Sunday, 15 May 2011

In Female Beauty The Only Beauty Worthy To Have Posess Is The Broken Beauty Of Pomba Gira

When looking at female beauty we look to airbrushed perfection doll like manufactured the image of what we in society deem as superficial stereotype images of skin level perfection , beauty is physical perfection though beauty has many aspects physically and inwardly and in life and spirituality to my mind the only female beauty worth of harnessing possessing is that of the broken beauty the savaged beauty of Pomba Gira . True beauty just as the ego has to be broken to transgress to in our humble state to our true soul precivilised self in touch with the purity of the brutality of human condition our fears our fragilities our truth also needs to be in humanism , spiritualism beauty needs to be broken also to transcend to a level of true inside out beauty .True beauty is about exposing all our defects in truth or found in the seduction of none physical unbridled admittance of none physical perfection . Beauty is found in our decaying ageing flesh in our scars , in our broken teeth in all things which tell the story of our lives , that in our confrontation with mortality , beauty is broken because only the broken have true stories worthy of telling , no worthy story of a goddess is found in airbrushed perfection , in the broken the experienced in Pomba Gira we find superiority laying in societies lowly . Standing at the T junctions , crossroads between life and death , the roads of runaways coming into the city to prositution , the roads of the spirits of the street hustlers that live upon them , all which possess in their appearance a broken beauty , torn between age and innocence the beauty seduction of the crack whore calling out with no front teeth for business their close to death close to sexuality for all these children possess the broken beauty which is a real beauty , the broken beauty of pomba Gira . There is  something still beautiful holy in all espically in the fact that all of these are free of civilised constraints , even the haggard savaged prositute on her knees in a alleyway off the t junctions contains a certain amount of sensuality beauty in that her beauty transcends to a higher level of broken true beauty of knowing the harshest aspects of human fragility the ugliness of the human condition of knowing the harshness and softness of life of knowing violence of knowing death of knowing sex in creation of possessing full wild knowing broken beauty.These are pomba Gira s chosen ones not the highclass escorts or models glamour pouting on celebrity fashion magazines or stereotypical conservative beauties highstreet types posing on facebook , this is her beauty which is far superior the beauty of sadness a full bloodied beauty of the broken and beauty found in the ghettos in the most unconventional places , beauty in the disparaged the animalistic the pure . To look upon the face that possesses hardness , as well as softness to look upon the soul of the unloved the abandoned those ravaged by in physical perfection is to knee and pray to Pomba Gira and all these things are more valid worthy than any of the pervious sterotypical forms of beauty discussed deemed what profane society finds beautiful because these things are plastic superficially hold no substance and true beauty has the depth of imperfection of the broken in Pomba Gira .As a society we are scared , scared of none perfection , of the none clinically airbrushed tied down to none real aspirations of what beauty is to be , scared of aging , scared of the truth which lays in radiating inperfection of the broken beauty and to my mind the only female beauty worth possessing is the broken beauty of pomba Gira .

Ezili Danto and Pomba Gira Tantric Goddesses of The Art Brut
While recently painting I have found much affinity with possession of Ezili Danto and Pombia Gira hardcore tantra godesses of the Art Brute . Possession of being rode by either deities is raw harsh tantric sexuality , in painting the need for more aggressively directed brutality consuming violent sexuality the need for force makes these spirits perfectly applicablele to my work. I am scared like Danto I have scars on my face , from my pimp exboyfriend , I have scars on my body from attacks and self mutilation of drug use , I have force of lust of brutality inflicted upon my body through ritualistic transgressive states of extreme like Bataille . I feel encompassed in a form of elemental animalistic LUST tantric energy directed to core of the earth and nature . Ravaged by my insaitable sexual hunger my yearnings , my need to be erotically and violently forfilled by force , force of my directed intention , force to own my own sexuality , force of being at one with my mirror image of my brutal sexualised none idealised self.I want to express not only in my work death destruction violence but creation sexuality also as although both things are polar opposites they are the same combined and one thing can not exist without the other complementing it perfectly as its partner in spirituality or life . In ezili Danto worship we acknowledge such the need for brutal force the need for raw unbridled sexuality the need to be scared yet beautiful as women in our full humble transexualisesd form of being everything at the same time .Tantra is not just about practically sustaining orgasm for sexual directed energy , tantra in Ezili Danto can also be about harassing wrathful feirce sexual energy of sexuality out of control human confines without any limits of our base erotic nature face down rapid brutal and filthy of harsh sexual force this is another less disclosed form of tantra .Tantric energy at its peak of aggression of brutality of violence .These elements are not so different from the iconic Kali wielding a blade sex and death creation and mortality that have been fleeting have long enjoyed a meeting of minds in being a killer combination . What I do find though is when being rode by the lwa in regards to my artistic expression is through possession of Danto or invocation of Pomba Gira Quimbanda is a more existentialist vehicle in my art of tantric elemental ART BRUTE.The feelings of unsuppressed energy directed in force to a intense manifestation of elemental rooted sexualised tantra through ART.You do not ride the lwa Ezulie Danto rides you into the abyss worn out burned like flamed desire like a whirlpool dragging you under to the sensations of true expression of sexuality as it should be before civilised man utilised through the paint brush through the rawness of being fucked all night ripped bleed dry to be tantra unbridled without reigns to be animalistic tantra that knows no bounds of expression physically or artistically in expression .To be in my use possessed by Pomba Gira , Ezurlie Danto tantric Godesses of the Art Brute .

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