceited enough to believe that we have discovered something whose roots proceed our own in everything.

For years even now I have tried to deny my magickal  hertiage

For years I have tried to like being a artist naturally surpress my true natural magickal heritage.I experimented with wicca  and celtic shamanic traditions , white magick early on but it didn’t connect with me deeply in any profound way until my friend evoked a interest in the left hand path with a book and I found I had a name for things I had been expressing , experiencing naturally in my life all along.
  I tried to like with ART be away from  magick for a while to be normal but all my heritage pointed to the fact  I had inherited all magickal aspects from birth , from my blood line , it has always been there I had no need to seek it out I was iniated but iniated by such by birth .My mother used to call me satans child and warn me not to play with spirits from a early age she denied it but also knew such to be true in my fathers bloodline and that’s why I was feared from occult practices from an early age  she ‘d then say their was nothing other than mundane life and such like my ART was a waste of time , she would totally contradict herself by admittance that my father had the “gift” who was very down to earth not prone to any fantastical types of imagination  the she’d take me to church every sunday to be EXORCISED  to try and GUILT me , it took me a while to even subciously wash such negative guilt fear away ,into not pursuing such which my father refused to go to ,because she knew my HERITAGE. My mother was always trying to restrict my potential in everything she told me I was n’t  naturally BISEXUAL or I should just meet a man ,she tried to make me feel guilty for my true sexual liberation ,she said  it was all  rubbish , she told me my heritage was rubbish also , she tried everything to stop my exploration of the OCCULT . Now she’s stopped doing so to a point because she knows its something I was born with she couldn’t STOP.A lot of the time though I got caught up thinking I must know this  or that HISTORICAL system iniations rituals  off by heart , that if I had not read ALL books on MAGICK  or had any of these things how would I truley beable to say I was a praticioner in anyway. Its hard because like in ART people try so hard to be practicioners  but the truth is both things are natural not learned .Like Art you can learn techniques to enhance such but your never going to be a true practioner without having it NATURALLY.How could I say this openly as most occultists  people would view this as EGO but these things are not said like being naturally a artist in EGO they are expressed because they are TRUE.And just because I have these things naturally I don’t feel that I AM A GREAT ALL KNOWING SOURCE on such matters I realise even natural abilities like in ART need to worked hard upon developed deeper or further to have their true IMPACT.
 In other words like I was made to feel I must go to ARTSCHOOL to learn how to be a artist but I see all these so called artists who think that their work is superior to mine but even with all their learning they do not have natural  intinctual ability in such or talent or will ever be great artists naturally.For a lot of the time those without natural ablities can make you feel inferior for not having in the dead sense of the word learned literal knowledge or ritualistic practice and this is why I questioned a lot of my capabilities because like art I thought it had to be ALL  learned , how would I  have anything interesting valid to say on the subject without such only natural abilities.How could I sit at a table of occultists who were “trying “ so hard to be something that I  naturally was  and discuss theories ,of this and that or philosophy of this and that , when my strengths were more in actual REAL ACTION.
All the messages came to this my grandfather a free mason who had a interest in occult knowledge to my father who had a gift though later he denied with communication naturally to the spirits ART is something also in both these people my grandfather has a natural ability for painting , my father drawing both without education had  the talent for creation another thing not pursued but it was there  I may have come from a background of little intellectualisation but I did come from a background of unexplained abilities  , the fact that although at all these stages I did not have a name my heritage was these beliefs and the lhp of all.Like Art all these things are in my blood and  my ancestral essence eventhough I chose at some times not to acknowledge it  for a long time that is a  line of ancestors who received and explored such practices.I didn’t find the occult or left hand path it had already found me even if I did not have a human  name for such it was already passed down from generation to generation in my blood even if I did not think about such this is the truth of how it is , how it was end of.I tried not to be ALL things I do not wish to feel I am chosen special in anyway or I am superior different to anybodyelse some  of the time I wish for a easy life but the TRUTH is that I was born into such and I had no choice I didn’t choose to  be a practitioner even if I did not throughout my life have a name for it , it was already in my blood being.I may have as said  before tired to deny such but the TRUTH is it will all come out in the wash eventually who we are destined to be , or who we truly ARE.
In saying this I am not saying that I am special or different in anyway but this was my designated path like being a artist something not in my power to CHANGE. You can’t deny the SPIRITS and eventually they will come out expose who we truley are.

How laying a ansectoral  shrine can be a way to finding a true teacher.
In afro derived traditions a  great deal of  importance is placed upon on honouring the dead anscestors and comunication with their spirits , it is said before entering high gnosis , or communication with high magical dieties  , you must firstley develop a strong relationship with the lower spirits of the dead ancestors.By laying a shrine of candles photos incense and offerings we can remember and form a relationship with such .This is espically of valid use if our ansencestors are from a magickal hertiage background , in my own background as my fathers side has roots in spiritualist talents , the occult I have through such relationships and honouring the dead , been able to forge strong links to my magickal practice. In someways such shrines and development of a deepened relationship to my ancestors spirits has allowed me a none human teacher in spiritualist practices or my magickal work it has allowed me through their spirits to find true teachers through my own ancestoral magickal hertiage.

The Flawed Occult Systems Of historical context and Postmodernist absraction.
The main problems I find when looking into modern occult literature or systems is that they are too living in the past in Historical context holding no true relevance to our modern postmodernist world or that in being post modernist they miss the mark in their invention becoming a unclearly strung together thesis of all types of belief systems without any true solid roots. I am all for pioneer work in magick which to my mind needs to evolve to mould change like everything to our modern lifestyles not to be stuck in the past but as well as being postmodernist or magick needs strong application direction roots STRUCTURE to become its true potent undiluted form. The first type of system based in Historical context dead practioners previous actions is to me the worse a lot of people just smugly reiterate such theories which if I wanted to explore or read I would go directly to the original source with no individualistic path , this is a bore and also advocates no true progression on our magickal enlightened path.Then in postmodernist magickal systems developed by people  suchas Chumbley and  Bertiaux we find  that a basic good “IDEA” to develop a system of their own tailored to their beliefs and our living modern world  becomes rough self indulgent and incoherent it doesn’t ever hit the mark in its full postmodernist  potential of suiting our modern world or being unflawed.One of the main problems with Bertiaux espically is the need to bring all elements from all things suchas magick countercultural references and not to know intuitively what he should dismiss, so instead he includes undiscrimatively  in very little detailed explanation  everything therefore becoming irrelevant and  weak without  one solid base to build up from .In my mind  most postmodernist occult systems do miss the mark though I have admiration for all those who at least try to be inventors not followers .What I personally feel is needed is away of keeping our solid roots but moving ritual into being practically of use in our modern world , for example in being able to construct our ritual with elements freely available  in whichever part of the world we live not obscure  rituals using things such as a snakes skull etc stuck in a time in Egypt where things were available or rare herbs in old ancient traditional work but constructed of things we can buy or are available in our modern world now.In the future I personally hope and believe there will only be one magickal tool needed to carry out ritual or devotional practice or communication with the spirits which will be the human mind , soul and body , that we will be walking temples and any magick will have the ability to be performed anywhere ALONE with nothing but ourselves , that moon cycles apporiate with our ritualistic workings will not matter that our magick will be a magick of anytime cycle.Also in the postmodernist sense of magickal work I ‘d like all outside cultural references from art subculture to be incorporated for our inspiration in writers suchas Jean Genet , William, Burroughs , Ballard , Rimbaud artists like example Mathew Barney ,Francis Bacon we can all find links to MAGICK in its true primordial force of psychosexuality or the fragility of the human condition something that through work we as practioners like dismentaling the human ego wish to transgress but that’s enough names of inspirations its up to you to find your own inspirations in our postmodernist modern world and attach such to strengthening invigorating your own individualistic path.
We need to keep the roots of magick solid in its base to build up our magickal practice to the stars in a vision of developing to whatever we seek to become to incorporate both elements productively the flawed systems of historical context and postmodernist abstraction to become one.

Part 4 Ritualistic examination into our Cultus of progressive Babalon gnosis

A Introduction to our Godesse

Neo Crowlean Christian Babalon falsified indoctrination.

The reason I feel that thelmite beliefs do not work  is that  they need to be  placed Babalon in Christian biblical context , this I feel has no revelance to pre pagan Babalonian beliefs , in that Christianity hijacked Babalon not the other way round and  the Goddess and beast existed  in time before  any Christian development indoctrination.Babalon does not belong to CROWLEY or the THEMLITES they have claimed her but as a watered down Christian indoctrinated male sexual fantasy version but not worked with her in her true shamanic original unbridled form. Before such projections Babalon was savage raw , Babalon/Innanna/Ishtar  represented raw female creative energy , violence , brutality in being animalistic primordial as a original god , most alike in  comparison  to NOW eastern traditions  KALI voodian Mamma Brigette
 or south american gods  in apporiating a primitive free  dangerous wild spirit .In progressive Babalon gnosis we take our goddess back in her true raw energy into ourselves , our goddess is not a deity of airbrushed pornographic sexuality ,her true state  our goddess is before man or woman  in his /her true uncompromising animalistic primordial pure state.In this we evolve further as human beings or practitioners in regression to our true none pc acceptable wild natures.This is true that  Babalon is  a true empowered transexualised  unbridled dominant force of NATURE.We are not worshipping a form of mere postured female sexual revolution we are worshipping taking nature into ourselves in destruction to the roots then creation in her ALL.

Babalon in her orignal  form of ophedian current state
In progressive Babalonian gnosis we worship Babalon in her pre thelmite tantraic orginal state .Energy use in kundulini is not just a invention of varga marga indian eastern traditions but the ophedian current is a strong aspect to true original PURE  Babalon worship also. In Babalonian gnosis the main elements of sexual magick and worship are reperesented by the trinity of BABALON who also goes under the name of her full masculated form Astaroth the full elemental empowered transexualised form , Lucifer the beast or masculine side ajoined by the deamon satan the serpent in SEX or creation. In Babalon orignal shamanic based practice can when we as female  or male practioners combine   bring these deamons elements together in union. To therefore produce the enlightened empowered individual in touch with all aspects of their personna masculine and femine.I see it not just as a concidence that two of these strong polar elements deamons are in my star sign Aries being Lucifer beast and Satan Snake which lends strong foundations for empowered rooted Babalon possesssion with Babalon /Astaroth residing in Cancer.
Like in creation of art such combined elements help us  as practioners acting outside social dictated sterotypes the freedom of full unrestricted expression. So that when all  three elements are combined in sex magickal unoin or in ritualistic concertrated mediative summons of all three forms of elemental energy the end product of the  ophedian fire snake satan lays central of the body and soul running up the spine as the central source of combined divine transgression of polar opposites together binding to form one ALL.In such a transformation of embracing ALL elemants we regress and  progress to a type of human being before modern restrained civilisation ,to a man or woman with no limitations enforced upon them , to our true divine precivilised selfs aware of the world universe whole and of enlightened divine understanding of everything .In these elements orignal true Babalonian worship has more connection with the typhodian than Themlite traditions in being formed orignally on psychosexuality  polar energy transferance absobtion in  trantric traditions and not  being Christainally symbolically tainted  in being in its full state a ophedian current also .

Babalon  as a Crowlean invention  .

As I deleved further into the History of Babaylonian tradition , I realised that in these traditions pre christian BABALON and beast does n’t exisit in that in reality Historical context their was no Godess named Babalon or before neo crowlean christian indoctrinated tradition. In this aspect I wonder why we don’t chooses to acknowlege Babalon by her real original name Ishtar as Babylonian godess of love war and patron of  scared prositution.In these traditions although several Babylonian deamons hold animalistic or opedian qualities such as the creatures of tiamet they are seperate from the Ishtar solo existing diety.So by placing a beast in the equation or serpent we have only created a role for the “man” in intractive sexaul magickal practices which holds little or any revelance to Ishtars existance as a solo diety and enables in modern Babalonian worship most  men who in my mind have  prositute fetishes to be part of in ritual unempowering male on female sexual roleplaying without  any true depth act out in a safe  contrived enviroment  and holds no  revelance to true Ishtar devotional practice.Orignally Ishtar was worshipped by the scared temple prositutes and female preistess es or devotees of the community roses where laid much like in thelemite  Babalonian practice  today and men in Babylonian tradition where forbidden from Ishtars temple in other words her alters where laid for and by women to celebrate scared female sexuality not male beast orignitated DOMINANCE.Ishtar unlike Babalonian worship today that has made the man a promiant figure within it focusing on female submission to man as Beast or such was nothing to do with male titalation or arousal , Ishtar was connected to the sercrets mysteries strengths of WOMAN alone , there was no throne or place for the male except to recieve the temple prositutes scared services at the alter or cult of Ishtar.Ishtars scared prositutes never consented to belonging to men like in modern watered down “babalon” semen indoctrinated by Crowley they were in the true sense open to ALL.In this my first exploration of Babalon in the thelmemite traditionalist sense evoled into the pursuit of Babylonian pre christain , pre atlantian traditions whose roots like voodoo or africian traditions predated all confined westernised idealogy.The first stage was to myself destroying the Babalon and beast myth that held little fact or foundation in pre bibical beliefs .To call Babalon by her real diety name Ishtar in her original form and pursue eventhough this is my chosen devotional diety incorporate other deamons deities not connected  with female psychosexuality , empowerment sexuality within my work to explore all aspects of gender and uses of deamons , dieties for different purposes and aspects within my spiritual work. When looking at the archetype of Babalon or in reality Ishtar its easy for us as women to be dragged along with profane explorations of female strength feminism ,or sexuality , and the female deamonic just as Kali is one diety is a small aspect of spiritual evolvement to our full practice potential.I came to this stage naturally like I also came to the stage of through using Dee grids and traditional western grimoire traditions embedded in post christian indoctrinations that their was more to gnosis than personnal or gender political adgenda .Of course as a artist Ishtar or female deamonic beliefs or transexualisation of being all aspects male and female positive negative violent and soft come into play but art can be personnal political unlike spiritually which seeks in its absense from societies indoctrinations no such profane human created agendas.In ancient Babaylonian times Ishtar the daughter of sin represented the goddess of love war and patronisation of the scared prositution born in easter what would later represent Jesus ressuration and celebrated by the planet venus , Ishtar associated also with the luna cycle was worshipped by only women devotees at her temples , in the fact women where those only allowed to her alters of worship , and only men could visit for connection with the divine scared prositution female avators of this godess outside of such.In these times the beast was not included nor did the male hold any superior or equal relationship to such , the male wasn’t rejected or hated just irelevant in the fact he did not hold a place promient or unprominent in the cult of Ishtar it was all about the woman only ,her scared sexuality not his.The man would of course not to say have his own dieties like ANU to worship or celebrate masuline aspects and in this temple the female would be forbidden also. In reality in these different dieties men and women found a way to celebrate their differences neither being more equal or promient than the other , but to make the temple of Ishtar a male as practice as well does not make sense and in involing a beast fictionised counterpart that holds little except in sexual magick in the scared act of prosition through tantra or divine sexuality in intercourse  or profane sexual roleplaying relevance is a distraction qualling  one diety that was just a celebration or female sexuality empowerment. In many ways you can know the Historical facts and such things without evolement invention past our own preconceptions if you choose to ignore add irrelevances become less rooted , less potent , more about personnal adgenda  disfigured into something that holds no purity or truth. I do believe in postmodernist magick in the idealogy of making our practices evoled modern in line with our contemporary culture though what I do not believe in is adding aspects such as the fictional beast or the mathemathical equations of Dee or Aberlin which distract from pure gnosis disfuring the shamanic  simplistic into the complicated end of .I stopped using all referances to western tradition a while ago to remove myself from indoctrinated beliefs to try and seek out the real roots of pre christian indoctrinated BABALON /ISHTAR  , I felt this was a major step forwards throwing away all profane indoctrinated idealogies and returning to my occult practice pure again  to break down all conceptions to the basic TRUTH.

Babalon/Ishtar By Luna

When working with the babylonian current a important aspect like the tibetians to remember is that all rituals are performed in accordance with the star maps and luna calender.
The night at the time of the wanning or full moon like tantra left hand path evocations are the times connections messages from the Babylonian dieties are at their most empowering . This also as well as Babylonian tradition worship being celestial fits into the wholes aspect of scared whoredom sexuality in the night time .Moon calenders and the stars allow us to link our practice to the heavens though unlike western complicated astrology that now as well as chinese star patterns holds many complex metraphysical patterns associated with ritual , personality and life situations assoicated with such the Babylonian which is the first form of known astrology to humankind depends on a more abscract shamanic lose structure .
It is true to say that although the earth changes , in its modernisation , its decay , its technology , its enviroment the heavens and basic constellations throughout the evelolement of millons of years of time remain static the same. If we are to understand babylonian transgression back to its as a religion shamanic roots , its philosophy and history we must in order to form with the deities communication in it orignal form know this traditions neverchanging constellations also.
At first the simplity of Babylonian astrological pattern is complexing , it is new at the birth the end of all star constellation use in MAGICK.Therefore Austin Spares signals are replaced with the herbs and astrological arabic cuniform signals to summon or invoke spirits for our chosen paths of guidence all these ritualistical elements that are astrological  and therefore connected to the energy of the universe in flicks of astroligal light in the primovedival darkness each star is connected to sexualised energy projected upon our bodies tapped into the universe for our use.Also in the  darkness of the night sky againest the flicking light of the stars we find  masculine and feminity , we find polar oposites combined in harmorny in bisexuality in final attainment of the divine through progression to a transexual higher mystical state of human consciousness and final product within our lives transgression reflected within the HEAVENS.
 When using spirit divination and luna calendar is the prayer of the lifting hand  just as the  the santerias use candles with certain designated psalms for magickal intentions to be forfilled ,this  often  consists  several stone tablets which use arabic cuniform writing to speak each dieties name , we can place such names with their uses in paintings to under our will just as astrally  projecting our bodies to our will forfill our wishes with in our mind strong intention and project with force upon the universe a change in evocation and detrimination of our circumstances to a desired effect .If we are to work with such spirits aid and  change our luck destiny or develop our motivations through such rituals , it is best that we perform such rituals at the right time of the month when energy and celestial energy can be most from the heavens be utilised .It is not a prerequisite to have a deep profound knowledge of  all astrology they appear in the heavens in their constellation of course dieties can be summoned when not residing or in their celestial constellation timeline but certain rules always apply for sucessful  magickal work or a more potent form of work all magickal work is to be undertaken at night in the luna cycle and serious evocation ritual in the eclispe or full moon cycle.

Babylonian Gnosis
Babylonian gnosis is starting a much needed revival ,of course  it  had previously enjoyed a brief christian tainted re emergance through crowley and themilite beliefs which has now become a cliche pop sterotype  of the sexually free librated woman or of sex magick but now a lot of practicioners such as myself and a couple of others I know closely are realising in their work Babalonian gnosis is much more .This small group of likemined individuals are sharing  the common belief that the future lays  in bringing Babylonian tradition back to its Babylonian beginings  preceeding all western indoctrinated magickal traditions that are commonly in place today.This does not mean this group is a iniate group or focusing on being a magical society , it is just that within others I have also found the tide changing and a common interest in forming idealogies past the more commonley associated crowley beliefs regarding Babalonian worship or devotional practice in general.That in abolishing from our practice  all western magickal traditions mainley like Dee ,Crowley  or medival magick with reversed christainity as its roots base , we can evolve  our practices to pre christian traditions in Babylonian philosphy and take the foundations or indoctrination and negative christian association dogma out of our magickal practices today.

“This my vision of rebellion my manifesto all we need  is to  rip it up , tear it up , smash it all down take it down to the ROOTS  anilate destroy  bring everything down crashing down to PURE basics  and  in destruction   find enlightenment in the birth of all CREATION  in order, we have to START again to find  TRUTH.

How Spiritual possession is    another alternative form of ritualistic cannibalism.

What I have as a practicing occultist always found fascinating is the ritual of cannibalism in ancient traditions as a way of absorbing the dead’s characteristics strengths their SOUL. In many ancient religions it is believed and still in primitive south american and african tribes that devouring the dead is a way of devouring the spirit of direct communication with the underworld.The very act of feeding on a enemies hard was said to transfer his power.When I summon the spirits for possession into my body psyche I also relate this to feeding upon the underworld the dead transferance of their powers to my being of their INSPIRATION their strengths . Such rituals are another branch to myself of the true motivations behind ancient ritualistic cannibalism. In the ability to take their powers energies within to manipulate adjoined with my own soul , to as in cannibalistic rituals were the dead is through consummation , through eating physically transgressed to a act of creation or living possessed in a human body again rebirth , so does my practice allow the spirits a channel of rebirth , through possession into my body , then through creation of ART and spiritual possession to myself is just another form of ritualistic cannibalism in consummation of the spirit. Spiritual attuned transmission  of the DEAD living on through myself , through ART of daemons relating their messages telling  to our world as 
spirit maps.