Saturday, 18 June 2011

Walking in love with Pomba Gira.

When walking , working with pomba Gira we find that she not only represents , female aggression , prositution , but also LOVE.It is important to understand  love fully due to this fact  in its true form as such in practice  forge a closer relationship to understanding all true essense of such.To my mind  for most of the time it is common assumption that prositutes can not numbed down with the ideology of equating sex intimacy with money cannot fully emotionally experience intimacy or romantic sexual love.It is also presumed that the sexually free unmonagmous have the failings of not being being able to connect intimately to one person therefore cannot experience full love for another individual.I ‘d like to smash these assumptions regarding my own practices experiences life of love as I perceive such to be.For most of the time love is selflessness in total pure form and self scariface of oneself naked to another.As a prositute I first experienced Love or love as I see it in a bound so strong to another and love has nothing to do with the common assumption love is possession in the literal sense of only belonging sexually to one. Love can be soft kind but like pombia gira love is a violent force that takes over ones life .It burns your life to ashes until there is nothing left in naked vulnerability accept without ego exposed to another in truth everything our humble soul.Obviously people would debate whether in the fact that my first and only TRUE love was abusive that I was but a victim or it wasn’t love. Though as well as the violence of street life and circumstance there was in its pure form love and I know I would never be satisfied without passion intensity on that level held for another or by inferior bland care half acceptance for another.When I met this person everything was scarified with my ego everything my body my soul was taken by them , we shared a deep connection of understanding as both on the street eachother completely , we shared no jealously through our acts of prositution , in that neither sought full sexual possession of the other we asked nothing of eachother except pure acceptance of all love.Our love was a love of physical fire passion of wanting to fuck everywhere down the alleyways , of having to have him fill my mouth my ass , my cunt everywhere , we shared a lust of fire , of intensity , a passion beyond mere words , not just in the erotic sense but in everyway and even if we were umonagmous we belonged to eachother and I was his , he was mine.With the drugs his love was sometimes like a destructive addiction but that does not alter the fact that even if sometimes the force of our love was destructive it was still love in the truest sense of the word.Love is destruction to through annihilations of everything reach creation rebirth . Love is violent , not always kind it is dualist in its most purist beautiful form like Pomba Gira it holds all aspects it is not just one thing it is everything.Kisses and bruises upon on the body are the true beautiful face of the intensity of love in life and in Pombia Gira.Total love consists also of forgiveness and the ablity to accept all a individuals shortcomings totally as full radiating beauty of the imperfect fragilities of the brutalised human condition.In true love in its most undiluted form we find all our defects mirrored in another all our aspects we ask for nothing we give all and we become joined to another through a deep connection of whether for a few moments or years or for forever being the same person soul.Though when I am talking about being totally connected as a whole to a person I am again not talking about finding one person who we dedicate our lives monogamously sexually to , to my mind sex in its basic sense or monogamous that have little relevance to true love or love in its purist form .When we talk about pomba Gira or Babalon being godesses of sexuality love as well as violence we are in the fact that the true intensity of passionate real love incorporates violence also referring to true unidealistic real love without ego , without human societal inbreed dictations of faithfulness , softness , kindness only , to as through my experiences I see real romantic or erotic love , as encompassing all these elements .In becoming connected to another , we like in the lhp abolish the ego of the individual , though this has again nothing to do with codependency in the profane sense of the word .Of course walking in the true path of love means the ability to embrace life fully , everything a love for all things without dismissal as valid beautiful in their own right . This though is how I see the path of true love in essence of the path of Pomba Gira and in true love like our roses upon alter it cuts in its beauty has its thorns also.

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  1. good point! Has made me remember a Kakfa phrase: "Love is that you are to me the knife to dig in me".. Or that another from Francis Bacon the painter, that "everything with life is violent, even a small flower"... or something like that, I don´t remember very well..

    Nice blog, and nice paintings too! are you the artist?? They´re very great!!