Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The uses of ritualistic impacts outward and inward violence in regards to working with the Gede.

When working with the Gede we find not only the roots of sexuality eroticism creation and destruction force death but also elemental earthy primeval violence aggression of mans spirit without constriction.The body is the temple in possession we cut our selves or other penetration to transgression to a higher experience of receiving mediumistic transmissions of allowing in our flesh ripped open the spirits to sexually penetrate us and live within our bodies to be walking spirit forms in a type transgression attributed to Gede Nibo intigated onto our own flesh bodies and  in intigated acts of violence upon other outward violence attributed  to Baron Kriminel.Knifes and penetrations cuts to the flesh are attributed to possession by both but also the idea of psychologically taking onto oneself actual force of the violence rape or rough sex in Nibo being the spirit of the murder victim , or those on the streets who have died through acts of violence is  submission  to violent acts infliction upon oneself, and the polar opposite attribute of Kriminel inflicting  he is the typical coldhearted Kray Brother gangsta sterotype , the crack dealer in the gettos , the inhumanistic  hitman with no affliction with humanistic nature , he unlike nibo is the protaganist whose violence domination upon others acts of outward projected violence .Note this is refelected in Kriminals uses in ritual to project death or violence upon enimies lives in return for devotion ,his collection of debts of others actions against his faithful.That in acknowledging both forms of transgression of our darker elemental character hidden occult ourselves to our more base true natures that can open up the gateways of experimentation with the attributes visions of such Lwas a divine higher mind state of ALL.In Baron Kriminel we devour bite the flesh for forced full consummation of the soul ,his spirit forced violently in climatic intercourse into our own in this savage union . When possessed in biting the flesh lays the metaphor for being fully consumed adjoined with the spirits and our animalistic lower though higher in being fully awake and aware lwa natures selves.In breaking the flesh with knifes or teeth allows us to let the spirits in to engage in full erotic intercourse with them , in a marriage of spirit and human body flesh , as a ceremony forging our commitment to such in penetration . Such acts seal a pact and if possessed , we can also act as  in a possessed  divine state , the initiator to lover on earth in for example biting the flesh or inflicted physical sexual extremes upon another , not in a s & m contrived sense of being to forfil mundane fetishes . But in a possessed state that transcends such and allows in these interactions full contact which transcends mundane perverse ideologies to through martyrdom submission our loved ones to be given the experience of the elemental roots of Lwa. Lwas espically Gede are in sexuality are fully formed in creation and destruction or annihilation whether it be of the ego our preconditioned selves spiritually or through physical acts of violence or DEATH . Though most importantly these elements energies spirits work on a level as givers but also takers of life .In that they work with polar opposites, that you must experience know ALL in a full existence of divinity and be aware of acknowledge know life but death also.This is a contradiction in many aspects of being ALL things , all extremes life the start , the end though such things represent all knowledge everything , and can not be just cornered off  or boxed off tidily ever to one particular experience , one aspect of life or our complex existences on a spiritual or earthly plane. In these two different Gede forms we find a way of being the executor murder protagonist in Kriminels attributes of being a enforcer bringer of violence a active force upon others to Gede Nibo that in this aspect is submissive or inflicting cutting upon our own bodies a way to experience being the aggressor and  in some aspects victim also by using such Gedes duality in experience of both oposing aspects of ritual.We in possession experience all things that are attributed to our true natures full human spiritual form.I talk about experience of such things in sexual ritual exchange because these are the most valid ways to tap into experience such forms of the eyes visions from the lwa because in such exchanges sex being creation and even in cutting the flesh that is penetration not erotically charged but works on the level of like sex being a form of unity through penetration to reveal our true souls , it is in its action a ideal tool to such trangressive states . In the fore mentioned interactions the most valid way when utilised properly ie not just for " titilation " to fully physically spiritually embody such states to a full enlightened understanding of our souls of being acknowledging all.That in this experiences like the Lwa that were at one time human beings before death , we transcend to the spiritual heights of being like they remain are in full knowlege   ,we develop into elemental divinty with full open inspired vision also.

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