Sunday, 15 May 2011

Lwa Ridden Spirit Possession Through The Eroticism Of Dance

One of my first experiences of being rode by the spirits was through the medium of dance while working in the soho clip joints aged fifteen . During this time stripping I would often feel my body jerk to the music as if sexually possessed I would feel entranced in a experience of out of body eroticism . Now I realise a lot of the time while engaging in such I was being rode by the lwa the spirits in a animalistic primal state of ecstasy .When being possessed or rode we hold no constraints of shame embarrassment , usually confined to our mundane lives and through possession in crowded rooms or taking my clothes off infront of strangers I never felt ashamed exposed or violated . I felt entranced unaware that others were watching unaware of myself and I was not myself I was reborn compulsive shameless. Such possessions we never forced but I would feel my body wither out of sensual control in a kind of orgasmic subconscious state and I knew I was rode into submission into being free in all my animalistic sensual glory of communication with such .I danced in doorways feeling a elevated form of eroticism I never felt exploited or demeaned because in spiritual communication possession such elements do not exist . I think my first experiences of primal spiritual possession through the motion of the body to elevated eroticism to being rode by the gods that  was the first time I stripped off . I remember it well not the actual dance because I was entranced out of my own body in that instance out of control but the way it happened , the walls of the tacky lovehearted velvet trashy rooms with a torn makeshift curtain pulled across while a man aged about sixty asked me to strip off in a school uniform it was kind of perverse and at fifteen espically as I look young now I defiantly then looked well under age , anyway I remember stripping but being totally emursed by a feeling of being other out of my body of being possessed by the experience to a state of animalistic ecstasy it was being ridden without shame exposed by the gheude lwa consumed by a glowing flaming heat of eros lust I was nolonger myself , I was animated vibrantly vivid and set alight by the heat of being rode like in sex into submission . Gheudhe lwa are known for their need to be sexualised to expose their genitals for their implusive animalistic gestures dancing this is way this fits into the aspect of being ridden by maman Brigitte gheudhe lwa , they are also a bridge between sexuality , death and all primalised sexual gestures belong to are connected to possession by these type of raw elemental spirits .A lot of the time spiritual possession in such states feels like sex with the spirits in that as a woman if you on all fours being taken by a man from behind you too also are in being fucked in these type of positions being rode ,rode into another form of primal eroticism heightened out of body states .
Crude animalistic crawling on all fours with my legs parted , of animalistic gravitating of no precivilised modesty entranced elemental none restraint none caring.
Gravatating  your body feeling in orgasm with penetration with only exalted body movement sensual pleasure in this instance it took me a time to snap out of possession with the other girls telling me the man had got what he paid for now I could put on my clothes .In my normal mind I could not imagine even though sexually confident not  feeling conscious of my appearance body this is human nature we all have it no matter how confident we are or exposed but in possession such things become immaterial and the trance of dance and erotic primitivism takes over any insecurities. We may have because at such moments we are not ourselves we are possessed by a higher divinity a spiritual presence that knows no bounds , we are fire we are hot we transcend all notions of human enforced boundaries or our own fears that in life hold us back from forfilling our true natures and true unrestrained freedom of creative animalistic expression .Dance is the root of everything in that sex is but a dance also and it starts with the body only , the body is a temple , the only thing we need alone for our existence or as a vehicle to a rooted elemental communication with the spirits .The body the flesh is the start , in birth , the end in death it is everything , the body is begins and ends all rituals , therefore in the motion of possession we understand that only through the body can we as a tool transcend our self’s animalistically to a entranced hyper level of consciousness through possession and the importance of spiritual possession through the medium of dance .

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