Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Act Of Fearless Crossing Over Between Mortality And Death


Throughout my life as a practitioner of the left hand path I have felt the need to cross over from life to death and test my mortal body be it sexually or through pain inflicted violence upon myself my soul to extremes. I have inflicted the violence of flesh penetration with sharp objects in variations of possession I have strangled myself until I have grasped for breath or had lovers strangle me until I am blue and lifeless to cross over and not fear penetration of the shell of flesh or death anymore . The closeness of spirit communication possession at point of death or extreme inflicted violent endurance’s to the physical body can allow ourselves to open the gateway of crossing over between life and death to the spirit world . Such aspects in voodoo and afro traditions are depicted as zombification were man or woman nolonger becomes in these extreme acts human but transfers themselves to a higher state of conscious to being the spirit to breaking through to the higher self SOUL.It is said in many forms of spiritual evolvement ritualistic acts using flesh hooks , piercing’s surface cutting of the skin allow through the cuts spiritual possession the spirits in though to myself such contrived s and m based forms of ritual are controlled and spiritual possession connection comes from uncontrolled instinctual acts inflicted upon ourselves without control. S & Ms connection with ritual magick through extremes is nothing new though what we find in the ability as stated violent acts upon our bodies is the ability to transgress to the spirit realm through the merged lines between sex creation and death to crossover .This is especially true of workings regarding Ghedhe Nibbho who represents full masculinity traits of destruction and a gateway to the land of the dead .  Nibbho possession acts frequently as a way to crossover through extremes to the gateway that separates humanity humanistic beliefs and mortality to the spiritual realm of the dead . In Quimbanda the closest to the ghede or Nibbho is Rosa  Caveria Exu and Pombia Gira of the graveyard bones lost souls , who act as spiritualist mediums between this world and the land of the dead communication between both worlds though in Nibbho possession we find a type of spirituality that breaks down the boundaries of being pure brutalised  spiritualist communication . In that when possessed by Ghedhe Nibbho you self mutilate cut yourself and numb feel nothing but as close to crossing over to the world of the death as is mortally possible without any fear. It isn’t contrived s & m in that only the spirits know when to stop and whether through this zombification the man or woman possessed by such forces will crossover to the land of the dead permently or not . Crossing over is mainly for the most time a unbalanced act of masculine destruction .In that there is no male and female duality as in the twins of Ifa who represent balance of male and female energies or as in when working with Ezili Danto who is dualist  in her nurture sexual creative qualities as well as her maculated need for violence and destruction , which is something attributed to working with pombia gira ,who also serves as a more balanced type of duality in being male and female in being all .These are all deities of the female at her full transexualised empowered aspect of being masculine and ,feminine creation and destruction , as the Ghedhe Nibbho  are as male set aside by their attributes only expressing  the masculated soul aspect of violence and destruction our whole male self .So  if working with such as a devotional deity spirit can  therefore in its elemental roots cause imbalance  but also has his spirit  uses in being able to break down our insecurities fears boundaries to crossover between the realms of life to death . In giving us as practitioners a extentialist out of body experience to experience through cutting the flesh or possession the world of the dead to be in touch with the fact as I said before the flesh is not precious and only a shell for our immortal soul , to break down our preconceptions of the importance placed upon human life ,to be possessed by the masculated full forces of death destruction soully to crossover from our own mortality.Such moments can be precious especially for a woman as although I have discussed the need for the woman to encompass all on the left hand path be all things in duality female sexuality softness and masculine aggression to reach her true as in the twins dualist enlightened form , sometimes absorption of possession of purely masculine traits aggression destruction acts as a learning tool to further development of becoming all or crossing over to the gender of masculinity fully for a time .And in rites of possession of such spirits we find the valuable lesson experience of fearless crossing over from mortality to death.

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