Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The ritual of the sexualised Dynamics Of The Gede

In the past I have covered sacred prositution , the dualist nature of female psychosexuality as expressed through the elements of Babalon and pombia Gira spiritual possession contact. Though now I am going to discuss the sexual dynamics of the Gede as I perceive them to be from my own experiences .Gede are in essence a more elemental raw brute type of sexual interaction nature .Gede are savage and earthy in all aspects and possession of such in sexual congress is of pure undiluted animalistic savage nature .I have had several experiences within my life that I see as forms of Gede possession .These have often differed in frequency form from say other spirits who hold similar aspects but are not the same such as Exu and Pombia Gira.I first want to describe these possessions as the more base lower sexual self . in the several possessions that have from own personnal experiences taken place. These include many in stripping working in clip joints , to the first time a woman went down on me in a nightclub toilet at sixteen , to many other sexual encounters in toilets pubic convinces alleyways with men and women.Though the last possession by Gede sexually last year I can relate as a divine intense experience full on Gede contact with more underlying clarity. Of course spiritual possession happens all the time in dreams , communication , interactions sexually and otherwise But there are always a few times of elemental communication that stay , strongly rooted stick out remembered in your mind.In August a particularly valid time for Gede to surface or come out is the Gede day of Notting Hill carnival. The music drums sweat crowded bodies scantily clad ,afro traditional outfits , reggae , dub ,the crossroads street party and rum all make perfect for Gede to in their mischievous elements to seek possession and communication.To myself this holds more relevance than dates set aside for such in that to make contact with these spirits Notting Hill carnival is the ideal time , place date to accomplish full on natural communication with such .Crowded the air smells of sweat , sex , of rum spat on the floor with the haze of herb spliff smoldering in the air , the bodies of strangers pulsate next to eachother to the primal underlying drum beats all is a haze of true Gede sexualised possession from that moment on .Another element to the  carnival is that it goes on  for  two days , with one day for children which Gede are known protectors patros of and another seond day for adults . In this writing I am discussing the more adult sexualised forms of Gede possession but in having a day for children , this also links carnival to being a Gede celebration. We are in this celebration stripped down to our pure animalistic state of primal energies of Gede freedom of sexuality.Everything strips down and intoxifies in its raw elemental freedom at the sametime.I remember the moment of possession well not in the rum soaked possession of dance by in fucking that day.This was the true grimoire gede rum soaked in the smoggy air being fucked on all fours without any words by a stranger in my flat then leaving and getting more rum soaked taken over by the primitive possession of the Gede drums dance. This did not feel like a one night stand or prositution it felt like Gede possession in the need to forfil sexual animalistic hunger . To have a stranger without intimacy spunk down your throat , fuck you on all fours until you came then leave into the crowds without the intimacy of words feel like true sexualised Gede communication.It felt wild and unconfined to profane ideologies of human manners , nor did I feel cheap or used because with the rum and drums this was just another form of full Gede possession and the need to without shame forfil ones animalistic urges at such a time in such a environment.In my mind as voodoo is mainly street practice in its ritual be it in its elemental shamanic nature or in the crossroads or graveyards , this enviroment of a street carnival makes perfect sense as a place to fully ritualistically communicate with the Gede or lwa divinity on their terms. Anybody who sees voodoo ritual as purely encompassed in the alter or ritualistic alter veneration’s of the dead is missing the point , in that voodoo is a active practice pursued in ritual on the move in the world in its shamanic nature .It is also known that ritualistic prayers etc are in essense a small part of voodoo traditions as the  practice relates to mainly to being a vessal for  lwa possession and spiritualist contact in there most purist form . So as in the Gede we can through possession expression find a more bestial none conformist form of the sexualised ritual of our true base natures at one with the elemental aspects of the earth.

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