Monday, 8 August 2011

Spiritual Mapping In Initiation Of The Qliphoth Universe Through Dreams


It is a widespread fact that spirit contact comes in form of dreams in most magical religious traditions the fragmented image that envelops the semiconscious state minors in purity of the usual profane attributes of our working human evolved mindset of ego.For myself most of my paintings have come forth from not just real life experiences but through dreams . Fragmented images mapping a Qliphoth universe through were destruction death meets with sexuality life .A place of  our interpretation of the most abstracted bestial ugly elements of the human condition transgressed  in violent creation to also a thing of beauty.A dark part of my inner subconscious were the spirits reside and convey beauty as embracing being everything , as all extremes transgressing to a enlightened gnostic state. In being the tree of life married with the tree of death , in being combined to EVERYTHING , to knowing accepting our  lightened concious ALL.Images with feelings energy come through emotively causing feeling movement to evolvement of the soul in the purist none judgemental form .And when these images fall into my mind as spirit mappings I know humbled that I am truly initiated not just into a higher perspective understanding of the world , but in this action  that  humbly it is about spiritual closeness of creation also  through something bigger than myself .Solely something minus human selfobsessions or ego.I am transported to a deeper understanding of the world elementally before mankind or human preoccupations which taint mundane LIFE. And all my art is form of divine communication absent from profane ego . Aswell as dreams mapping the Qliphoth universe , the spiritual world or world of the full uncompromising soul universe .Dreams come lucidly of experiences I have transgressed through extreme memories given by the spirits of incidents I have been through in real life fragmented memories which allow time travel and the ablity to transgress in sleep through again a situation we have experienced in real life in sleep once again. As I have referenced before a lot of my practice has been built up on REAL LIFE experiences with extreme violent , sexual elements and death which has been used as a gnostic tool to through pushing boundaries destruction of the ego , transgress to understanding all aspects of energies of humanity through to imperfect DIVINITY .To embracing all elements of spiritual , human existence as valid , as beautiful or beneficial in embracing all elements of the brutality of the human condition in its fullest undiluted form.The journeys of abstracted forms evoked after ritual in the dreamlandscapes offer also a form of spirit to man or woman true initiation through image channeling of the Qliphoth universe in being a gift from the initiator the spirits to humbled man or woman allowing us the knowledge to enlightened full being .In this we are shown a place of nightmares that we are initiated not to fear , in that fearlessness is a main key to all true practice , we are taught to embrace darkness aswell as light and all have validity in our journey through spiritual communication , full enlightenment transgression to our full higher self embracing all our POTENTIAL.So in this one of the main aspects of initiation becomes none human and becomes the relation of the mappings of Qliphoth spiritual universe through the subconscious uncontrolled aspects of images evocated through dreams.

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