Thursday, 14 July 2011

In the BASIC we find distanced from our own ego true spiritualist communication ,the basis of true spirit work

In any spiritual tradition before sex magick before metaphysical goetic thought the root of everything is establishing simple rooted spirit communication without sophisticated forms of contact , to forget the simple things like mediumistic contact that are the foundations to everything , without this our spirituality holds nothing and honouring such practices is a life long process that should never be lost or neglected in our quest for higher more intellectualised systems of practice and thought.In my mind the most important aspect of my work as a practitioner and in relation to my work as a artist is establishing spirit contact on a more grounded grass roots level.
In the ancestor shrine , we find ways to continually communicate with the dead to remember , it is a simple practice of a bowl of water , photos laid , candles lit but all we need to naked establish day to day communication with honouring communicating with the dead. With respect and remembrance and a simple practice that allows us a gateway to our spiritual world.Even when we are accomplished in whatever field of practice it is important that we never forget the most simplistic gestures of communication , ritual that truly in pure essence matter , that less is more in our work with the spirits and these things allow ourselves a solid base to build upon.In the ansestors shrine we not only find a important relationship with our heritage , our ancestor spirits but this also acts as a gateway to communication with other spirits based on the aspects of spiritualism , death , such as Gede , the lwa , nkisi, exu and pombia gira.All spirits as spirits of the dead are also ritualistically and spiritually connected with those in being one of the same of the ancestor shrine and I can’t place enough importance on practical relationships of simple rituals in the shrine mediation upon such as a form of true mediumistic contact over the western traditions of metaphysical goetic grimoire . Everyday prayer contact establishes on a regular basis true contact and a ongoing understanding of death which is one of the major aspects attributed to life and link to the understanding of the spirit. Things such as ritualistic spirit baths also are important to practice ,florida water , basil rose petals work as designated herbs to channel Ezili Danto and other herbs attributed to spirits and their likes dislikes apporiated through uses allow us in ritual to focus on spiritual contact . All these things sound amateurish in comparison with magical intellectualisation though to myself its always better to have a strong simple daily practice to the roots of spiritual work , than a million half baked complex theories practiced sporadically that with their intellectualisation hold no keys to proper rooted daily spirit communication. This is why like the ancestor shrine , I feel solid devotion shrines practices are also simple but important backbones to true practice and without these so called simple gestures you cannot have a mediumistic relationship or strong spiritual practice. Sticking to a tradition or practice of everyday week having a ritual of laying the ancestor shrine or spirit baths or  a devotional practice like simply lighting a candle solidly is important in establishing faithfulness to such spirits in having a solid relationship .You can not expect such relations flitting back and forth from different spirits or practices as you choose .So dedication to ritual builds up in its simplistic form, a true gradual communication with certain spiritual contact.In this form this why although often overlooked in the need for complex intellectualisation , we need to respect build up on the more simplistic forms of tradition learn such first to in a small way step by to establish spiritual contact today .Such things are often forgot about in a need to have the most complex forms of thought attached to higher spiritualist attainment , and viewed as less valid or more basic , but it  is in the basic we find distanced from our own ego true spiritualist communication ,the basis of true spirit work.

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