Monday, 6 June 2011

The Art Of True practice Means Humbly Walking In All Aspects Of Self Without Shame To A Real Passage To The Spirits , Our Higher Self.

I have always held the strong belief that full action practice regarding the spirits lhp is everything and that I was willing to push myself carnally and fearlessly without constraints bounds to my truth, my  higher soul.Nothing in modern society maybe be shameful regarding sex or anything anymore but what shocks is the ability to express and live in imperfect truth . To let others see all our fragilities human shortcomings , for it is in the discomfort of a reflection allows others also to see their own .Its a harsh truth for most people to admit their darker aspects or to be fully naked in their own truth know themselves vulnerability expose who they are but in exposure of everything in even our human profane weaknesses in knowledge of all aspects of our human failings lay the true keys of strength.The spirits universe know all our secrets our failings we can not lie to them they strip away everything to the root exposed reborn as children , everything our beautiful our sometimes ugly radiating truth of who we are , what we’ve done , they know everything , we come to them pure naked without shame , without fear of them seeing our real trueselves.I personally feel that embracing all celebrating all our good and bad , weak and strong , ugly and beautiful aspects as equally valid radiating the truth of who we truly are .In the comfort with all things within ourselves including the cruel , the violent , the soft the kind we move onto a higher soul level of fearlessness and comfort in our own individual being of that if you walk around naked for all to see what can people do to hurt you , what can people do against somebody who is comfortable with themselves in all aspects , what can hurt you , what can disempower you , when you live without bounds in your own truth.There is some type of integrity attached to those who are able to embrace all aspects of the soul live on a level with the spirits in no matter how harsh exposed truth.People may judge my practises that although I wouldn’t advocate to everybody are my own uncompromising path , but what they don’t understand is what I always do in truth , truth on a level with the spirits that embraces fearlessness who I truly am bloody ugly naked in the gutter on my knees , my daemonic and angelic self all aspects as like the spirits equally valid . This is what is meant by the magician or practitioner has come to equally work with the spirits the gods that he or she works fully exposed with no profane fears naked exhibiting their full soul natures imperfection in his or hers pure individualistic state to transgress to equality with the spirits .As human ugliness , violence , degradation etc is only connected to the profane human ideologies and all is equal if at the heart of truth of the evolvement of the soul in the spiritworld , in the spiritworld nothing is shameful or disgusting nothing is feared in that the only thing that is valid to higher development of the self and asked of by the spirits is that we live a full exposed life in truth.It is a insult to lie to the spirits like ourselves they know everything our true reflections to the bones every shortcoming ,so if we are to work with such we should start our practice by on our knees not hiding anything of being truly naked in our soul stripped down to the truth of our imperfect self’s of every radiating fragility .This is how we work with the spirits on their terms of truth equally , this is how we enrich and transgress our practices to as practioners be equal to the spirits , working exposed honestly in full soul.There is no shame in this and after humble fragility of exposure of all our profane defects of character comes strength empowerment through being able to take on all aspects of ourselves humbly without ego in truth.For most of the time truth is truly the last taboo of the human race , and nothing is more discerning or shocking to man or woman than the idea of living a life totally in the truth of everything of being naked , imperfect of showing all of ourselves naked in truth to the universe , the spirits and physical world around us.Though for left hand practitioners being exposed in truth naked is the first important step on our paths to connection to divinity .The realisation that all aspects of ourselves must be exposed comfronted that we cannot hide , ourselves , that we are to live a life in the sun exposed in truth without pretence is in embracing all even our weaknesses the first true step of spirit to man or woman initation.In that for most of the time occult practise has become intellectual masturbation of the human ego but true practise means humbly walking comfortably in all true aspects of who we are without shame embracing all which leads to a real passage to the spirits and the true higherself soul.

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