Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Urgent need For The Spirits Manifestation In Life.

When exploring the spiritualist traditions  shamanic mediumistic systems  that deal with the once living now physically dead spirits .Of palo , Quimbanda Voodoo and Santeria is the running theme feeling need of all spirits associated with these religions need manifest themselves in life still.This comes across in spirits need to still live life with ourselves walk among us none rested in communication to still teach the methods ideologies of a full life in and after DEATH. A lot of the time this explains fully the practioners need when invoking to transgress all things in physical life exploration of all things to pursue a life like the spirits without LIMITS to whole fullness of being .Possession therefore being a full exploration for the spirits of life in death manifestation also , of a way to still for them have a full life through us .These spirits on a low spirit level of being elemental not enochian or of higher celestial form that has never walked upon the earth , as the spirits of the physically dead wish to cling onto communication living upon the earth to be here as a gateway between this and our world. They have either the need to through a full life love of ALL, things good and bad transgressed to the highest level of fragile humanist imperfect qualities , the need hunger to feed upon life through us as living practioners through death ,the need to communicate of forfil a pact or full life they did not possess when living hunger to communicate , or a need to cling onto communication with loved ones after dead , either way the elemental fact is such spirits have not given up on life . So transgressed even through death they motive the need to still form links manifestations with life or experiences through for example sexual , violent extremes that prove a gateway of full untainted experiences of life of being LIVING.In their hunger of feeding upon all extreme human emotive aspects , life whether in the profane sense of the world good or bad as any form means of reflecting life the living into themselves.
To animate the blood and bones of the physically living as shells husks for their own forms of living inwardly outwardly even when dead a full life in the world.
Caution is needed for the none brave because in invocation all spirits have the same motivation to communicate live a fullness of life through others here on earth through all savage elements as well as softer to feed upon without constriction all forms of the human condition in its radiating ugly beauty to FEED to FEEL everything in divine understanding of their love of life.In living within the living , life landscapes of ourselves pushing smashing all human contradictions limitations the spirit is the libertine in his or her full form without limitations living a life without fear. Smashing all in narrowminded judgments morals to a FULL life of everything in a insatiable hunger of being through death able to push violently through to a manifestation of LIFE also.That in all spirits of a lower nature ie being once humans of this earth previously lays bear the need to in their world still even when dead continually manifest  live  in also in true human nature unrepressed fearlessness.
A hunger need for as spirits manifestation in LIFE.

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