Monday, 23 May 2011

The Soul The Body Is The Temple , The Physical Temple Is The Street In The Urban Shamanism Of Our Postmodernist World

In the past elemental or shamanic practices in the right herbs natural not man made wilderness of ancestors we find the stereotypes of traditional shamanic traditions , though now as we move towards a more postmodernist world we learn to find divinity shaman nature in the cities the manmade .We learn to adapt our elemental natures to be everywhere to our modern world . For practioners of the arts the man made becomes our natural urban environment, in spirituality , we need but our bodies for possession soul from the spirits to be a vessel for transmissions be it in our  words physical action  or creatively through art . We need no other tools than ourselves to with base spirituality purism through transgression be all to the understanding of our full spiritual potential .The fact is now that natural shamanic traditions aline with nature are forgone for now nature has in modern society been replaced in most cases by the manmade and the cites are our elemental roots not the trees the fields for most of us living in the cities . So we must learn to adapt the natural aspects of practice artificial in these elements that are our postmodernist form of nature with the rooted aspects of the need like the shaman to use only the body the flesh the the soul the our true primeval untainted natures dictated by birth , that lays in unsuperficiality of being none manmade or elemental roots . Therefore the body replaces the need to see divine in the trees the rocks mother nature is but our imperfect humanistic selves . We learn to see life energies from the street to see the highways , the towerblocks as living breathing spiritual elements to attune ourselves with as nature now as divine as the running streams as our modern form of postmodernist wilderness of being at one with urbanised nature in the modern world.The modernworld evolves so does spirituality shamanism also nothing stays static and the strongest rituals are adapted worked in the living breathing now not the past or in our own environments .In my own practise I find the notion of nature ritual being in line with divinity a bygone notion I find urbanised practice on the move much more suited to genuine divine connection and of course practical.The cities buildings are now a part of our language environment magically or otherwise and to not acknowledge postmodernism as well as primitivism combined is none dualist and we need acknowledgement of everything to be all.In Gheudhe , Ezili Danto , Pombia Gira and Exu we find spirits although purist brutal savage elemental primitive in aspects ancient that transgress perfectly to urban shamanism of a city enviroment . In the packed graveyards , the crossroads of the cities , the alleyways of the dispossessed , the towerblocks we find places to practise our devotions in the city of vice . Transgression rites of passage initiations take place in the alleyways upon our knees , the formal ritualistic workings of such with the alter the right words replaced by initiation by in real life initiation through rites in our lives the street enviroment to connection to such spirits transgression through urban shamanic practices .The street becomes a spirit map , the street becomes a temple a playing field for development to connection of our true elemental natures capabilities .Rituals honour the gheudhe the dead in graveyards of drugaddicts prositutes of the dispossessed forgotten city dwellers, the city is nature to full spiritualist contact . The buildings tower above like trees and we see the soul the divine living in all these things the alleyways , the towerblocks , the streets our natural urbanised environments .Nature is postmodernism now nature is the cities now nature is manmade and celebrated in urbanism being mother nature now of being aline with spirituality divinity now.This is a type of postmodernist primitivism combined , in the streets we do not dismiss the knowlege of our ancestors in nature , ritual being specifically important in tradition instead we adapt our nature to our own ideology lives today inline with postmodernism , while attaining the primitive aspect of working as we feel natural instinctually all within our lives , or the primitive knowledge of knowledge that the body soul are the only tools we need for spiritual connection to the divine or passage to living in our own truth with integrity .
So that the body the soul becomes the main temple but outside of ourselves in ritual invocations , the street becomes the new working temple for the shaman . The street becomes our  physical temple of the progressive idealogy of  urban shamanism adapted to our postmodernist enviroment world  .

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