Monday, 6 June 2011

In Interaction With Gheudhe Spirits We find The Elemental Roots Of Sexual Aggression

In interaction with the gheudhe spirits , we find the elemental roots of sexual aggression.Of course in discussing such I do not wish to deamonise such spirits they have their other softer aspects like their care guidence to children but like Pombia Gira is a spirit of love who has also a more vicious violent nature in being  dualist they do also  and we should not judge them but accept all aspects if we wish to work with such fully.All should be given equal value of who or what these spirits are .In that gheudhe sexual possession means surrender to the rougher elements of sexuality inflicted upon the body .For example Gheudhes suchas Baron Kriminel Baron Samedi,Bakalou Baka , Nibo,Baron Lundi serve as the most harsh extreme link to the shadow sexual anmalistic violent self.As in sexual interaction with a man possessed by ghedhe ,you will be taken and fucked until bleeding in every weeping orifice then left violated in acts of the most violence projection of sex without control. Acts of sexual interaction with these spirits can include the physcology of rape of enforcing sexual projected violence upon every bleeding orifice , in that gheude possession is neither soft or kind , and it embraces all perversions aspects of masculine destruction fire violation .Sex becomes in such exchanges a energy exchange of destruction violence which makes way for creation a type of spiritualist rebirth.For a woman enduring extreme acts of rough sex rape upon the body through the male partners possession of the gheudhe spirits allows not just victimisation , or the ability to take the role of the victim but if endured the transgressive aspect through violence pain or being taken against will through struggle to transgress through these aspects to a purist form of communication with such spirits and take the force upon within herself to become through extreme energy exchange stronger.In that rape or sexual aggression rough sex being taken without our human will allows surrender of the human ego and the ability to be in contact the lowest aspects of the soul of the most undiluted forms of our primordial natures spirits .That for most of the time a full life and practise is constituted by the ability to consciously be open to all forms of the lower aswell as higher aspects of the spirit the soul to know everything including our shadowself’s in
rooted awareness of our spiritual world and  the world surrounding us.I talk about rape sexual violation not in the westernised sense I do not advocate abuse , but sometimes if you are a practioner even abuse degradation can have its uses or be empowering in also gaining full communication with our soul or elemental spiritual universe in experiencing everything all aspects of our true human natures good or bad without profane preconcieved judgements.Of course there is a difference between exercising a individuals sexual perversions preferance for pain rough sex or rape upon the body consciously as a descion of our inclinations a personnal erotic turn on , to the act of spiritual surrender or occasional act of gnostic practises of martyrdom. Martyrdom is a saintly purist selfless spiritual act of transgression of through tranced forms of pain relating to a higher plane of the spirits of the dead or universe and it is not practised as a form of turn on attached to the human ego or for just humanistic aspects of arousal , it is about sacrifice of the self to find through extremes through enduring pain or violation a higher of state of the conscious self. To be at one with the elemental spiritual universe.This is where rape or rougher elements of sometimes unconsensual sexual interaction come into play when dealing espically with gheudhe possession and the world of the gheudhe.Gheudhes also act as intermediates between life and death and in these experiences we find a way to find passage through questing our mortal physical status to through extremes find a gateway to the spirits of the dead to be reborn in the image of the spirits again truly feed alive.Gheudhes feed upon life then replace the lifeforce with through such interactions something higher a alternative state of spiritual world , a place were a man or woman meets death and life at our subconscious crossroads.If as a female practitioner we decide to work with male gheudhe we can transgress to a more aggressive empowered state of taking the man ,or in the elements found in maman Brigitte to being assertive in masculine aggression of conquest to reach a state of through maculated harsh energies projected through possession a way to find connection with all elements of the shadow self included to transgress through extremes to being ALL .In that in the elements of Gheudhe sexual aggression lays the wisdom of destruction to move way for creation a bridge to our full elemental spiritual world and the knowlege of having no fear which allows his empowerment in the spirit and our grounded lives worlds.

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