Friday, 3 June 2011

The Practise Of Artistic Vision Which Links Occult Vision As a Form Of True Art

For a lot of the time in western goetic ,kabbalah metaphysical approaches that deal with intellectualisation , the connection between the practice of the occultist as a artist and creativity art with our esoteric vision is ignored . To myself as a painter and a writer I found without such creative grounding ,it would be hard to have a deep understanding of the workings of occult magical practice . Creation is at the root of everything and understanding the importance of the tools of creation is another vital aspect to as in ritual practise understanding creation from nothing as a magical act or creation artistically as valid in regards to connection of the aspects of creation in our universe.I personally feel that there is no difference between the practitioner and artist , natural talent is a gift from the spirits , as transmissions from the spirits without force is also.The idea that all artists are magicians using manipulation on their audience to if truly great artists provoke a reaction response , in other words to as in the ritual of magickal  art use manipulation for their own motivations which  is also a close link between glamour magic and art . In the fact that in a moment of somebody seeing something like a beautiful emotive painting by say Goya or Bacon they are forced under the arts spell to feel something deep in radiating truth pulling at their guts to make them Feel in a magical act moved by the ART.Art often acts as a talismanic object in that it is placed as a energy gateway into the world separate from its creator it goes out in the world to live its own life separately effecting its own environment and like the spirits is immortal .In the fact that all true  artists are obsessed with their own mortality and being immortal as this is a way not in ego but in wanting to be  like the spirits ,to be immortal, the quest to be unforgetable to live forever in peoples minds History surpassing death  allows us to want to and  to keep creating art.In dreams we find if artists we can use as a spirit  gateway to our interaction to coming through as well as our more elemental grounded esoteric through our own earthly plane life experiences . In my mind another aspect which links the artist to the occultist or mystic is the need for the artist to sacrifice themselves fully to art, to be in touch with the fragility of the human condition  which acts as a kind of type of gnosistic martyrdom of truth .All great artists and occultists also have this common link of pushing past the constraints of civilisation seeing darkness as light , light as darkness , all things as valid beauty in the ugly , pushing through extremes of embracing all to the soul , to the raw bloody truth of being on a quest for continual truth seeking no matter how harsh of questioning seeking truth of knowing no bounds . Of wanting to bask in the glory of the unflinching brutality of the human condition of all the true essence of the SOUL.The works of Bertiaux , Chumbley and Spare all link artistic creation with being a true practioner of the Arts , in that for most of the time you can not have one without  the other , creation in whatever form it takes is linked to true progression as a occultist.The energies used when creating Art are in essence the same spiritual energies of transformation used when creating a magical ritual with intention , or working with the spirits on a level of purist transmission.In essence all spirits are forms of energy therefore in a act such as painting the energy when possessed is harnessed projected into the Art . Again  we can see physical proof of such  for example when looking at a painting by say Bacon  that there is a certain intensity energy attached to it , not in its physicality but something else spiritually there that allows this and all great art to provoke a feeling or emotive response.In my practice I use many aspects of religions , but not in their original form , not unlike Spares Neither Neither system that took many influences adapted to his own creative postmodernist way of as a artist and occultist working combining both equally .Though at the root of all my work with the spirits and at my art is the need for creation , creation is the root of all before destruction before everything creation is the start and everythingelse follows.Which links artistic vision with occult vision in being the true form of ART.

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