Sunday, 26 June 2011

The ritualistic elements of sex and death in exploring spiritualist connection.

In the more spiritualist afro traditions of voodoo and Quimbanda we see a strong association between as in western philosophy the ideology of sex creation and death being dualist polar aspects of one form.In voodoo sex and death are marriages in the street aspects of the graveyard spirits the Gede , in Quimbanda united in Exu and pombia Gira. The ideas of the close relationships between sexuality and death between the transgressive aspects elemental foundations of both.Sex or sexuality in the physical sense as-well as a creative tool psychologically used in art and death as the final transgressive act in life have as subjects for myself as a artist and person for longtime held fascination. For myself ,death has become a huge part of my personnel life through losses I have endured of close ones and through my fathers links with spiritualism. In that death has been all around, my world , myself in full context , from an early age. Making this fascination death and exploration of death a natural progression always.This probly will explain my life long fascination with spiritualism and interest in spiritualist traditions such as voodoo , Quimbanda , Palo and Ifa also .Traditions which all in full context focus on death , as a major part of their cults the practices of shamanic veneration and honoring the dead.

Most people are rarely confronted with death but due to the  nature of streetlife and my background , death has become a constant theme within my existence.Sexuality and sex has also been a constant theme not only to my work as a artist , but in my life in the belief from a early age that sexuality and sexual extremes can be used as a spiritualist transgressive tool to the soul.Our Full nature  in the soul being ,as men and women our full enlightened essense.Sex has as well as my personnel life of exploration been  played out in my professional past life of sex-work on the street. Which in aspects of these things , violent natures automatically closely link death with sex.For in prostitution sex being linked to drugaddiction , hiv , stabbing’s , shootings etc all part of this lifestyle which links sex in being a act of creation , to the act of death as a act of destruction also.That in knowing , experiencing such things , gives when practicing a stronger understanding fully of Gede spirits in voodoo and the pombia Gira, Exu of Quimbanda. The experiences of these elements in our lives allow us a clear connection with such spirits , that without experiencing such hardships loss or sex and death fully we could never comprehend .Or have normally in my mind this natural affinity,with no full life exposure to such.When I was homeless , I used to hit up heroin in the graveyards of Brompton Chelsea , also tricks are taken there , aswell as gay men cottaging like Hampstead Heath for encounters .In its huge capacity such acts of sex and death take place in the daytime as common place .So that in sex and death of all these connected physical acts these and , surrounded by death.In these things elements we find true ritual of the undiluted aspects that act as full Gede , communication of the graveyard spirits .Therefore reaching full on Gede spiritualism, enlightenment in these often viewed as profane street acts . This to myself when acting out ritualistically in this way , acted as a full pure natural channeling possession of the darker elements of Gede . In being a true veneration of the dead and of necromantic spiritualism.To myself this was the true of in engaging for prostitution in sex acts there aswell as drugaddiction piecing the flesh with a syringe a true ritualistic act mainline to possession understanding in a unprentious , uncontrived way the full characteristics elements of maman Brigitte and other such spirits.In these circumstances to myself , do we only as practioners understand fully forge a bound relationship to such spirits.To my mind in these experiences explorations do we find the the true cult of Gede of sex as a creative as well as destructive tool of destruction to the roots of everything , linked to death.We can also find in graveyards honouring the dead in rituals a way to communicate devotional practices .Ritualistic prayers to the keepers of the gateways from the living to the dead , of the spirits of sexuality and death who dwell in such.But of course in the actual act of sexual ritual in such places as well as connection to death . Do we only find in the aforementioned acts true spiritualist full sex and death connection.

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