Tuesday, 17 May 2011

In True Spirituality The Only Working Tool We Need Is Evolvement Of The Soul To Our True Natures

To my mind modern esoteric education or classical esoteric logic has failed us in most aspects of becoming too outdated ritualistic dogmatic and metaphysical , we as occultists have placed too much importance on complex mindgames puzzles to gain entry to the spiritual world , too much emphasis on philosophical complex thought when in purity all we need for true gnostic spiritual enlightenment is the capability to find be in contact with one thing the soul.The soul is none dogmatic , not constrained by inferior moralistic restraints ,and the soul is for all , not just those with a degree in Kenneth Grant , grimorum verum interpretations . The truth is that you can have all these workings , you can stand in a room conducting ritual , have a million initiations into dead cults but in the now all that matters is one thing connection with the soul which is all . In esoteric voodoo , afro traditions such as palo , Quimbanda and Ifa a great importance is placed upon the mambos need to be pure soul to reach , his or hers ultimate united spiritual state , like in the TOTO were the ultimate spiritual development ends with communication with the guardian angel so does in these cultures ultimate spirituality end in the eveloment of having a soul . The soul though is not interpreted in such rough systems as westerners interpret such as being conformed to societies moralistic dictations of living a good life or being good or evil , the soul is undogmatic , the soul in such religions is attunement celebration of ALL , in that nothing holds any porfane preconceived judgment in that good bad work together as the same .In this way it is easily to resign this type of ideology practise to the left hand path form of religion belief system though it is darkness light in being combined neutral united polar opposites of the right hand path also . To myself development of the soul starts with the simplistic notion of having a full life , or feeling , experiencing all things of being able to connect with all aspects of humanity in its full brutal glory life of never shunning away from anything of being open to all and seeing all lifeforms as valid as eachother , all experiences , seeing death violence , sex , love softness everything as having its place as beautiful in our grounded elemental world equal .The soul is our purist form life the spirits it seeks no solace in judgment the soul is open and unshackled to the material world , anybody can be connection with the soul from the highest king to the poorest beggar , in that its riches are for all . The soul knows no bounds and all you need is the ability to be open appreciate all life , forms of life as beautiful to celebrate all see beauty in the ugly and to know all these things in life make ourselves as human beings even our worse experiences actions all radiate some transcendence to higher wisdom in our truth to our soul.If you know such you ‘ve probly learnt more in such simplistic knowledge about true communication with the spirits a higher state of consciousness awareness than reading a million dead books by dead occultists who over complex the only thing we need is to be fearless in our truth to have full creative expression of our soul.Talk and intellectualisation is fine but actual action physical life evolvement action only will open the gateway to our soul .Experiences to be emotively connected in rooted truth to everything , to be naked to embrace all states of humanistic fragility .In my truth the soul is the new religion , connection with such is simplistic and can if you are open be gained by all .In true spirituality all we need is evolvement of the soul our true natures .

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