Thursday, 31 March 2011

How spiritual possession is another form of ritualistic cannibalism

How Spiritual possession is another alternative form of ritualistic cannibalism.

What I have as a practising occultist always found fascinating is the ritual of cannibalism in ancient traditions as a way of absorbing the dead’s characteristics strengths their soul. In many ancient religions it is believed and still in primitive south american and african tribes that devouring the dead is a way of devouring the spirit of direct communication with the underworld.The very act of feeding on a enemies hard was said to transfer his power.When I summon the spirits for possession into my body phyche I also relate this to feeding upon the underworld the dead transferance of their powers to my being of their inspiration their strengths . Such rituals are another branch to myself of the true motivations behind ancient ritualistic cannibalism. In the ability to take their powers energies within to manipulate adjoined with my own soul , to as in cannibalistic rituals were the dead is through consummation , through eating physically transgressed to a act of creation or living possessed in a human body again rebirth , so does my practice allow the spirits a channel of rebirth , through possession into my body , then through creation of ART and spiritual possession to myself is just another form of ritualistic cannibalism in consummation of the spirit. Spiritual attuned transmission  of the dead living on through myself , through ART of daemons relating their messages telling their stories of a bridge from their world to our own  of communication.

Animal scariface in religious context.
One of the topic relating to afro derived religions which I practise work as a system aswell  as traditionalist Babalonian western derived philosophy dedicated to my feminist leanings aspirations as a woman in my work is animal sacrifice. In the traditions of kumibanda , voodoo and palo all rites of animal sacrifice hold the highest scared context to our practises . Though such elements within the european context of being civilised have received prejudices to be in european neuted down esoteric voodoo be replaced by offerings such as menstrual blood , human blood or in some rites sexual secretions to the LWAS . This I feel although a devotional offering misses the point the point in sexual secretions is creation , the point in animal sacrifice is alignment with death the projected spirit of the animal at death adding power to the practitioners magickal intention , it has nothing therefore to do with  sex . Blood human or animal blood is a by product of such but offerings of menstrual blood or otherwise also miss the attainment of a spirit offering of the animal to the Gods . All this politically correct western indoctrination therefore makes such rites USELESS in connection within sacrifice to the spirits gateway our gods neuted of TRUE power.I have no moralistic judgements regarding animal scariface and the Aztecs used humansacrifice and cannibalism regularly , we as carnivores can not have any moralistic judgment , everything on this planet animal or otherwise lives dies , decays of natural circumstance or otherwise.It is said in voodoo and palo such shamanic rites of trance at point of killing a animal the practitioner can through such rites become possessed by their honour deity and the spirit of the animal forfill his or her primordial purest form  at the point of spiritual release . In western society such acts of magickal connection are ostrasized but I would in all this reliterate that nothing is more natural in life than life as death it holds no shame and animal sacrifice in spiritual release is true attainment of realisation of these HARD facts and attaining one with divinity also.

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